Dreamhost vs Justhost

Dreamhost and Justhost are considered as two great and popular options when it comes to building websites. However, each of them contains their own unique advantages. In below Dreamhost vs Justhost, we are going to review and compare their web hosting features, hosting prices, reliabilities and customer supports. With this, people will make their choices correctly and easily.

Known as one of the Top 10 Web Hosting, Dreamhost (www.dreamhost.com) has been offering high quality and powerful hosting services and products since 1997. With years’ development and improvement, Dreamhost now serves more than 400,000 customers and around 1.5 million websites worldwide.

At Justhost (www.justhost.com), it prides itself on the commitment to all of its customers. The company focuses on delivering reliable and cheap hosting solutions, and also, it makes great efforts on making the web hosting setup and management extremely easy. Justhost is awarded as one of the cheap web hosting for personal users.

Dreamhost vs Justhost on Web Hosting Features

Dreamhost and Justhost provide customers with domain registration, shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server, and all their hosting services are built on Linux operating system. Apart from other hosting types, we compare their shared hosting services. Dreamhost shared hosting has one single solution, while Justhost shared hosting comes with 3 different packages.

Which production mode is better, and which hosting solution is more feature-rich? Here, we take Dreamhost and Justhost shared hosting features and tools into account, and find out.

Generally, Dreamhost hosting solution includes all the needed and great features that people require to build a successful website. In addition to 1 free domain name for the lift of the plan, free SSD unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage, customers enable to host and manage as many domains and websites as they would like all within 1 account, at no extra fee. With the unlimited emails, unlimited auto responders and more, they can also create and manage unlimited POP/IMAP/SMTP accounts.

Moreover, Dreamhost supports PHP 5, unlimited MySQL databases, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, SSL, full CGI access, SSI, IPv6 and etc. To ensure customers maximum convenience, Dreamhost hosting solution comes with 1-click WordPress installer and web-based control panel that allow customers to install applications and create, access and manage all the aspects of their websites simply.

Justhost has 3 hosting packages. Its Starter Package offers customers 1 website hosted, 100GB website space, unmetered bandwidth, 1 included domain name for 1-year free, 5 parked domains, 25 sub domains, 100 Email addresses, 500MB email storage per account and more. If customers need more, they can upgrade to Justhost advanced hosting packages and get unlimited resources and features. Moreover, Justhost ensures customers MySQL/PostgreSQL databases, PHP 5, Perl, Python, Ruby, CGI-BIN and others. Greatly, all Justhost hosting packages integrate cPanel control panel and SimpleScripts 1-click script installs. By using these, customers are able to install, upgrade software and control their websites with few simple clicks.


In fact, Dreamhost and Justhost hosting services include great rich features. Through careful comparison, we find that Dreamhost offers more feature-rich hosting solutions. And its hosting features like free life-time domain name and free SSD drives are more valuable and greater to use than Justhost.

Dreamhost vs Justhost on Hosting Prices

Dreamhost allows customers to pay monthly, annually and biennially. Regularly, its hosting price starts from $10.95/mo, $9.95/mo and $8.95/mo. The latest Dreamhost 50% Promotion applies to its annual billing cycle. By making full use of the 50% off, customers can sign up with Dreamhost feature-rich hosting service at only $4.95/mo.

Dreamhost $4.95/mo
50% Off

In addition to the affordable prices, Dreamhost offers customers 97-days money back guarantee, the longest and most reliable money back policy. With it, customers can request a full refund within the first 97 days if they do not like Dreamhost service.

In terms of Justhost, its discounted price starts from $2.50/mo, indeed, this is very cheap. However, it is for the enter-level hosting package. Customers need to pay extra $2/mo at least and get Justhost unlimited hosting package. Meanwhile, Justhost guarantees a full refund within the first 30 days and a prorated refund at any time after the 30-day period.

Justhost Exclusive Deal
42% off

Considering their hosting features, prices and money back guarantee, Dreamhost comes with much higher price value than Justhost, and that makes it an excellent for both personal and business users.

Dreamhost vs Justhost on Hosting Reliabilities

Actually, Justhost web hosting is designed for personals and small businesses, while Dreamhost service can meet the needs of all types of use. For the hosting reliability aspect, Dreamhost performs much faster and better than Justhost.

Dreamhost not only utilizes the top leading datacenter facilities and server equipment, but also integrates powerful technologies into its hosting solutions to deliver its customers the fastest and most secure hosting performance. As the customers of Dreamhost, people’s websites will be enhanced with new Solid State Drives (SSDs), which assures faster caching and database queries. Dreamhost is committed to providing 100% uptime guarantee.

Justhost offers dual quad processor performance servers, customized Apache web server, Courtesy site backups, 10 gigabit Ethernet connections, Diesel generator backup, UPS power, 24×7 networking monitor & maintenance and much more to keep at least 99.9% uptime. Justhost retains the industry standard.

Dreamhost vs Justhost on Customer Support

Dreamhost and Justhost customer support services are helpful and reliable. No matter which one customers choose, they will receive responsive and effective support to help them resolve any problems.

Dreamhost support technicians can be contacted through 24/7 online chat, email and Dreamhost Wiki. On the other hand, Justhost offers customers 24×7 US-based telephone, live chat as well as email methods. Both of their support employees make very fast responses.

Which One is Better?

Justhost is a great hosting provider and it can offer customers with reliable and cheap hosting services. If we compare it with Dreamhost, then Dreamhost is definitely the better one that we highly recommend. Dreamhost provides its customers with SSD-based hosting solution, 100% uptime, 97 Days Money Back and 24/7 unlimited support service. Now, its high-quality hosting solution price starts from $4.95/mo, which is affordable for both individuals and businesses.

To know more, please visit: www.dreamhost.com and take advantages of its free life-time domain registration, free SSD drives and 50% off.


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