Dedicated Hosting for Drupal

As the optimal solution for Drupal websites, Drupal dedicated hosting helps every website reach its full potential. Hosting your Drupal site on your own server means faster speed, more stability, and better security. To fulfill an increasing demand for the best Drupal dedicated hosting, we list out three solutions (including LiquidWeb, Bluehost, and InMotion Hosting) in below, which ranks top in our editor reviews and their customers feedback, hoping to be helpful for you to build a successful and professional Drupal website.

LiquidWeb—Best Drupal Dedicated Hosting

liquidweb drupal dedicated hostingWhen it comes to dedicated hosting for Drupal, Liquidweb ( is always the first name many people would think of. LiquidWeb not only has the best dedicated server hosting in the marketplace, but also provides many other high performance hosting solutions like shared hosting, VPS, and cloud hosting.

What makes LiquidWeb really stand out from thousands of competitors is the hosting company’s unmatched performance and 100% power & network uptime. By privately-owning and operating three world-class data center facilities in US-Central region, and leasing another one in US-West region to reach true Geographic Redundancy, LiquidWeb ensures every Drupal site get the fastest possible connection. It also utilizes the latest SSD RAID-1 drives, ServerSecure hardening, 24/7 Proactive Sonar Monitoring, and tier-1 premium bandwidth to optimize performance.

In addition to that, every LiquidWeb Drupal dedicated server customer can benefit from its incomparable Heroic Support. If necessary, the support engineers will responsible for replacing the faulty dedicated server hardware within 30 minutes. For initial response time, the web host has promised to respond to initial HelpDesk tickets within 30 minutes, and to initial phone call and live chat within 59 seconds.

LiquidWeb allows customers to choose from fully-managed, core-managed and self-managed Drupal dedicated server on demand no matter which size server they purchase. Basic resources included in the entry-level plan are 16GB RAM DDR3, single processor with 4 cores from 3.6GHz to 4.0GHz Turbo, 1TB 7200 RPM SATA backup drive, 250GB SSD MLC, RAID-1 primary drive, 1 public IP address, plus  5TB outbound and free incoming bandwidth. Likewise, cPanel or Plesk is also available for fully managed plans.

With all of these features, LiquidWeb Drupal dedicated hosting starts at $199/mo. To make the price more affordable, the web host provides a special coupon allowing customers to save 15% off for their first month with the code of “POWER15”.

LiquidWeb Code 'POWER15'
15% Off

To know more, please move to to find out.

Bluehost-Best Cheap Drupal Dedicated Hosting

bluehost drupal dedicated hostingAs an industry leader of cloud-based hosting service, Bluehost ( is dedicated to developing the best web hosting solution to meet different requirements from customers. Its hosting services range from shared hosting, reseller hosting to VPS and dedicated hosting. In addition to the best WordPress hosting, Bluehost also offers the best Drupal hosting for customers.

The regular price of Bluehost Drupal dedicated hosting starts from $149.99/mo. The web host now is promoting its product to make the price as low as $74.99 for the first month. That is, the discount is as high as up to 50% off. Even better, Bluehost has a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee to promise to pay customers full money back if they are not satisfied its hosting service and cancel within the first 30 days. After 30 days, people are also allowed to request a prorated refund for unused service.

Bluehost Drupal dedicated
from $74.99/mo

There are three different sizes of dedicated server people can choose to host their Drupal websites. The Standard server comes with quad Intel Xeon processors with 2.5GHz Turbo, storage of 1TB, RAM of 4GB, bandwidth of 5TB, 1 domain included, and 3 IP addresses. Besides, all customers are offered SimpleScripts 1-click installer to have Drupal application easily installed. To run a successful Drupal website, Bluehost gives them Linux Kernel server with Apache Web Server, PHP5.4, MySQL 5.5 database, SSH/root access, and cPanel control panel, etc.

With Bluehost Drupal dedicated hosting, people won’t need to worry about the performance or uptime as well. Built with the latest technologies like OpenStack, customized Apache web server in quad processors, and multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections, Bluehost manages to maintain an extreme fast speed for each client. Meanwhile, customers can enjoy 99.9% uptime, and the web host has SiteLock, SSL certificate, spam protection and other security measures to secure their data information.

If you are interested in this hosting solution and want to know more, you can read our Bluehost Dedicated Server Hosting Review or visit to check out.

InMotion Hosting-Fastest Drupal Dedicated Hosting

inmotion Hosting Drupal dedicated hostingIt is well known that InMotion Hosting ( is the best web hosting provider for business. The web host bundles in high quality US-based support, a transparent server status page, and one of the fastest and most reliable network in the world. Beyond that, InMotion Hosting has very strong social responsibility. It not only makes a concentrated effort to improve its carbon footprint in the data centers, but also partners with Trees For The Future to provide for the planting of 5,000 trees throughout the developing world.

To offer customers the best possible Drupal site experience, InMotion Hosting deploys higher end dedicated servers with Xeon/Turbo quad core processors included and FREE SSDs. The Essential package contains 4GB RAM, 1TB 7.2K SATA disk space, 6TB monthly premium transfer, 2 hours free Launch Assist, free setup fee, 5 IPs, OS & cPanel security patches/updates, custom configuration allowed, Softaculous for Drupal installing in 1-click, and free cPanel/WHM control panel.

InMotion Hosting has launched six packages in all for customers to freely sign up with as per their demands. According to the latest InMotion Hosting coupon, people can save up to 36% off upon placing an order. After discounting, InMotion Hosting Drupal dedicated hosting charges from $119.99/mo instead of $189.99/mo. And all Drupal dedicated servers are covered by its industry-leading 30-day, 100% money back guarantee.

InMotion Hosting Promotion
36% Off

To complement the brand-new Dell servers, InMotion Hosting uses three top tier bandwidth providers including Level3, Hurricane Electric and GTT. Meanwhile, the web host is confident to guarantee 99.999% uptime! Moreover, InMotion Hosting provides very Drupal dedicated server customer with U.S. based premium support around the clock.

For more details about this solution, please read our InMotion Hosting Dedicated Hosting Review or go to to find out.

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