Dreamhost vs Arvixe

Dreamhost and Arvixe are listed in the Top 10 Web Hosting, and which one is better, and provides more reliable hosting service and supports? In this Dreamhost vs Arvixe, we would compare and review the hosting features, prices, uptime & performance as well as customer support services of Dreamhost and Arvixe respectively.

Founded in 1997, Dreamhost (www.dreamhost.com) is one of the most leading hosting companies in the industry, and it is committed to offers customers a wide range of powerful hosting services and products to help them create and manage websites easily.

Arvixe (www.arvixe.com) is famous for providing quality and cheap hosting solutions. Since its inception in 2003, now Arvixe has been successfully hosting tens of thousands of personal, small business and enterprise websites on a global level. Arvixe is awarded as one of the best small business hosting providers.

Dreamhost vs Arvixe on Web Hosting Features

Dreamhost and Arvixe provide their customers with domain name registration, shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting services. However, all Dreamhost hosting solutions are based on Linux platform, while Arvixe hosting is available on both Linux and Windows operating system.

To figure out which one is more feature-rich, we are going to compare their shared hosting features. Compared to Dreamhost web hosting that has one solution, Arvixe web hosting comes with Class and Class Pro 2 plans, and the difference is that the number of websites hosted.

Most companies offer customers free domain name just for the first year. It is great to choose Dreamhost or Arvixe, because both of them ensure customers free domain name for life.

Choosing Dreamhost, customers will have all the space they require to create their websites, and they will never have to worry about traffic limits. Dreamhost offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. Dreamhost hosting solution contains unlimited websites hosted, unlimited email accounts, auto responders and etc., customers enable to create and manage as many as websites and email accounts as they would like.

Moreover, Dreamhost offers other standard features, such as full Unix shell, SSL secure server, Crontab access, CGI, SSI, PHP 5, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, unlimited MySQL databases and much more. Its 1-click WordPress Installer allows customers to install WordPress on their hosting accounts automatically and conveniently. Dreamhost web-based control panel can satisfy their needs if customers want access billing, create databases and make management of the whole accounts and websites simply.

Arvixe web hosting includes unlimited web space, unlimited monthly data transfer, 6 or unlimited domains allowed, cPanel/WebSitePanel control panel, unlimited subdomains, unlimited FTP logins, unlimited mail boxes, unlimited MySQL 5/PostgreSQL/MSSQL databases, ASP.NET/PHP/Perl/Python/Ruby, 1-click website builder and etc. Arvixe integrates Softaculous script installer into its hosting plans. With it, customers are able to install hundreds of open source web applications to their websites with few simple clicks. Arvixe is named as one of the best featured rich hosting by BigCheaphosting.com.


Dreamhost and Arvixe hosting services are feature-rich, and can address the different requirements of customers perfectly. In general, we believe that Dreamhost Linux hosting is better since it offers free SSD and unlimited website hosted in its all-inclusive hosting solution.

Dreamhost vs Arvixe on Hosting Prices

Dreamhost web hosting can be billed monthly, annually and biennially, and the regular price starts from $10.95/mo, $9.95/mo and $8.95/mo. Through Dreamhost promotional link, all yearly-paid customers will receive 50% off to make the hosting price starts from $4.95/mo, with free setup, free domain, free domain privacy protection and 97 Days Money Back Guarantee included.

Dreamhost Promotion
50% Off

If customers are not satisfied with Dreamhost web hosting and they cancel their accounts & services within the first 97 days, Dreamhost would give them refund in full.

Arvixe is well-known for offering cheap hosting service. Normally, its web hosting price starts from $4/mo. By using code coupon “clue30”, customers can take advantages of the 30% off and sign up with Arvixe web hosting at only $2.8/mo, one of the most affordable web hosting prices in the marketplace.

Arvixe Coupon 'clue30'
30% Off

Besides, Arvixe guarantees customers a 60-day money back policy. Customers are allowed to request their money back within the first 60 days of the purchase.

Dreamhost vs Arvixe on Uptime & Performance

Dreamhost offers its customers one of the fastest hosting services. Apart from the leading and well-equipped datacenter infrastructures, servers and components, Dreamhost utilizes and adds powerful technologies like solid state drives (SSDs) to its hosting solution to help customers’ websites load 200% fasters. Moreover, Dreamhost technicians will monitor and secure all their systems and equipment to maintain full uptime and high-level security.

In terms of Arvixe, it offers 99.9% uptime guarantee and its hosting performance is reliable. Arvixe datacenter is located in the US, and it provides customers with redundant carriers, servers with 15K RPM RAID 10 Drives, brute force detection, DDoS attack response, networking monitor, nightly security updates and more.

Although Arvixe hosting performance is reliable, Dreamhost integrates SSD technology into its hosting to ensure customers much faster speed. With Dreamhost, customers will be guaranteed 100% uptime.

Dreamhost vs Arvixe on Support Services

We tested both Dreamhost and Arvixe support service and also collected feedback and comments from their customers, we find that Dreamhost support service is more helpful and more responsive.

Dreamhost support team consists of hosting professionals. If customers have questions about sale, billing or anything related to hosting, Dreamhost will offer them assistance via 24×7 live chat and email. In addition, Dreamhost Wiki is a great place for customers to find solutions, articles and answers.

Arvixe US-based customer service and technical support representatives are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers can be sure to get their issues and problems resolved as quickly as possible at anytime. Arvixe offers telephone, chat and email support service. Among the methods, its telephone support is available M to F 9am to 5:30 pm central time.

Which One is Better?

Dreamhost is definitely the better option, if people need Linux hosting service. Dreamhost SSD hosting is based on Linux platform, and it provides customers with life-long free domain name and unlimited hosting resources. Compared to Arvixe Linux hosting, Dreamhost ensures higher price value, faster performance and more reliable support service. Now, Dreamhost hosting price starts from $4.95/mo. Please visit: www.dreamhost.com to know more.

But if people require Windows based hosting service, Arvixe is one of the cheapest Windows hosting that they can trust.


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