DreamHost vs. 1and1

dreamhost vs. 1and1As one of the Top 10 Web Hosting, DreamHost (www.dreamhost.com) builds great reputation in the industry, and it has been offering full range of reliable hosting products to help thousands of customers achieve successful online presences for many years. 1and1 (www.1and1.com) is one of the biggest hosting brands who focuses on web and online services & tools. 1and1 customer base spreads all around the world.

In below DreamHost vs. 1and1, we are going to review and compare the hosting features, prices, reliability as well as customer service of both DreamHost and 1and1. Our hope is: by taking this article as a reference, people can select the right product quickly.

DreamHost vs. 1and1 on Hosting Features

DreamHost and 1and1 offer their customers a complete series of product options, from basic shared hosting, VPS to premium dedicated server hosting. DreamHost is good at quality hosting, while 1and1 delivers remarkable and popular domain registration and high price-valued dedicated server.

Besides, DreamHost engages to developing the best quality Linux based hosting solution, while 1and1 provides both Linux and Windows service to meet different requirement. Another significant difference between the two hosts is, DreamHost web hosting has one package that offers everything people need, and 1and1 provides customers with multiple sizes.

DreamHost web hosting is perfect for hosting personal and business websites. In addition to free solid state drive (SSD) feature, customers can also get 1 free domain, unlimited websites hosted, unlimited space & bandwidth, unlimited POP/IMAP/SMTP accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, PHP 5 support, IPv6 support, web-based control panel and one-click installation for hundreds of applications.

If customers choose 1and1 web hosting, they can choose operating system between Linux and Windows, firstly. And its Unlimited Plan includes unlimited webspace, unlimited websites, 20 databases with 1GB on SSD, up to 600MB RAM, 1 free domain name, CDN, 1&1 SiteLock, DDoS Protection, plus 1-click installer with over 120 popular apps.

Speaking of VPS hosting, DreamHost VPS is managed by its professional technical support team and comes with four options. Each package includes 1 dedicated IP address, SSD storage, Ubuntu Long Term Support, and many other resources. On the other side, 1and1 VPS features with guaranteed vCores, optional SSD storage, simple system administration with Parallels Plesk 12 application pool, automatic backups and unlimited traffic.

Furthermore, DreamHost offers fully-managed dedicated server hosting. Within the smallest size server package, people could get 4 cores, 1TB HDD storage, as well as 4 RAM. Additionally, DreamHost allows customers to make extra money from their dedicated servers. Compared to that, 1and1 prime dedicated server is built on AMD quad core processor with speed of 2.1GHz per core. Basic features included in this package are 4GB DDR2 RAM, 750GB disk space, RAID 1 software, unlimited transfer, external Cisco-based IP firewall, full root access, and Plesk 12 control panel. But 1and1 doesn’t give full management service.

DreamHost vs. 1and1 on Hosting Prices

DreamHost web hosting has one single package, and its regular price starts from $8.95/mo. Customers can choose to pay monthly, annually or triennially. If they go with an annual hosting package, in accordance with the latest DreamHost Coupon, DreamHost will offer them 50% off, and the hosting price is cut down to $4.95/mo.

DreamHost $4.95/mo
50% Off

Normally, 1and1 web hosting service charges from $6.99/mo. However, the company now promotes its unlimited hosting solutions, and customers can get the advanced hosting plans with free domain included at cheaper price. After discounting, 1and1 web hosting price starts from $0.99/mo for the first 12 months. .

1and1 Promotion
Only $0.99/mo

1and1 guarantees customers a 30-day money back policy, if customers are unsatisfied. For the aspect of money back guarantee, DreamHost is more reliable and safer. Once customers cancel their accounts and the service within the first 97 days, DreamHost will offer them a full refund.

If people go with DreamHost managed VPS hosting, they will be charged at least $15/mo. 1and1 VPS hosting starts at $4.99/mo for the first 6 months then renews at $12.99/mo, and with no management service. Additionally, DreamHost sets the starter price of its fully-managed dedicated server hosting at $149/mo, while 1and1 dedicated hosting is billed at $34.99/mo. The good news is, according to the latest promotion offered by 1and1, people could get a free dedicated server for 3 months.

DreamHost vs. 1and1 on Hosting Reliabilities

1and1 utilizes world-class infrastructures and technologies to backup its hosting service, indeed, its dedicated server hosting is quite reliable. However, we tested 1and1 hosting performance, and also collect feedback from its customers. We found that there are some complaints about its hosting reliability. In terms of uptime, DreamHost offers a rock-solid 100% uptime guarantee, which is much higher than 1and1.

No matter for individual or business use, DreamHost can deliver one of the best and fastest hosting services. In addition to multiple datacenter locations and redundant networks, DreamHost adds new and very powerful SSD hard drives into all its hosting solutions. As a result of that, customers can experience faster caching and database queries.

DreamHost vs. 1and1 on Support Services

Simply put, 1and1 support service is available through 24×7 phone call and email. But if customers are web beginners who rely on effective backup support service, we highly recommend DreamHost.

DreamHost in-house support technicians are skillful and patient. Customers can contact them at any time via online chat, email and Twitter. Its support staff will respond to these problems as quickly as possible. Other more, DreamHost has the most comprehensive and useful Wiki. Basically, customers can find all answers of those common questions in the help of it. And they are enabled to discuss with other users as well.

Which One is Better?

It is truth that 1and1 really offers budget web hosting that starts at only $0.99/mo. Due to that, we think it can be a good option for people who are demanding for low-cost hosting solutions with rich resources. Nevertheless, if people are looking for reliable and high performance solution to host their websites, DreamHost is definitely the right one they can fully trust. Compared to 1and1, DreamHost can satisfy all customers’ demands with just one hosting solution. All of its hosting packages are SSD powered and supported by its outstanding customer service. DreamHost hosting also charges affordable price at $4.95/mo after promotion, and the service is covered by a 97-day money back guarantee.

Please visit www.dreamhost.com to know more, and get DreamHost service to build successful websites.

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