cPanel Reseller Hosting

Since the arrival of cPanel in the world, it receives the glare of publicity via its ease-of-use and is widely used by customers to help them administrate websites. When it comes to reseller hosting, cPanel is also crucially important for customers when they make a choice of reseller hosting solution.

After reviewing a number of reseller hosting, we decide to name Inmotion Hosting, ResellerClub and HostGator as the cPanel reseller hosting because all three hosts offer top cPanel to their customers.

cPanel Reseller Hosting - InmotionHosting

InmotionHosting ( is one of the top ten web hosting companies, which has great web hosting services. Besides, InmotionHosting cPanel reseller hosting is especially excellent among all reseller hosting products in the industry.

InmotionHosting offers customers useful features, such as free cPanel in which they will manage servers, websites, email accounts, software and more web services within a few clicks easily. On top of that, free cPanel transfer is also available for customers to migrate websites within the first 30 days after their payment of InmotionHosting cPanel reseller hosting.

InmotionHosting first-class engineers devote themselves to the fast and reliable website performances through advanced hosting technology, well-equipped datacenters and high-end servers. And they indeed maintain InmotionHosting uptime to 99.9%. In addition, award-winning customer support makes InmotionHosting cPanel reseller hosting better.

Cut 50% off the regular price $27.99/mo, InmotionHosting cPanel reseller hosting starts at $13.99/mo that is pretty affordable and valuable for customers. Moreover, 90 Day Full Money-back Guarantee is another benefit to customers, which few web hosts can offer.

InmotionHosting Exclusive Promotion
50% Off

Visit to find out more information about InmotionHosting and its web services or check out this Inmotionhosting Reseller hosting Review.

cPanel Reseller Hosting - ResellerClub

Based in Boston of US, Resellerclub ( is always highly praised by hundreds of thousands of customers around the world with its quality web hosting services, particularly with its cPanel reseller hosting.

Resellerclub deploys easy-to-use cPanel to every account that Resellerclub reseller hosting customers offer to their clients. Besides, within Resellerclub cPanel, people will deal all the issues including domain management, backups, database administration and more. Furthermore, unlimited accounts and free domain are also useful for Resellerclub reseller hosting customer to attract clients.

Fast website speed and reliable performance push Resellerclub cPanel reseller hosting to a high position in the industry which are supported by Resellerclub own built datacenters, world-class servers and professional web engineers. Moreover, Bluehost has both direct and indirect support for customers for 24 hours a day.

Only at $19.95/mo now, customers will bring Resellerclub high-end cPanel reseller hosting to home if they pay off the whole year fee while it normally goes at $24.95/mo. In addition to that, Anytime Money-back Guarantee consisting of 30-day full money back and a prorated refund after the first 30 days eases customer’s worries.

Please visit or read ResellerClub Review to know more about Bluehost and its web services.

cPanel Reseller Hosting - HostGator

Launched in 2002, HostGator ( is one of the fast growing web hosting firms, delivering businesses profitable cPanel reseller hosting package.

HostGator reseller hosting offers customers use-friendly WHM to manage servers and their business while provides customizable cPanel to their clients. Besides, through simple interface of cPanel, it gets easy for clients to administrate domains, email issues, database, password, bandwidth and more services without any help, even if they are new to hosting websites.

For the success of customers’ hosting business, HostGator spare every effort to raise website reliability and speed by making full use of two state-of-the-art datacenters and excellent servers. As a result, HostGator cPanel reseller hosting customers enjoy 99.9% uptime. Additionally, phone, chat, ticket system, online Support Portal and Community are on hand for customers.

To purchase HostGator cPanel reseller hosting, customers will just pay $19.96/mo for the first month of the initial term, receiving 20% discount off the regular price $24.95/mo. More than that, 45 Day Money-back Guarantee is fairly enough to make sure the security of customers’ interests.

Hostgator Reseller Hosting Deal
20% Off

To find out more information about HostGator and its web services, please visit or read our Hostgator Reseller Hosting Review.

Why cPanel Dominate Shared Hosting Control Panel

In recent years, shared hosting infrastructure has been becoming the most affordable and popular enter-level platform for personals and small businesses. Not just only for its cheap price, more importantly, with shared hosting people are allowed to create new websites and applications via some user-friendly interfaces.

The most common-used and successful one is cPanel, the control panel that web hosts offered to let their customers launch extra services and software like self-hosted WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Indeed it was, in today’s hosting industry, customers are increasingly focusing on the usability of hosting products and software. According to cPanel, “We have noticed that customers often will blame data centers if they are offered or encouraged to use software they do not understand, or that cannot meet their needs.”

As the result, cPanel has integrated an intuitive dashboard that can help both experienced administrators and web beginners hugely simplify their works.

Upon signing up a shared hosting solution, customers can get cPanel to manage files, emails, accounts, domains and server setting that anything related to running a website.

At the same time, cPanel even can be used as an essential marketing tool by launching new SEO features like XML sitemap creation within the shared hosting platform.

Moreover, network security issue becomes more and more serious, especially with the growing popularity of WordPress, which requests additional security measures. And cPanel hosting can offer users password protect directories, SSL certificate generation, simple backup tools for databases, emails, and websites.

No doubt that cPanel is now regarded as the most popular control panel globally and is also the first to be made individually and commercially available.

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