Free Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a new store method, showing a lot of advantages when compared to general store methods. The general practice now for storing data is via the computer or external store devices. And users have to access what they store only via that computer or that store device, in which they stored data before. However, they do not bring that computer or store device with them at all times. So it frequently occurs that users cannot get their stored data when they need it.

With the cloud storage, this problem easily gets solved. Users can access their data immediately via any device connected to Internet. Besides convenient access, cloud storage can offer people shared, sync, backup and more functionalities.

While people know more about cloud storage and its advantages, many of them want to have a try. But they do not want to pay much on the cloud storage before they experience real benefits. So what they are looking for is free cloud storage at beginning.

Free Solutions

free-cloud-storageThere is free cloud storage indeed. A range of cloud storage providers prepares free cloud storage to lure customers, especially individuals. We list a group of famous as well as the best cloud storage companies that offer free solution in below:

  • Google Drive provides 15 GB cloud storage for free.
  • OneDrive provides 15 GB space for free.
  • Box allows 1 user to own 10 GB space without any fee.
  • CloudMe offers 3 GB free storage.
  • Dropbox has 2 GB free space for users to store, backup and share simple files.
  • SugarSync provides 5 GB free storage just for the first 30 days.

If you need free cloud storage, the above solutions are pretty good options, which are ranked in the Best Online Cloud Storage by And working with these excellent providers, you can make sure that your data is secure. Moreover, these companies are great on customer support to make you walk smoothly in the cloud storage journey as well.

Limitations of Free Cloud Storage

However, free cloud storage solutions have limitations too. Customers will just get limited storage for free. SugarSync even limits the free period. However, if your store needs increase, free cloud storage solution may not satisfy you anymore.

What’s more, companies limit the functionality of free cloud storage. For instance, Dropbox free plan just allows you to backup and access data. If you want to share pictures, documents and other stuffs with friends, you have to purchase Dropbox paid plans that contain more advanced features.

And you need not to worry about cloud storage cost. Actually paid cloud storage is not expensive. The providers prepare different-price plans aimed at different groups. Both individuals and businesses can find affordable and quality cloud storage to make work and life so easy. We also take Google Drive as an example.

google-driveIn addition to 15 GB free cloud storage, Google Drive also gives paid plans at low prices. Following is the prices of Google Drive cloud storage plans:

  • 100 GB storage is at $1.99/mo
  • 1 TB storage is at $9.99/mo
  • 10 TB storage is at $99.99/mo
  • 20 TB storage is at $1199.99/mo
  • Unlimited storage for businesses requires $10 per month per person. And users will gain more useful functionality for work.

And there are also other cloud storage providers in the market offering affordable solutions, like OneDrive and JustCloud. These companies offer you low-price cloud storage but with useful functionalities, from which you will gain more than what you cost.


After introducing free cloud storage, its limitations and paid cloud storage, we recommend that you can firstly experience free cloud storage solution if you have never used it. Then try a paid one, if free cloud storage solutions cannot meet your needs.

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