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constant contact reviewFounded in 1995, Constant Contact ( is one of the oldest and famous companies providing premium email marketing, award-winning support services and other free marketing resources to make the path to help business owners achieve success easily. Now, there are more than hundreds of thousands of customers choose Constant Contact services.

If people are interested in Constant Contact email marketing service, they need to check out the below review before purchasing, which will help them know it from feature, ease-to-use, price as well as support aspects.

Constant Contact Review on Features

Constant Contact email marketing is well-designed to be a powerful service that contains tons of valuable features. The service not only helps to grow the relationship between business owners and their customers, but also delivers both them a very smooth experience.

By taking use of Constant Contact email marketing features, businesses could create marketing campaigns for all their goals. In addition to hundreds of free and customizable templates, owners can also stay connected to their customers via multiple message types like newsletter, offers & promotions, online events, registrations, feedbacks and surveys, etc.

With Constant Contact email marketing, business owners can also share on their social networks, get Facebook/Instagram access, mobile access, image and file storage, integrated reporting and tracking of opens, clicks, forwards, buys, registers, redeems offers and more other features.

Constant Contact Review on Pricing

constantcontactConstant Contact email marketing has Basic, Essential and Ultimate three solutions coming with different included features. Business owners are allowed to choose a suitable one based on their own demands.

The regular price of its email marketing service starts from $20/mo, if owners sign up with 6 months plan or yearly plan, they can receive 10% off or 15% off respectively. As for non-profits, Constant Contact offers up to 30% off.

Even better, Constant Contact provides with complete free trial for 60 days, so people can explore every type of its email marketing to decide which one is the most suitable. For purchased buyers, the company guarantees 100% money back.

Constant Contact Promotion
Up to 30% Off

Constant Contact Review on Easy-to-Use

Making email work for people easily is one of the main jobs of Constant Contact. With its email marketing service, people can send emails, manage events, promote businesses on social medias, and create, customize campaigns fit for businesses simply.

It also provides contact management and list-building tools, which help find and add new contact so the lists continue to grow to see more impact from the email campaigns. Besides, it is easy to access, people can storage, organize segment, tag and maintain the contact information and list with minimal hassle.

Constant Contact Review  on Customer Supports

If people have problems about its email marketing service, they could get those technical and marketing questions answered fast and free from Constant Contact support team via convenient phone call, live chat and email.

Constant Contact also has another Personal Marketing Coach support included in its Ultimate solution. Contact the expert who understands people’s business and is ready to advise them on marketing best practices, list management, campaign selection, and etc.


After reviewing, we highly recommend Constant Contact email marketing service to both email marketers and business owners, since it offers valuable features, high-level usability, user-friendly supports and a variety of discounts. When people creating email marketing, and are ready to win other competitors, it is great to try and purchase Constant Contact email marketing service.

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constant contact review

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