Email Marketing and the Benefits

With the rapid development of Internet, email marketing has been becoming more and more common, and also considered as an essential tool for website owners to utilize to expand their businesses online. So, what is email marketing exactly, and why does email marketing show such benefits over many other traditional forms of marketing?

What is Email Marketing?

email marketingEmail marketing is a direct marketing form using email as an effective and convenient approach of commercial promotion, communication survey or new information to people.

For business owners, email marketing cannot only help improve the relationship with the existing customers, but also enable to acquire more new customers, and convince them to purchase the services and products.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

As one of the most important and popular components in many industries, email marketing is widely used to create vital business-customer relationships, promote products & services, and increase sales by business owners. Here, we listed some benefits that businesses can take from email

  • Simple and Low-cost

Compared to other channels of advertising, email marketing can be carried out at very low cost, without hiring tons of employees or marketing analysts. And there is no cost for design, testing and printing as well. Email marketing is quite simple, because the information can be distributed to targeted people by using a clear mailing list, all through the Internet.

  • Flexible and Measurable

Email marketing is flexible and measurable, and it could be used to track response via analytics, un-subscribers, or click-throughs, helping to measure open rate, positive or negative responses, and correlate sales. Combining with the feedback, business owners can identity their customers’ engagement, and also are allowed to modify the business strategy for achieving success.

  • Faster and Higher Response

There is no doubt that paper mail will take long-time to get response, while email takes only 1 or 2 days, since it can be completed in just a few hours. When business owners are looking at online sales, they enable to send a substantial amount of email in a very short time. In the situation, if people are interested in the products or services, they might make immediate responses.

  • Global Reach

In addition to its usability, email marketing has no any boundary. Sending emails with useful and valuable offers or information only take for a few time, and that achieves wide reach with people all over the world. Generally, no matter where the businesses are or when they require reaching people, the email can reach the targets.

  • More Personal

Many of other marketing methods like telesales, radio or television advertisements have to be done in a mostly “one-fits-all” form, so it is very difficult to reach people in a personalized way. However, email marketing allows business owners to target every people personally by sending with their own names, pertinent sales, or purchase history. With email marketing segmentation, owners can send emails to smaller groups separately within a big list to enhance the sale results.

  • Frequent Communications

Not only for sales or promotions, email marketing takes less time to create and send, so business owners can communicate with customers more frequently that about once a week to get helpful feedbacks. Email marketing is interactive, owners can use it to know customers’ requirements and preferences, build trust and keep customers stay.

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