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PaaS, short for Platform as a service, is one of cloud hosting branches that provides customers with a platform so that they can deploy and manage applications regardless of the difficulty of building or maintaining the server infrastructure. Cloudways is such an platform. The below Cloudways review will analyze the features, prices, performance, as well as usability and customers service of Cloudways to see if it can be the best web hosting option to rely on.

Who is Cloudways?

cloudways logoFounded in 2011, Cloudways ( is a cloud platform (PaaS) that is dedicated to offering the best performance services on top of major cloud infrastructure providers. From website migration to app-deployment to entire design, configuration and management for cloud infrastructure, Cloudways is proud of offering complete managed cloud hosting services that fulfill each customer’s specific business needs.

As the web host frees customers from cloud infrastructure pains, Clouways makes it possible for people to fully focus on developing great web application. Up to now, Cloudways has successfully served over 8,000 users from all over the world.

Cloudways Pricing

Currently, there are four cloud infrastructure providers available on Cloudways Platform, each of which comes with six plans. Here we list out their prices as follows:

  • DigitalOcean starts at $5.00/mo, along with 512MB RAM, 1 core processor, 20GB storage, 1TB bandwidth, and unlimited applications;
  • Vultr starts at $9.00/mo, including 768MB RAM, 1 core processor, 15GB storage, 1TB bandwidth, and unlimited applications;
  • Amazon Web Service starts at $38.60/mo, containing 1.7GB RAM, 1 vCPU, 20GB storage, 10GB bandwidth, and unlimited applications;
  • Google Compute Engine starts at $36.28/mo, offering 1.7GB RAM, 1 shared CPU, 25GB storage, 10GB bandwidth, and unlimited applications.

The web host does not offer any money back guarantee, but it offers free trial on certain plans. All customers are allowed to cancel their accounts by deleting their servers anytime and they will be charged only for what they use.

Cloudways Review on Features

In order to be the next generation managed hosting platform with high performance, Cloudways offers rich features so that customers can concentrate on building professional websites while leaving the rest to Cloudways.

cloudways plans

First, Cloudways helps customers to install as many applications as they like on servers of DigitalOcean and Amazon EC2 in just 1 click, including complete migration to the cloud setup, technical advice, backup control, security patching, monitoring for uninterrupted cloud experience and etc.

Meanwhile, Cloudways is the only PaaS that integrates the ease and agility of PaaS with the freedom of dedicated servers. It means, customers can manage their servers and applications from a single powerful console.

Other more, people with Cloudways PaaS are enabled to deploy unlimited domains on a single server, keep an eye on the performance of their servers closely with the help of 15+ key metrics presented in their app and server monitoring app, invite their team and collaborate with others to develop great applications and amazing web experiences for their clients, and do so on so forth.

Cloudways Review on Performance

As is well-acknowledged that the data center at a location closer to the target audience, it has to pass through fewer network; while a web server at a distant location will increase the latency due to complex network and external interference.

To bring data center close to each server, Cloudways uses cloud hosting to create a dedicated virtual private hosting environment with minimalist configuration, Content Distribution Network that stores components of each website along with static content, as well as multi-server setup for its PowerCloud customers to minimize downtime. Due to these, customers have the ability to choose the right data center location to enhance their global website performance. And the company guarantees 100% network uptime.

Apart from that, Cloudways platform, which is built to replace traditional hosting solutions, has self-developed VMAN formula that can give an application the speed to greatly surpass any competitors in sales on Google.

Additionally, Cloudways hosting service is highly secured. Cloudways ensures that all cloud servers it launches are dedicated ones, which means people can fully control over them as required. It also offers SSL Management that is very easy to install and configure. Every single cloud servers on Cloudways PaaS get OS patches and automated firmware. Beyond that, all applications and servers are built with a secure firewall to restrict any access that are unauthorized and block any hacking attempts.

With all of these, customers of Cloudways have the strength to compete well in the online realm

Cloudways Review on Usability


Through our testing, we found that sometimes it is difficult for people with its free trial plan to access the Application Console after having the account set up. Also, there is no root access to customers’ servers or databases as well.

Backups & Recovery

Cloudways takes regular backups of every cloud server. If needed, customers can also set up the backup frequency from 1 to 7 days by themselves. Therefore, if they experience power interruption or downtime, they can have their data restored quickly.


Clouways accepts multiple credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. But PayPal currently is not acceptable, instead, it takes Bitcoins.

Cloudways Review on Customer Service

Cloudways expert support team is always available for every customer around the clock. No matter what questions people encounter, they can get contacted with its support staffs via its 24/7 Live Chat and Ticketing System. According to the latest Cloudways Client Satisfaction Survey, the overall satisfaction rate of Cloudways has reached 94%.

The bad news is, Cloudways does not support phone call. As a result of that, people may have to wait a long time to get a reply to their problems.


As a PaaS provider that works with multiple cloud infrastructure providers like DigitalOcean and Amazon Web Service, Cloudways is a good option for small to mid-sized business if just in terms of performance, security and features. At the same, we also find that Cloudways customer service is not good enough: for one reason, it doesn’t have telephone support; for another, there is some lag in the response time. Likewise, Cloudways is not as easy-to-use as it promises.Taking all these considerations into account, we don’t recommend Cloudways, however.

As an alternative, we think another reputable cloud hosting provider—Bluehost is more recommendable. It not only features rich, but also offers high performance solutions and award-winning customer support. Most importantly, Bluehost hosting services are quite affordable starting at $3.49/mo only. More information about Bluehost, you can visit or read our Bluehost Review. bluehost 底图

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