Dreamhost VPS vs Bluehost VPS

Dreamhost and Bluehost are two leading hosting companies, and both of them own very good reputations in offering the best VPS hosting service. If people have to make their decision between Dreamhost and Bluehost, then which one is the better choice? To figure this out, we are going to make a detailed comparison of Dreamhost and Bluehost VPS hosting features, prices, performances and customer supports in the following Dreamhost VPS vs Bluehost VPS.

Dreamhost (www.dreamhost.com) is committed to providing customers with a wide range of Linux-based hosting services and products. Since the foundation in 1997, it has been proudly managing more than 1,500,000 domains and websites. Bluehost (www.bluehost.com) is one of the largest web companies around the world. By delivering cheap but reliable hosting solutions and supports, Bluehost has already helped millions of customers achieve success online.

Dreamhost VPS vs Bluehost VPS on Server Resources

Dreamhost VPS and Bluehost VPS hosting services are based on Linux operating system, besides, they come with multiple different packages, different amounts of guaranteed server resources and can address the different requirements of customers. In general, Dreamhost VPS and Bluehost VPS have similarities, while they have their own specific advantages as well.

Dreamhost VPS is well designed and configured, and it can offer personals, developers as well as business owners more stability, speed and power to create and run their websites successfully. All Dreamhost VPS hosting solutions have free SSD drives integration. Meanwhile, customers will receive at least 1GB dedicated memory, 30GB SSD storage, unlimited domain hosted, unlimited bandwidth and 1 free IP address.

Moreover, its VPS hosting solutions include the latest version of Node.js support, ruby version manager, PHP 5, Perl, Python, custom ruby installs, SSL secure server, Phusion Passenger, unlimited FTP users, unlimited email accounts, XCache and more. Although Dreamhost VPS hosting is managed, it will provide customers with the web-based control panel and 1-click application installer to install, add and manage various virtual servers simply.

In terms of Bluehost VPS hosting, it is built on stable and scalable cloud technology. Along with its feature-rich hosting packages, Bluehost VPS ensures customers increased control, power as well as flexibility. Customers are allowed to upgrade or downgrade when their needs change. The basic plan of Bluehost VPS hosting contains 1 included domain name, 2CPU cores speed, 2GB RAM, 30GB SAN storage, 1TB monthly data transfer and 1 free dedicated IP address.


In addition to the guaranteed dynamic server resources, Bluehost VPS hosting also offers customers instant provisioning, root access, access control, multi-server management, advanced capabilities, improved cPanel interface and valuable add-ons like SSL certificates, domain privacy, SiteLock, Site Backup Pro, Spam Protection and more.

Dreamhost VPS and Bluehost VPS rely on Linux platform and they have feature-rich hosting solutions. However, they have their own specials. Dreamhost VPS offers customers free SSD drives and unlimited domains, bandwidth, emails and etc. As for Bluehost VPS, its VPS hosting is backed up by cloud technology, and it allows customers to create and manage their websites & servers by using the enhanced cPanel control panel.

Dreamhost VPS vs Bluehost VPS on Hosting Prices

Greatly, now Dreamhost and Bluehost are promoting their VPS hosting services, and customers can get both of them at very affordable prices. Which one is cheaper and more customer-friendly? Let’s find out.

By using coupon code “vps50” during sign up, all new customers can save 50% off the first 3 months of Dreamhost SSD VPS hosting service. The discount price of the VPS hosting starts from $7.5/mo. All the VPS solutions include SSD drives and up to 8GB RAM. Dreamhost VPS hosting is non-refundable.

Dreamhost VPS 50% Off

Compared to Dreamhost, Bluehost VPS ensures customers cheap prices as well as friendly money back guarantee. Regularly, Bluehost VPS hosting price starts from $29.99/mo. Through the following special promotional link, Bluehost will offer customers 50% off to make customers get its cloud VPS hosting at $14.99 first month.

Bluehost VPS Promotion
50% Off

If customers are unsatisfied, Bluehost allows them to cancel their accounts at any time. Within the first 30 days, customers will receive a full refund on their VPS hosting service. After 30 days, they can still get a prorated refund for the unused service. Bluehost Anytime Money Back Guarantee ensures high customer satisfaction rate and risk-free purchase.

Dreamhost VPS vs Bluehost VPS on Server Performances

Dreamhost guarantees 100% uptime.

To ensure customers full uptime and fast server performance, Dreamhost provides all its new virtual private server solutions with high-performance SSD hard drives ranging from 30GB to 240GB. It is 20x faster than the standard and traditional SATA disk drives. Moreover, Dreamhost takes advantages of leading datacenters, premium servers, redundant networks, 24/7 monitoring and other powerful components.

Mainly, Bluehost VPS takes benefits from stable and powerful cloud solution, own US-based datacenters, own servers built with state-of-the-art components and open source technology such as KVM and OpenStack. Additionally, by offering UPS power backup, multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet connections, 24×7 network monitoring & maintenance and others, Bluehost VPS hosting ensures customers extremely high and secure performance.

Dreamhost VPS vs Bluehost VPS on Customer Supports

Dreamhost VPS hosting is backed up by its in-house support team which consists of experienced and skillful hosting experts. For any question about the company, hosting service, billing or others, Dreamhost support experts are here for customers 24/7/365 through Twitter, Online Chat and Email waiting to help.

Dreamhost Wiki is another great and convenient method for customers to look for answers and solutions. It contains tons of Dreamhost specific information, helpful troubleshooting, tricks articles, tips and much more.

Bluehost award-winning support service is available all the time. Its support representatives can answer and resolve all customers’ questions and problems effectively and rapidly. Customers can contact Bluehost support via 24/7 toll-free telephone, live chat and email, and receive advice to get their servers and websites started quickly.

Which VPS Hosting is Better?

After comparing Dreamhost and Bluehost, we find that both of their VPS hosting services are feature-rich, fast and affordable. No matter customers are going to build personal or business websites, they can offer the best possible VPS hosting service and supports.

Simply put, Dreamhost VPS comes with SSD drives and it ensures better hosting performance, while Bluehost VPS offers customers the most popular cPanel control panels which can help create and manage websites with ease. For customers, it is quite important to understand their own needs if they have to make decision between the two web hosts.

Please visit Dreamhost or visit Bluehost to know more about Dreamhost VPS and Bluehost VPS.


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