Fast Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

dreamhost-dedicatedFor its highest reliability, security and performance, dedicated server hosting is usually used by businesses, enterprises and high-traffic websites. Instead of sharing with any others, people can receive all the features and make complete use of the entire server resources to build very powerful online presences. Among multiple determining factors, the server speed performance is regarded as the most important one that customers put emphasis on.

In the following article, we will analyze its server performance, configuration, price as well as backup support, and explain the reasons why Dreamhost is named as the Fast Linux Dedicated Server Hosting.

Dreamhost is one of the Top 10 Web Hosting that has been specializing in Linux hosting services and products since its foundation in 1997. All of its services are built on leading technologies with a commitment to customers’ successes, now Dreamhost serves more than 400,000 customers and around 1.5 million domains & websites successfully.

Dreamhost Dedicated Server Hosting is Fast

With Dreamhost dedicated server hosting, there will be no more others disrupting the website performance. Since it is fully managed, so Dreamhost dedicated server professionals will help manage and monitor the server performance 24/7, and then customers enable to focus on their site content and businesses.

Dreamhost guarantees 100% network uptime.

In addition to the existing datacenters, Dreamhost utilizes a new and state-of-the-art datacenter facility located in Ashburn, Virginia known as “Data Center Alley”. Besides, Dreamhost datacenter is well equipped, and it features with complete emergency generators, multi-class security zones, multifactor identification, dual water lines and systems for redundant cooling, multiple distinct utility substations, 2N + 2 power redundancy, fast 1Gbps connection and other components.

This is quite reliable, but if customers require better server performance, Dreamhost offers them optional solid state drives (SSDs) feature. Compared to the traditional mechanical HDDs, servers with SSD integration will perform faster and more secure. With Dreamhost fast Linux dedicated server hosting, website owners enable to deliver their visitors and customers much better browsing experience.

Customers do not even have to worry about losing data or the backup storage capacity limit at all. Dreamhost fully automatic managed backup system and measures of customers’ servers & websites would help them get back in no time.

Dreamhost Linux Dedicated Server Hosting is Feature-Rich

Apart from the fast speed performance, Dreamhost dedicated server hosting is big and feature-rich enough to handle any requirement. With plenty of room to grow and expand, customers have no need to worry to about the server resources like disk space, bandwidth, dedicated RAM and etc. ever again.

Dreamhost dedicated server hosting is based on Ubuntu Linux operating system, and it comes with multiple server configuration options that can help customers get the dedicated server they need.

Normally, Dreamhost dedicated server hosting provides customers with 4 / 12 CPU cores, 1TB HDD/240GB SSD RAID 1 storage and 4 to 64GB RAM. There are some other great features contained in all Dreamhost dedicated server hosting solutions, for example, 1 dedicated IP address, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, full root access, shell access (SSH), Perl/PHP/Ruby/Python supports, one-click WordPress installer and DDoS protection.

Although dedicated server hosting is fully managed, it will also offer customers its optimized custom-built control panel and ensure them full control and power. With more than 15 year’ experience, Dreamhost improves its control panel and makes it easy-to-use and feature-rich.

By using Dreamhost control panel, customers are allowed to manage their servers the way they want, control the domains, powercycle/reboot, configure full root access via sudo, and scale their Dreamhost accounts and resources comfortably.

With more storage, RAM, optional solid state drives (SSDs) and other features, Dreamhost Linux dedicated server hosting just gives customers’ websites the best experience and the fastest performance possible.

Dreamhost Dedicated Server Hosting is Affordable

Based on the contained resources and server packages, Dreamhost fast Linux dedicated server hosting services are billed at different prices. If customers decide to purchase the managed server service, they can choose to prepay monthly or yearly.

The HDD based and SSD based dedicated server hosting service prices start from $169/mo and $299/mo respectively. For customers who go with yearly server packages, Dreamhost will offer them up to 11% off. After discounting, Dreamhost Linux dedicated server hosting price is cut down to $149/mo, and customers can save $240 totally.

Dreamhost Dedicated Server Deal
Save $240!

Dreamhost Linux dedicated server hosting is not covered by its industry-leading and reputable 97-Day Money Back Guarantee. However, Dreamhost dedicated server hosting is reliable and the company ensures customers short-term contract option. In general, the service is still trustworthy and risk-free to go with. For business use, Dreamhost fast Linux dedicated server hosting is quite affordable.

Dreamhost Linux Dedicated Server Hosting Supports

Dedicated server hosting is the most complex hosting type to deal with. Unless customers have their own professional technical team, otherwise they will need to rely on the backup and support of their dedicated server hosting providers.

Fortunately, Dreamhost Linux dedicated server hosting is fully managed that Dreamhost support team will take care of all the technical aspects and ensure the customers have an easy and smooth hosting experience. In addition to 24/7 server monitoring, Dreamhost provides customers with 24/7 responsive and helpful support service.

Dreamhost technicians know Linux dedicated server hosting very well. Through live chat and email methods, customers can get all their issues resolved rapidly and effectively. At the same time, customers are allowed to check out Dreamhost Wiki, which is updated regularly and contains rich hosting resources, tutorials, guidance and answers.

Dreamhost Fast Linux Dedicated Server is Recommended

If customers choose Dreamhost Linux dedicated server hosting service, they will be offered feature-rich server packages and helpful supports at very affordable prices. Most importantly, this Linux dedicated server hosting is super fast, and it can guarantee customers 100% uptime. This is quite important for business customers.

As the fast Linux dedicated server hosting, Dreamhost is highly recommended to those high traffic websites, agencies with high profile clients, reseller uses and large eCommerce websites. To know more about Dreamhost dedicated server hosting, please visit Dreamhost.


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