Email Marketing Spam

email-marketing-spamWith the fast development of the Internet and technology, more and more people send emails to both personal and business associates instead of writing letters. In such situation, there comes with a big concern about differentiating true available emails from spam.

What is Email Marketing Spam

By definition, if senders conceal their addresses and identities, the email is sent to a large group of people, or the recipients are not request the email, campaigns address the three criteria would be considered as email marketing spam.

Spam is annoying and dangerous, most of people reflect that they receive around half of emails on a daily basis are spam, and they will delete directly without opening or checking them. So, for business owners, if they want to create stable and long-term email marketing campaigns, one of the most important things is to avoid spam.

How to avoid Email Marketing Spam

spam-tipsIn fact, there are many aspects business owners should notice when dealing with email marketing spam, here we just list several of them, for example:

  • Getting Permission from People

In order to avoid email marketing spam, business owners and marketers could get permission before sending people emails. Confirm opt-in is a direct way, owners enable to send subscriber confirmation emails, and add them into contact lists until they confirm. In brief, ensure every contact in their database has opted-in to receive emails at the same time.

  • Upload Contact List Regularly

Owners will not be able to purchase contacts for their database from other third parties, while they need to update the contact list regularly to avoid email marketing spam. For an example, if a contact has opted in to receive certain type information of email, so it cannot be added to some other segments of the lists. Always send subscribers something they are not interested in, they will flag the email as spam.

  • Keep Email Format Simple

Emails will not look like advertisement by keeping email format simple, and this is another way to avoid email marketing becoming spam. Indeed, integrate one or two small images will make the email more graphic. However, instead of using complex background colors, larger and multiple fonts, business owners can try to create unique, short subject line with proper image and brief content.

  • Be care of URL links and HTML use

Email marketing spam always scatters links around the emails, attracting recipients click as much as they can. To avoid spam, business owners should restrict the use of URL links. Generally, have a single link in the email prominent place will be better. Of course, owners also need to use HTML wisely, and pay attention to aspects like bold text, headers, anchor text and etc.

  • Test Email before Sending

If business owners want to avoid becoming spam, then they should make tests before sending the emails to recipients. Check out emails which are going to send for their spelling, grammars, text, format, links, and images, and make sure they could pass traditional anti-spam techniques, and will not be flagged as spam.

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