CloudMe Review

CloudMe ( is a Sweden cloud storage service company, helping hundreds of thousands of users around the world store data on the cloud based on its own datacenter and servers. And CloudMe offers users for free cloud storage service as well, which many similar companies do not.

CloudMe Review on Usability

CloudMeCloudMe provides users both free and paid cloud storage services, coming with rich features. Various systems are allowed to access its cloud services, including Mac, Windows, Linux as well as Mobile-based OS. Besides, CloudMe supports users to easily back up data of both phone and computer on its cloud daily or weekly. This scheduled backup is crucial important for users, which will make the data remain in their computer and upload again if they delete the data by accident.

Moreover, CloudMe has the Syncing service for users via CloudMe Sync software installed on the computers of users. This software has functionalities like seeing the existing synced folders, adding new one, sharing selected folders and viewing the followed folders. And users can sync the selected folder to all devices but sync the personal folders just among personal devices too.

In addition, CloudMe is quite suitable for a family or a company, because it tailors sharing functionality. Thus, users can share their music, pictures, etc for their followers without any fee. And the followers can add shared folders to their accounts but their space will not be reduced.

More than that, there are other features for users like streaming music, controlling camera roll, automatic upload, inviting non-CloudMe users to follow them via published web pages, etc.

CloudMe Review on Security and Privacy

CloudMe puts privacy and security as its top priority. Its datacenter and servers are based in Sweden, which are operated and managed by CloudMe firm. However, the most of cloud storage service providers prefer renting servers to store user data. So CloudMe can better ensure the security than other providers.

Furthermore, no matter uploading, downloading, sharing, transferring or other cloud services must be obeyed with European Union privacy laws and the rules of EU. Thus, the privacy and security get largely improved and guaranteed. Besides, CloudMe protects user shared data via password protocols and AES codes. So only right password can open and view the data.

CloudMe Review on Pricing

To register a CloudMe account now, users will get 100 GB free storage for 1 month at once. And there are five cloud storage plans for users to choose as well:

  • Free Plan: providing 3 GB space for free.
  • Starter Plan: requiring €4/mo with 25 GB cloud space.
  • Small Plan: charging €8 for each month with 100 GB cloud space.
  • Standard Plan: requiring €14/mo with 200 GB cloud storage.
  • Business Plan: charging €30/mo with 500 GB cloud storage.

And all plans will give users additional cloud space up to 16 GB if they refer CloudMe to friends. Moreover, the file size of Free Plan is up to 150 MB while that of other paid plans is 2 GB at most.

CloudMe Free Plan
3 GB Cloud Space

CloudMe Review on Supports

CloudMe prepares rich support resources and channels for users in case they have any question. If so, users can go to CloudMe FAQ and tutorials that contain lots of useful articles and information. What’s more, Forum of CloudMe is also a good place for them to find out solutions and gain knowledge.


As a cloud storage service provider, CloudMe owns high price value and is worth trusting. Its cloud services have rich functionalities, highly security as well as low even free price. Its support is good too. So CloudMe is fit for both businesses and personals. For more information, please visit


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