Dropbox Review

Based in San Francisco, California, Dropbox (www.dropbox.com) is known as a file hosting service company that has been providing one of the best cloud storage, client software and personal cloud since 2007. By using its products, customers are allowed to easily share and store files, which could be accessed through mobile apps and websites.

Dropbox Review on Usability

cloud-security-vfla0yUTHDropbox cloud storage service is designed with high usability that brings customers very easy and convenient experience. Especially for business owners, they and their teams are able to get work together or up-to-date easily through the offered tools. Dropbox LAN, delta as well as streaming sync tech enhance bandwidth to ensure seamless collaboration and reliable performance.

Dropbox cloud storage supports almost all main operating systems including Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, iOS, BlackBerry OS, Kindle Fire and etc. So customers can upload, access, control and share their files across mobile devices and tablets anywhere at anytime.

Meanwhile, Dropbox cloud storage service has very comprehensive backup support to prevent customers’ files from accidental deletions. Customers would be maximum satisfied with Dropbox hassle-free online backup and self-service file recovery.

Dropbox Review on Security

security-image-vflZpPNwyNo matter for personals or businesses, security is one of the most important considerations when they choose cloud storage service. To largely and effectively protect customers’ files and accounts, Dropbox carries out the following measures:

  • store files by using 256-bit AES encryption, and transfer in a secure tunnel though SSL/TLS
  • allowing restore deleted and previous file versions within 30 days, and unlimited recovery
  • both manual and automated application security testing on a regular basis
  • create privacy policy, Safe Harbor compliance, and follow government request principles to protect the privacy of customers

At the same time, Dropbox suggest customers to put emphasis on account protection by using a strong password & multi-step verification, strengthening security setting and monitoring account activity, etc.

Dropbox Review on Pricing

Dropbox cloud storage service has three packages. Dropbox Basic and Dropbox Pro are suitable for individuals, while Dropbox for Business is recommended to business owners.

Among the packages, Dropbox Basic is totally free that customers can receive 2GB space, reliable backup, simple file sharing and easy access. Dropbox Pro contains 1TB space, remote wipe as well as extra sharing controls, and its price starts from $9.99/mo. However, if customers sign up with yearly plan, Dropbox gives 17% off, making the service price at $99/yr.

Dropbox Promotion
17% Off

Once the current package cannot address customers’ changing and increasing demands, Dropbox allows very easy and risk-free upgrade.

Dropbox Review on Customer Supports

Dropbox support can be easily contacted through telephone. Moreover, its Help Center has very comprehensive and convenient categories including Basics, Sharing, Photos and Videos, Desktop, Mobile, Security and Privacy, Payments and Billing and others. Customers can find solutions very quickly. They can check out other support resources like Tour, Forums, or submit a help request as well.


Generally, Dropbox has good reputation, and its cloud storage service is flexible and secure that can ensure great rich features, high usability, and targeted solutions for individuals and business owners. With its promotion, the service charges at very affordable price.

Please visit: www.dropbox.com to check out more information.


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