Dreamhost Managed WordPress Hosting Review

Dreamhost (www.dreamhost.com) has been serving customers since its inception in 1997. With more than 15 years’ development, it becomes one of the Top 10 Web Hosting in the industry and provides high-performance hosting services. Until now, Dreamhost supports more than 400,000 customers with the power of its web hosting and support.

As a Linux hosting specialist, Linux offers customers a full range of hosting solutions, including shared web hosting, managed WordPress hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, cloud computing, cloud storage and others. In this Dreamhost Managed WordPress Hosting Review, we will review and analyze the feature, price, usability, performance and support factors of Dreamhost managed WordPress hosting service.

Dreamhost Managed WordPress Hosting Review on Features

Dreamhost hosting is one of the best and most reliable web services that customers can be used to build powerful WordPress blogs and websites successfully. In order to satisfy customers’ increasing demands, now Dreamhost provides them with its highly reliable and super fast managed WordPress hosting service.

Unlike many other managed WordPress hosting services coming with multiple packages and different amounts of hosting resources, Dreamhost integrates all the needed and valuable features into one solution and can address different requirements of different customers at once.

Hosted on virtual private servers, Dreamhost managed WordPress hosting ensures customers an optimized server environment managed by Dreamhost professional technicians. As the result, customers enable to put their emphasis on building or expanding amazing WordPress websites.

Dreamhost managed WordPress hosting solution includes 30GB of SSD storage, so all of customers’ files will be hosted on high-performance SSD drives. With the 2.1 million monthly visitors allowed, customers can drive all the traffic they want to their own WordPress websites, Dreamhost managed WordPress hosting can take it.

Dreamhost auto-scales the hosting resources dynamically, and customers’ websites can remain online as they increase. Dreamhost provides customers with unlimited email accounts/addresses. With it, customers are able to create and manage unlimited POP/SMTP/IMAP emails, unlimited auto responders and etc.

Moreover, Dreamhost managed WordPress hosting customers will receive isolated MySQL database servers, PHP 5.5, 1 dedicated IP address, FTP/SFTP access, full SSH/Git available, WP-CLI pre-installed and etc.

Dreamhost Managed WordPress Hosting Review on Prices

Dreamhost managed WordPress hosting has 1 solution, while customers can choose to pay monthly or annually. Regularly, the price of Dreamhost managed WordPress hosting service is billed at $24.95/mo.

Or customers can choose to save 20% when they prepay annually. For customers who sign up with 1-year plan, Dreamhost managed WordPress hosting service price will be cut down to $19.95/mo. Dreamhost ensures free setup and the annual plan can help customers save a big budget. Generally, Dreamhost managed WordPress hosting is one of the best cheap selections that customers can fully trust.


Dreamhost Managed WordPress hosting Review on Usability

Dreamhost ensures automatic WordPress installation and updates. With its managed WordPress hosting, WordPress will be installed automatically on customers’ accounts. Meanwhile, Dreamhost will take responsible for upgrading customers’ websites to the latest WordPress version when released.

By making use of the Dreamhost self-developed control panel, customers can make easy management of their accounts. Besides, customers will continue to utilize the standard WordPress web panel to setup, design, edit and customize their WordPress websites simply. Dreamhost allows customers to use any plugin and theme to make their WordPress websites much better.

Dreamhost Managed WordPress Hosting Review on Reliability

In order to deliver customers faster speed and better performance, Dreamhost optimizes its managed WordPress hosting by integrating world-class technologies and components. The latest Dreamhost managed WordPress hosting solution is hosted on SSD drives. With the faster caching, customers’ WordPress websites will run faster.

Dreamhost managed WordPress hosting supports new PHP 5.5 with OPcache, which is not only compatible with third party WordPress plugins, but also works to ensure faster speed. Moreover, Dreamhost supports new Hip Hop Virtual Machine (HHVM beta). HHVM is considered as a faster replacement of Facebook for PHP. It will work smoothly with WordPress. Before running their WordPress websites, customers can check out and enable HHVM in the control panel.

In addition to improving latency, Varnish also offers WordPress websites a layer of caching protection. Even during traffic spikes, customers’ WordPress websites will run faster. Varnish caching feature is set up on Dreamhost managed WordPress hosting solution automatically.

To ensure fewer requests to the MySQL database as well as faster load times, Dreamhost has already enhanced its Memcached settings. It brings very significant effect, and customers can have more simultaneous visitors on their WordPress websites.

Dreamhost Managed WordPress Hosting Review on Support

Compared to the shared WordPress hosting, managed WordPress hosting means that Dreamhost makes management of the WordPress virtual private servers and customers focus on their WordPress website content. Apart from the WordPress installation and update, Dreamhost will back up MySQL databases and all the WordPress websites for customers.

Going with Dreamhost managed WordPress hosting service, customers have no need to worry about any technical issue and they just focus on their WordPress websites and businesses.

At the same time, Dreamhost allows customers to take control over their websites by offering them Dreamhost control panel. If customers confront with questions about WordPress or web hosting, Dreamhost in-house WordPress experts and hosting technicians is available 24/7. Customers can keep in touch with them through online chat, email and Twitter. Dreamhost Wiki is another great resource for customers to search for managed WordPress hosting guidance and tutorials.


Dreamhost provides customers with one of the best managed WordPress hosting services. It is based on virtual private server, and has SSD storage, auto-scaling RAM, unlimited email addresses, control panel management, automatic WordPress installation and others included. By integrating new features, Dreamhost managed WordPress hosting makes customers’ WordPress websites faster than ever.

Dreamhost managed WordPress hosting is affordable. Customers can contact its 24/7 WordPress Support if they have any problem. No matter for building personal or business websites, Dreamhost managed WordPress hosting is a great choice. Please visit Dreamhost to know more information.


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