Drupal vs WordPress

Initially, as and when websites were getting developed in 2007, all websites were created using the WordPress. And during those times, websites were quite smaller and WordPress was getting evolved from a simple and normal blogging platform to an interactive and best CMS (Content Management System).  In addition, those websites which are still on the verge of developing and creating least amount of contents, the WordPress would give their users a good page administrator experience.

But when one compares the WordPress with the Drupal, then Drupal wins as it is just a beast. Basically, the significant thing you need to note down here is that the taxonomies and the core competance along with the structure is something that can take a while for someone to get used for.

Let us check out the difference between durpal and wordpress and under which points do they differ or less similar. The following are some of them –

Drupal vs WordPress - Security and Protection

One of the biggest and the important factor or the differentiator between Drupal and WordPress is the security. In case of Drupal, it has got extensive enterprise related security and the site scaling. There are various government and other institutions who are created using the Drupal.

With regard to the WordPress, it is quite easy for hackers to target any kind of vulnerability that is present in the plugin and which can simply wipe out all thousands of the websites.

Drupal vs WordPress - Responsive Development and Design

In case of the interactive strategy pushes for responsive development and design, then there is a single element which you have to understand is on how the images has to be managed. Now with responsive images and design, the images won’t just automatically scale to the perfect break point.

Basically, both the CMS do have a basic solution for the responsive images, however, they are quite on a different track. With regard to the WordPress, the image size for each break point is simply declared for the function.php related files. However, you have to be careful of some of the themes which can scale in images due to the CSS and it can lead to a great amount of performance issues.

In case of the Drupal, you can simply set up the sizes of the images inside the administrator, all by using the basic concept of the Style module. Of course, this could take a small amount of setup time. However, the work can be created inside the administrator instead of normal php files.

Drupal vs WordPress - Mobile Development and Themes

In case of the website strategy, one would require a great amount of dedicated theme in terms of mobile. Both the Drupal and WordPress have a good amount of starter theme which can make the website quite fast. Now there is a great amount of difference on how the WordPress and Drupal can take care of the various contents in the mobile.

In case of the Drupal, there are various additional content aspects present in each of the page which gets displayed in the mobile device. Also, in addition of the contents which get displayed on the mobile, most of the mobile themes of the Drupal will be better with regard to the run off the sub domain. But this could sometimes create a huge amount of challenges with regard to the mobile indexation in terms of the search engine and also the mobile search methodology has to be quite thought out.

Now in case of content editing on mobile phones, the WordPress has got a great amount of good and native mobile application. Basically, this application is quite awesome and Drupal is not like other app which are quite native but the admin of the Drupal is quite responsive. Responsive Development and Design Most of the people won’t be aware of such aspect that WordPress website could rank quite higher than most of the normal Drupal websites.

Now SEO is a single agnostic platform and there are not a single SEO advantages which is there in the CMS and it is something which can be developed by using the available standards. Of course, you do need to keep in mind that Drupal run websites can lead to causing various issues, and that too if the developer does not know what they need to do. In case of the WordPress, it has got fewer amounts of errors.

Drupal vs WordPress - Loading of the Page

With regard to this feature, the default feature of caching of Drupal is very much robust and out of the box. And in case of the WordPress, it has got caching plugins which need to be properly utilized.

Drupal vs WordPress - Schema Implementations

You can add the Schemas to the Drupal view or to any of the given hard-coded template files. This process simply works for WordPress too.

The above given points show the basic differences between Drupal and WordPress.

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