Cheap Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

Compared to common shared hosting and VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting is the most advanced and powerful hosting type available in both Linux and Windows operating system. With it, people rent a whole server without sharing with any others. Due to the highest flexibility & security and dedicated hosting environment, dedicated server hosting service is billed at very high price usually. Whether people can have access to cheap dedicated server hosting?

In below article, we will introduce GoDaddy as the Cheap Windows Dedicated Server Hosting and also review the service from price, feature, reliability and support aspects.

Known as the largest domain name registrar around the world, GoDaddy also provides millions of customers with both Linux and Windows based shared hosting, virtual private server, dedicated server hosting and other online services. Among dozens of products, GoDaddy dedicated server hosting is one of the most popular.

GoDaddy Windows Dedicated Server is Cheap

According to the contained guarantee server resources, features and supports, GoDaddy Windows dedicated server hosting is divided into multiple packages. Each of them charges at different prices. Meanwhile, GoDaddy allows its dedicated server hosting customers choose the server management level from self-managed, managed and fully managed.

In order to meet customers’ specific needs, GoDaddy also offers them 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, 36 months and 60 months billing cycle options. Regularly, GoDaddy Windows dedicated server hosting price starts from $149.99/mo.

If customers choose to prepay annually, they will receive up to 31% off. Through this special promotion link, GoDaddy Windows dedicated server hosting price is cut down to $99.99/mo, one of the cheapest Windows dedicated server hosting services in the market. For customers who require managed service support, they can pay extra $10/mo to upgrade.

GoDaddy Server Promotion
31% Off

Many companies do not provide refund policy for their dedicated server hosting services. To keep its customers’ money safe and maintain them high satisfaction, GoDaddy guarantees all new customers who sign up with its cheap Windows dedicated server hosting a 45-Day Money Back.

GoDaddy supports credit/debit/prepaid card including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover & JCB and PayPal payments.

GoDaddy Windows Dedicated Server is Feature-Rich

Choosing GoDaddy Windows dedicated server hosting, customers cannot only receive Windows 2008 & Windows 2012 OS distribution selections, but also can make full use of the rich server resources & features to create powerful websites easily and successfully.

GoDaddy Windows dedicated server hosting packages include the latest generation Intel Xeon processors, 2GB to 32GB dedicated RAM, 512GB to 2TB storage, 5TB to 20TB bandwidth per month and up to 3 dedicated IP addresses.


In terms of other Windows server features, customers will be ensured root access, SSH, Microsoft SQL server’s capabilities, optional auto updates & patching, one-click installer for tons of applications, SiteLock, backups & restores, server admin services and more.

GoDaddy Windows dedicated server hosting packages come with the most popular Parallels Plesk control panel. With it, customers enable to setup, control and customize new websites, email accounts, reseller accounts, DNS, predetermine resource-allocation and make easy management of the entire server through a web-based interface.

Instead of taking hours, GoDaddy will provision customers’ Windows based dedicated server in just minutes. Additionally, GoDaddy ensures very convenient upgrade. If customers now have VPS accounts and want to upgrade to the dedicated server, they are able to order a new server at any time, and GoDaddy will help migrate their data. For the current dedicated server hosting customers, GoDaddy allows them to upgrade to advanced server packages without having to re-provision.

GoDaddy Windows Dedicated Server Reliability

GoDaddy provides all of its Windows dedicated server hosting customers with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Generally, hosting uptime and reliability is determined by datacenter facility, server configuration, network and engineer maintenance. How about GoDaddy’ infrastructures and equipment? Let’s find out.

According to its Windows dedicated server feature list, GoDaddy utilizes 5 numbers of datacenters. However, we cannot find more information about it. We try to contact GoDaddy support, but its support staffs do not let us know in more details of GoDaddy datacenter locations and equipment.

In terms of its server configurations, GoDaddy servers are reliable. In order to improve the server performance and increase the security, GoDaddy uses powerful servers with redundant array of independent disks and mirroring method. What’s more, GoDaddy support team is on-site, available and monitor all the time to make sure customers’ Windows dedicated servers and their websites are running at peak performance.

Although GoDaddy does not offer customers the details of its datacenter, with the backups of the powerful servers, redundant networks and monitoring, it ensures and provides customers with industry standard Windows dedicated server hosting uptime as well as speed performance. We still expect improvements on the reliability.

GoDaddy Windows Dedicated Server Support

Compared to Linux-based service, Windows dedicated server hosting is more complicated. Especially for self-managed customers, they have very high demand for providers’ support service. In fact, GoDaddy support service is helpful.

Its world-class and highly trained support technicians will help customers with most technical issues of the Windows dedicated server hosting. There are multiple support methods available. If customers need a quick answer, they can ask for assistance through chat, telephone and email.

Besides, GoDaddy support center has tons of resources and articles like Adding IP Addresses to Your Dedicated Server, Adding MS SQL Database to Your Windows Dedicated Server, How do I Install Software on My Windows Dedicated Server and etc.

Note that GoDaddy Online Chat support is not available 24×7.

Cheap Windows Dedicated Server – GoDaddy

In generally, GoDaddy Windows dedicated server hosting has both pros and cons. Although its chat support method is not available all the time, and the performance maintains an industry standard, GoDaddy offers customers very rich and useful Windows dedicated server features, and effective support service. Most importantly, GoDaddy Windows dedicated server hosting is cheap. Taking advantages of the promotion, its Windows dedicated server hosting price starts from $99.99/mo, with 45-days money back guarantee included.

For people who are looking for Windows dedicated server hosting package and want to save budget at the same time, GoDaddy cheap Windows dedicated hosting is one of the best options. Please check out Godaddy dedicated server to know more.


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