GoDaddy Joomla Hosting Review

GoDaddy ( is the world’s biggest domain registrar, and it also provides with a wide range of Linux and Windows hosting products, web tools and services to help people create websites easily. Until now, GoDaddy has 59 million domains and total 12 million customers under its management. In the following GoDaddy Joomla Hosting Review, we are going to check out its Joomla compatibility, speed and customer support, and help people understand why the Joomla is not recommended.

GoDaddy Joomla Hosting Compatibility

GoDaddy hosting service is available on Linux and Windows platforms, and it comes with three different packages containing different feature to fit for various Joomla versions. In fact, GoDaddy has high Joomla compatibility, and customers can build great Joomla-based websites by using the offered resources and features.

GoDaddy Joomla hosting package provides free domain name registration for customers who sign up with its annual plan, at least 1 website, 100GB disk space, unlimited monthly bandwidth, 100 email & 50 FTP accounts, 10x1GB MySQL databases, 25 sub-domains, POP3/SMTP/IMAP support and many other features.

GoDaddy sets the PHP memory_limit on each package to be 64MB, and the Joomla sites could perform over the capacity. Besides, GoDaddy supports PHP 5.3 to 5.5, Perl, Apache mod_rewrite, suPHP.

As we mentioned that GoDaddy Joomla has three packages, and their regular prices are billed at $6.99/mo, $8.99/mo and $14.99/mo. Now, it offers at least 42% off, and that makes its Joomla hosting service price starts from $3.99/mo. GoDaddy guarantees a 30-Day Money Back.

Although GoDaddy basic hosting package charges at affordable price, it actually limits some of the core resource. If customers require more, they need pay more to upgrade advanced package.

GoDaddy Joomla Loading Speed

GoDaddy has datacenters and facilities all over the world, and it guarantees to all of the customer reliable uptime and fast loading speed. However, the core business of GoDaddy is domain service, and this is one of the most important reasons why we see some drawbacks and complaints in its web hosting part. Some of its Joomla hosting customers feedback that their websites run slowly.

For personal websites, it is acceptable, but if people plan to create websites for expanding their business, GoDaddy Joomla hosting cannot ensure them a good performance, and cannot address their requirements as well.

GoDaddy One-Click Installation for Joomla

GoDaddy integrated the most popular cPanel control panel into its Joomla hosting solutions, and that bring customers the maximum convenience. In addition to easy setup of Joomla, they could also instantly install more than 150 popular applications and scripts on the sites with simple click, and manage & configure their websites easily.

GoDaddy Support Service for Joomla

At GoDaddy, customers will get different levels of supports. Basically, its support team could be easily contacted through 24/7 phone and email when customers need assistance. And GoDaddy knowledgebase is free-opened for customers to search for Joomla tutorials and solutions. While, GoDaddy live chat support is only available on 5 a.m. to midnight MST. If customers need premium support, GoDaddy will charge at quite high price for that.

We Recommend Bluehost Joomla

After reviewing its hosting service, we find that GoDaddy is not the best hosting customers can freely choose to build Joomla websites. Its hosting solution, performance and support need more improvements to ensure customers great experience. Compared to GoDaddy Joomla hosting, we strongly recommend people to go with Bluehost Joomla.

Bluehost hosting is 100% compatible with Joomla. It offers dual PHP versions, unlimited MySQL databases, up to 128MB PHP memory_limit, suPHP, SEO URL, cPanel, 1-click installer and other valuable resources and features. Bluehost Joomla page load speed is around 1.0s averagely, and it offers 24/7 effectively US-based phone call, live chat and email supports. By checking Bluehost promotion link, customers will receive more than 40% off making its quality Joomla hosting price start from $3.49/mo. Bluehost guarantees Anytime Money Back. Bluehost is also recommended as Best Joomla hosting by HostUCan in the year.

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No matter for personal users or business owners, Bluehost Joomla is reliable to help them build successful and powerful websites. Please visit: or check out Bluehost Joomla Hosting Review to know more.


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