Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a type of hosting service that allows account owners to sell their allotted server resources. It is a great and inexpensive way for people to start their own hosting businesses. Normally, reseller hosting is chosen by individuals, web developers, web design companies or system integrators.

Reseller hosting is available on both Linux and Windows operating system. In the following article, we introduce Host4ASP.NET as Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting. To help customers figure out Host4ASP.NET Windows reseller hosting quality, we will review it from price value, performance as well as support service aspects.

About Host4ASP.NET

Host4ASP.NET ( is devoted itself to offering award-winning and powerful ASP.NET hosting services. In addition to the superior ASP.NET hosting products, Host4ASP.NET ensures customers first-class hosting performance and support as well. Host4ASP.NET is awarded as one of the Best ASP.NET Hosting, and it successfully powers more than 20,000 websites around the world.

Host4ASP.NET Reseller Hosting is Cheap

This Windows reseller hosting service comes with Silver, Golden and Platinum 3 plans. Based on their specific needs, customers can choose one of them to start their hosting businesses. In terms of billing cycle, Host4ASP.NET allows 12 months, 24 months and 36 months. The regular price of Host4ASP.NET Windows reseller hosting starts from $43.25/mo.

Now, Host4ASP.NET promotes its reseller hosting service with 50% off averagely. By clicking the following promotional link, all new customers can get Host4ASP.NET Windows reseller hosting at $19.95/mo.

Host4ASP.NET Reseller Promotion
Up to 54% Off

Host4ASP.NET guarantees 30 Days Money Back. If customers are not satisfied with Host4ASP.NET Windows reseller hosting, the company will give them a refund within the first 30 days of their purchases. In addition to the cheap Windows reseller hosting prices, Host4ASP.NET also helps keep customers’ purchase safe.

Host4ASP.NET Windows Reseller Hosting Rich Features

Host4ASP.NET provides with feature-rich Windows Reseller hosting. It contains almost everything customers required to start their own white labeled hosting companies. From resource allocation, payment methods to what add-ons they would like to offer to their customers, Host4ASP.NET Windows reseller hosting gives full control over all aspects of hosting businesses.

Host4ASP.NET Windows reseller hosting is based on Windows Server 2012 R2, and offers IIS 8.5, IIS remote management, full trust allowed, integrated & classic application pool mode, isolated application pool, MS web deploy and WebMatrix.

As for the Windows reseller hosting resources, customers will receive unlimited domains in 1 account, 50GB to 150GB disk space, 500GB to 1,500GB bandwidth, domain name, FTP, unlimited POP3/IMAP/SMTP email accounts, unlimited email groups, unlimited MySQL 5, unlimited access databases, and SQL server 2012/2014.

Customers can resell domains, domain privacy and SSL certificates, while get a 20% discount as well. Host4ASP.NET Windows Reseller hosting programming features include classic ASP, ASP.NET 1.1, 2, 3.5SP1, 4.5, 5, MVC 2 to 6, URL rewrite 2, Silverlight 4/5 and others.

To ensure customers maximum convenience, Host4ASP.NET provides them with WebsitePanel control panel, a powerful platform gives users simple point-and-click control over Windows Server applications. Using WebsitePanel, customers can manage their clients’ hosting, including creating hosting packages, accounts, emails and databases.

Due to its feature-rich Windows reseller hosting plans and cheap prices, Host4ASP.NET Windows reseller hosting has quite high price value and it can help people build their own hosting businesses easily and successfully.

Host4ASP.NET Windows Reseller Hosting Unbeatable Performance

In order to enrich and optimize its reseller hosting, Host4ASP.NET makes full use of the latest Microsoft technologies like the latest Windows operating system, SQL server, .NET framework, MVC and etc., and industry-leading facilities as well.

Host4ASP.NET datacenter is located in Chicago, IL. It features with complete cooling system, uninterrupted power supply, automatic transfer switches, N+1 generator, dual routers, high redundant capacity, 300Gbit/s connectivity and etc.

Moreover, Host4ASP.NET utilizes 100% Dell servers with SSD drives, multi-layer network, BGP connection and other powerful components to guarantee unbeatable reseller hosting environment and performance.

Host4ASP.NET engineers monitor and backup datacenter, servers and network 24/7. As the result, all the hosted websites are highly protected. As Host4ASP.NET Windows reseller hosting customers, people and their clients will be ensured stable, smooth, fast as well as secure hosting performance.

Host4ASP.NET Reliable Support Service

Host4ASP.NET support team consists of experienced engineers and technicians. They offer a pile of helpful guidance, articles and answers to most frequently asked questions in the knowledgebase. No matter customers confront with issues about ASP.NET, domain, control panel, email or others, they can take benefits from Host4ASP.NET knowledgebase.

If their problems are still not resolved, contact Host4ASP.NET support technicians directly. They are 24/7 available, and customers can receive effective and responsive assistance on how to succeed online by starting a chat or sending emails. Live Chat is the fastest method, but if the line is busy, customers can send an email with the details of the issue they are facing. Generally, Host4ASP.NET support technicians will respond to most submissions within 2 hours and cope with all within 24 hours.

Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting – Host4ASP.NET

Host4ASP.NET Windows reseller hosting is one of the best choices for people to make money online, and it even will become their own full-time hosting companies as the number of their own hosting clients becomes larger. Host4ASP.NET Windows reseller hosting plans contains great rich features, and customers are allowed to upgrade their plans easily.

Since its Windows reseller hosting is backed up by well-equipped datacenters, highly configured Dell servers, SSD drives integration and 24/7 monitor & maintenance, it will ensure customers at least 99.9% uptime.

More importantly, Host4ASP.NET Windows reseller hosting is cheap. With more than 50% off, customers can go with this service at $19.95/mo with friendly 30-day money back guarantee included. If people are looking for a cost-effective Windows reseller hosting solution for building their own businesses, we recommend Host4ASP.NET.

Please visit: to know more information about its cheap Windows reseller hosting service.


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