Dreamhost VPS Review

Founded its business in 1997, Dreamhost (www.dreamhost.com) is regarded as one of the oldest and leading hosting brands providing domain registration, shared hosting, VPS, cloud service and dedicated server products. Now, Dreamhost hosts over 1.5 million applications and websites, and its customers span throughout hundreds of countries.

Among its multiple hosting services and products, Dreamhost VPS hosting becomes more and more popular. In below Dreamhost VPS Hosting Review, we are going to analyze the hosting price value, server performance as well as backup support to deliver customers detailed knowledge.

Dreamhost VPS Hosting Review on Price Value

Dreamhost VPS hosting is based on Linux operating system, and the company not only offers rich resources & features, but also ensures customers high scalability and maximum server performance. Dreamhost VPS can greatly satisfy the demands of personals, designers and business owners.

Based on the contained server resources, Dreamhost VPS is divided into 4 packages, basically. Compared to traditional VPS using standard SATA disk drive, its VPS hosting integrates powerful SSD hard drive that can help increase up to 20x faster.

Dreamhost VPS hosting provides customers with 1GB to 8GB RAM, 30GB to 240GB SSD storage, unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, and 1 dedicated IP address.

dreamhost vps price

There are some other highlights that are included in all the VPS hosting packages. For example, unlimited email addresses, unlimited FTP accounts, the complete supports of PHP 5, Perl, Python, Node.js, RVM, SSH and more.

In addition to one-click application installer, Dreamhost offers its customers a web-based control panel. By making full use of it, they are allowed to add more resources, control various servers and scale their virtual servers up or down easily.

Dreamhost VPS price is quite cheap, and it charges from $15/mo. Now, by clicking this special promotion link, customers can get the quality VPS hosting at cheaper prices. Dreamhost offers them 50% off first 3 months, and after discounting, the VPS price starts from $7.5/mo, the cheapest Linux VPS hosting service in the market place.

Dreamhost VPS 50% Off

Instead of locking customers in very long term service, Dreamhost allows customers monthly payment.

Dreamhost VPS Hosting Review on Server Performance

By utilizing leading facilities and technologies, Dreamhost not only guarantees its VPS hosting customers a 100% network uptime, but also delivers them high server power, speed and stability allowing them to run their websites successfully.

Dreamhost used to offer SSD as advanced add-on service, but now, the company provides all its new virtual private server packages with powerful SSD hard drives, without extra fees. Along with the solid servers, hardware and configurations, Dreamhost VPS helps customers save budget and receive faster server performance.

Moreover, Dreamhost operates multiple datacenters located in Irvine, California and Ashburn, Virginia. All of them are well and fully featured with top equipment, components and instant backups & maintenance. If customers go with Dreamhost VPS hosting, they will be guaranteed one of the best server environments.

Dreamhost VPS Hosting Review on Support

No matter which VPS hosting package customers sign up with, they are backed by Dreamhost in-house support team. Dreamhost does not outsource, its support team consists of hosting experts who have years of experience. If customers have very urgent VPS hosting issues, they could contact Dreamhost technicians directly through 24/7 Live Chat and Email.

At the same time, Dreamhost offers the most comprehensive and convenient resource channel. By checking the Dreamhost Wiki and Discussion Forums, customers can get most of their problems resolved. Besides, they contain many other popular articles and further useful information about virtual private server.


After reviewing all main factors of Dreamhost VPS hosting, we highly recommended it as one of the best VPS hosting services to both individuals and businesses. Dreamhost VPS is fully managed and contains rich & valuable features, SSD integration, 100% uptime guarantee and 24×7 support service. Even better, the VPS hosting price is quite affordable to all customers, at only $15 per month.

To claim or know more about Dreamhost VPS hosting, please visit: https://www.dreamhost.com/hosting/vps/.


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