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fastdomain reviewFastdomain review in below will analyze the price value, performance, ease-of-use, and customer support of Fastdomain.

Estabished in 2005, FastDomain is relatively new web hosting company. But as a part of Bluehost family, FastDomain is designed to give people the top level features and service with affordable price. The one-fits-all web hosting solution from FastDomain will offer almost everything required to setup a web site. People will host unlimited domain in one account with 99.9% uptime guarantee, since FastDomain use the same datacenter infrastructure and the customer service system as Bluehost. And the new promotion price is only at $3.95/month. All these make Fastdomain become a very good choice for both small business and personal web sites.

FastDomain Review on Price Value: ★★★★☆ 

FastDomain offers a high quality hosting plan with affordable price. Their one-fits-all plan, which costs you $7.99/month, provides almost everything you need to create a web site, including: unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly bandwidth, unlimited hosted domain as well as unlimited add-on domains. Moreover, 2,500 email accounts, 1 Free Domain for the first year, professional e-Commerce Shopping cart and free site promotion tools will help users promote websites with the least money.

In addition, unlimited MySQL Databases,  unlimited PostgreSQL databases, FTP, Fantastico scripts (blog, forum, and photo gallery, etc), PHP 5, CGI, Python, Perl 5, support for Ruby on Rails, and much more are also contained in FastDomain web hosting package. This is a very comprehensive feature package compared to most web hosting firms, and FastDomain is still continually finding new ways to make it even better.

With a promotional price $3.95/month now, that is a more than 50% off discount. What’s more, the relationship between FastDomain and customers is non-contractual, so that within the first 30 days, customers will ask for full money back if they are not satisfied. Additionally, a prorated refund is possible to be back as well in the reminder period. Therefore, FastDomain definitely is one of the web hosting with the best price value.

FastDomain Great Promotion
50% Off

FastDomain Review on Performance: ★★★★☆ 

With the back of Bluehost self-built datacenter, FastDomain web hosting performance is always excellent. The first extraordinary performance is highly reliability, benefiting from UPS electricity, back-up generators, cool hosting environment etc. The second prominent performance is bleeding-fast speed because of FastDomain utilizing OC-48 backbone connection, quad processor performance servers as well as customized Apache web server.

The last one but not the least is security that is crucial for customers. FastDomain has a well-trained team to respond for customers’ data security. This team monitors the datacenter, network and servers all year around. Once some unexpected problems occur,  the members with rich experience will handle and solve them at the fastest speed to decrease losses.

FastDomain Review on Ease-of-use: ★★★★☆ 

FastDomain provides users with enhanced cPanel, within which they will get management easily. There is a free one-click installer from MOJO Marketplace, which is the same as SimpleScripts but has new look. This tool will help users install more than 50 scripts immediately, including popular WordPress, Blogs, Forum, Galleries etc. Furthermore, this cPanel has a “My Installs” icon, which is useful to users to manage their installed apps.

In addition to that, users will clearly see “server”, “email”, “files”, “domains” etc icons, by which they will get control of every detail of their websites. That is so simple even for a beginner.

FastDomain Review on Customer Support: ★★★★☆ 

FastDomain provides the most courteous and professional technical support, available at anytime through a number of venues, such as toll free call, live chat support, email back, a complete self-service center with a searchable helpdesk and video tutorials. All those will give users great convenience when they need help. They will not wait long for answers either, because FastDomain support hold time is less than 2 minutes in average.


From above review, it is clearly shown that FastDomain is a high-price value web hosting provider. Its web hosting only starts from $3.95/mo, but gives rich features, outstanding performance, easy-to-use control panel and world-class support. So FastDomain is absolutely a good option for users who want a best cheap web hosting.

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Fastdomain review

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