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Compared to Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting is more reliable, secure, flexible, open and advanced that attracts a growing number of people to make a choice of Linux operation system as their websites’ platform. However, Linux hosting from different web hosting companies is various in speed, which affects the online presence of individuals and businesses.

Fastest Linux Hosting - InmotionHosting

After reviewing more than 100 web hosts, we decide to name InmotionHosting as the fastest Linux hosting in the industry because it has BetterLinux, Max Speed Zone, SSD, Dell server and many other powerful features, making it the fastest worldwide.

InmotionHosting ( is one of the top 10 web hosting firms, having a complete series of web hosting services like business hosting, VPS, dedicated server and reseller hosting based on the latest Linux platform that give customers the fastest website performance.

InmotionHosting Linux Hosting is Feature-rich

InmotionHosting Linux hosting has a wide range of features to meet all sorts of customers’ requirements to host fast websites. For example, if customers go with InmotionHosting Business hosting than runs on Linux operation platform, they will get the following rich features:

  • Three options of hosting plan, all including free Samsung SSD based on RAIDed fault tolerant that makes website faster
  • Unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly transfer and unlimited email
  • Up to unlimited MySQL database, PostgreSQL database, domains, parked domains and sub-domains
  • Supporting a variety of programming languages, such as PHP, Ruby, Perl and Python
  • Domain name registration or transfer for free
  • Backups without extra fee
  • More than 310 apps easily installed within a few clicks

InmotionHosting Fastest Linux Hosting on Price

Besides rich features to run the fastest webs, InmotionHosting provides customers with low prices as well, which normally go at $7.99/mo, $9.99/mo and $15.99/mo respectively for InmotionHosting Linux business hosting. However, InmotionhHosting now makes it lowest to $3.49/mo for promotion, almost over 50% off the regular price $7.99/mo.

InmotionHosting Exclusive Promotion
50% Off

More than that, InmotionHost does best in customer’s satisfaction guarantee by offering clients 90-Day Money-back Guarantee, which is on top of web hosting industry.

InmotionHosting Linux Hosting is Fastest and Reliable

Choosing InmotionHosting Linux Hosting, customers will receive 99.9% uptime and the fastest web speed backed with InmotionHosting green datacenters. Moreover Outside Air Cooling, Tier-1 ISP’s via BGP, BGP router optimizer, redundant power and power backup ensure that InmotionHosting networks are the fastest in the world and websites will seldom occur downtime.

In addition to that, enterprise-class hardware is another important factor for InmotionHosting the fastest web performance. Customers will get 100% Dell server to store their data, BetterLinux to operate their websites and InmotionHosting dedicated Max Speed Zones to speed up webs, emails and downloads.

InmotionHosting Fastest Linux Hosting on Support Services

InmotionHosting creates 100% satisfaction guarantee depending on direct phone, live chat and email support methods, which are responded quickly by InmotionHosting well-trained and well-educated supporting staffs for 24 hours a day.

More than that, InmotionHosting excellent customer support also consists of indirect ways, such as support centers, FAQs, online tutorials and community where no matter existing customers or prospective customers will find out solutions that they want.


After reviewing InmotionHosting Linux hosting from features, price, speed, reliability and customer support, it is clear that InmotionHosting Linux hosting has the fastest speed in the industry while it is also affordable, reliable and well-guaranteed too.

So InmotionHosting Linux hosting is the best option for individuals, developers, organizations and businesses to set up their websites and enjoy the fastest Linux website performance.

Please visit to find out more information about InmotionHosting and its web services.


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