DiscountASP.NET Review

Microsoft Golden Partner, and ASP.NET experts, will these two make DiscountASP.NET a leader in Windows hosting market. We will give you the answer in below review.




DiscountASP.NET review in below will analyze the price value, reliability, ease-of-use, and customer support of DiscountASP.NET.

As Microsoft Certificated Gold Partner, DiscountASP.NET has built very strong reputation in the global Microsoft developer community since they launched the business in 2003.

DiscountASP.NET 100% focus on hosting. Their single product leverage the latest Windows Web Stack with various options for the developer to choose from. They now have data centers in Both USA and Europe.

DiscountASP.NET guarantees 30 days money back.

DiscountASP.NET Special Discount

DiscountASP.NET hosting price is billed at $10/mo, and the company allows both quarterly and annual payment terms. Now, if new customers sign up with the annual term through the special promotional link, they will be given 50% off the regular price. After that, the ASP.NET hosting price will cut down to at only $5/mo, which is one of the most affordable ASP.NET hosting price throughout the market.

The purchase contains SmarterMail/SmarterStats, instant account activation and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If customers are not satisfied with DiscountASP.NET ASP.NET hosting products, they are allowed to cancel their accounts and request their money back within the first 30 days.

DiscountASP.NET Exclusive Deal
50% Off

DiscountASP.NET Review on Price Value

DiscountASP.NET microsoft golden hosting partnerThe mission of DiscountASP.NET is to offer the BEST VALUE in advanced Windows/ASP.NET hosting at affordable rates. All its web servers are licensed with Microsoft Service Provider Licensing Agreement, and include the features like:

  • Windows 2003, Windows 2008 and Windows 2012
  • 1000MB disk space, 80GB bandwidht per month, FTP access
  • Isolated application pool, full trust allowed,
  • SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008 web edition instead of express edition;
  • Various version of from V1.0 to 4.0
  • MS Web Deploy, MVC 3 and Silverlight 4

By working with DiscountASP.NET, you will get access to many other the latest Microsoft technologies. For example, IIS 7.x and IIS 8.x, WCF RIA service, node.js, websockets, and IIS Manager. In addition, DiscountASP.NET also provides other valuable add-ons to make customers’ websites more powerful.

DiscountASP.NET Review on Reliability

DiscountASP.NET has 2 data centers now, one in US and one in UK, and both of them are well designed and equipped to ensure high reliability and uptime. As its customers, people will be asked to choose one of them during the purchasing process, and they could choose one close to their location to get better access speed.

Another important factor that DiscountASP.NET can offer one of industry most reliable hosting solutions is the state of the art Dell servers. DiscountASP.NET utilizes Dell Servers with a support contract and place them in the data center that they can walk through. And unlike their competitors who host thousands of accounts in one server, DiscountASP.NET run business in relatively honestly way and host much less accounts in its servers.

Meanwhile, its engineers will handle the monitoring and maintenance work to make sure customers’ websites safe and online all the time.

DiscountASP.NET Review on Ease-of-use

discountasp cp reviewDiscountASP.NET is operated by experienced developers. Its ASP.NET-based control panel is fully developed by themselves using advanced ASP.NET technology. This bring some obvious advantages as they understand the whole back end of their server, and could improve the features when needed. The control panel has the following features: advanced IIS web server management, web app gallery, web deploy publish settings generator, MSSQL manager, ability to log into various control panels with single login, ASP.NET web service API and others.

If customers want to know more about DiscountASP.NET control panel, they could visit: now and try before subscribing to its service.

DiscountASP.NET Review on Customer Support

As Microsoft Golden Hosting Partner, DiscountASP.NET is operated by a group of engineers who know ASP.NET well, and could offer very professional service to its customers.

In terms of customer support system, DiscountASP.NET offers Email ticket, and support portal (including hosting knowledge based & discussion forum). As they give higher priority to the support tickets generated from their Support Portal, its customers are recommended to check out the portal first instead of sending email to them directly.

DiscountASP.NET customers support is 100% in-house without outsourcing.

Our concerns of DiscountASP.NET customer support is that they don’t offer Live chat support or toll-free phone call, which means its customers have to wait even they have something urgent.

Do We Recommend DiscountASP.NET?

DiscountASP.NET is a leader for offering ASP.NET hosting service. Due to the all-inclusive ASP.NET hosting solution, high reliability, fast performance and affordable prices, DiscountASP.NET is strongly recommended to all ASP.NET developers or businesses owners who leverage ASP.NET technologies to build their websites successfully.

To know more about DiscountASP.NET, visit now, and take the benefit from its 50% off deal. review

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