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SSL is widely used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer, logins and etc. Nowadays, more and more website owners use it to increase the security of their web sites. Different SSL certificates come with different features and different prices. However, is there any Free SSL certificate we can use? The answer is YES. In below, we will introduce some free SSL from the reputable SSL certificate providers that you could take advantages of to make your websites safer.

90 Days free SSL Certificate


sslComodo free 90-day SSL certificate is fully functional digital certificate, recognized and trusted by 99.9% of browsers at no cost or commitment. It signed from the same trusted roots as Comodo paid SSL certificate, issued online in minutes with no delays, and you are able to get the highest strength 2048 bit signatures/265 bit encryption. With Comodo free SSL certificate, your website will get protected in just minutes. To know more, please visit:


InstantSSL provides equivalent protection for its free SSL certificate trial within the 90 days. The free service is trusted by 99.9% of browsers and devices, you can utilize to test your new website SSL security certificate before it goes live. InstantSSL free certificate will be set up by only 3 steps: create your certificate signing request, sign up for and install the free SSL certificate. All InstantSSL certificates are issued from its own 2048 bit root keys and meet your needs. Please visit:

30 Days free SSL Certificate


To let you make a true evaluation of its SSL service and your demands, GeoTrust gives a free 30 days SSL certificate trial. It provides with automated domain name validation, up to 256-bit SSL encryption, fast issuance, easy installation, compatibility with 99+% of all browsers, most mobile and smart phone browsers and many other free features and benefits. When you are ready to buy, it is quite easy to upgrade to GeoTrust reliable and affordable SSL certificate. To know more, please visit:


RapidSSL is committed to making your website safe effectively and simply. Its SSL certificate can be issued in minutes to protect transactions for free within the 30 days. It offers rapid issuance, p to 256-bit encryption, more than 99% browser support. In addition to easy upgrade, you can also get responsive supports from RapidSSL. If you are interested in RapidSSL SSL certificate, and want to try it, please visit:

SSL Certificate for 1 Year


ssl2As a leading provider of SSL certificate, GoDaddy also offers free SSL certificate to make your data and website to be secure. All of its standard free SSL certificates involve that your domain name and domain control have be validated by an independent authority. The sensitive information remains private, and transactions between participating browsers and your website are up to 256 bit encrypted and secure. Please visit:, and this SSL certificate is one-year free from GoDaddy.


Although free SSL certificate can give you a chance to try the service, and save your money, there is no providers will offer life-long free trial. If you really take your website and customers serious, then we suggest you to go for cheap SSL certificate with premium features, cheap prices and high security guarantee.

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