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cheap website builderCompared to WordPress, website builder is less powerful but is much easier to use. Especially for people with little knowledge of code but wanting to build their own websites, e-commerce shops, or blogs, website builder is made for them.

There are tons of website building tools on the Internet, which may confuse some people. What we are doing is to solve this problem by recommending right site builder to specific group of people. In below article, we will highly introduce a cheap website builder to our readers: GoDaddy website builder.

Cheap Website Builder – GoDaddy

Established in 1997, GoDaddy ( has become the largest domain registrar in the world. To compliment that, this company also provides its customers with various website-building tools-targeting individuals and small businesses.

As is known to most people in the industry, GoDaddy is famous for offering high price value products, and its website builder is no exception. Here in the following parts, we will explain why GoDaddy can be called as a cheap website builder, illustrating its pricing, feature, performance and customer support. We also believe that this recommendation will not disappoint our readers.

GoDaddy Website Builder is Cheap

GoDaddy has launched three website building packages to meet different demands, including Personal, Business, and Business Plus. Within each package, there are some paying items of IT solution can be added to help people build more powerful websites.

The regular price of GoDaddy website builder starts from $5.99/mo to $14.99/mo. However, to make its product more affordable and attractive, GoDaddy has rolled out a new promotion policy with a special discount up to 83% off the regular price. It means, the promotional price of Personal plan will reduce to only $1/mo; the Business plan will only charge for $4.99/mo; and the Business Plus is $7.49/mo.

Cheap Website Builder GoDaddy
83% Off

Basic features included in the three packages are free domain name, unlimited pages, and business email from Office 365. Besides that, the Personal plan at $1/mo even comes with 50 personal packages, 1GB disk space and 150GB bandwidth, which are enough for a simple blog. If people require more, Business and Business Plus plans with SSL, SEO, mobile sites, etc. are good alternatives.

More than that, GoDaddy has 45-day money back guarantee to remove financial risks for its users. If customers do not like GoDaddy website builder, they are allowed to cancel accounts and get a refund within the first 45 days.

GoDaddy Website Builder Feature Review

Unlike other website builders, GoDaddy website builder not just charges for very low price, but also offers rich features. All packages come with many outstanding features to allow people build powerful and good-looking websites in an easy way.

Easy-to-Use tools

GoDaddy has provided many user-friendly building tools to help people simplify their creation process and make their websites engaging and fun. With its drag-and-drop builder, people can customize their websites as needed easily and quickly, because it doesn’t require any programming or coding experience.

Templates and Themes

With different packages, people can receive different number of themes. Usually, the themes are grouped into multiple categories, including Art, Travel and etc. And each category contains diverse customizable templates. Before deciding a template, people are allowed to preview the full-screen version of it. Once people finish choosing a theme and template, they can begin editing it.

App Center

If the offered templates fail to meet people’s requirements, they can move to install apps to empower their websites. GoDaddy allows it users to add a variety of apps to their pages, such as a Twitter feed, a Facebook Like button, a YouTube video, Google Maps and many other social share links.

Mobile Site

GoDaddy provides its Business and Business Plus customers with mobile sites, with which any site can be automatically converted to work beautifully on people’s smart phones.

SSL Certificate

Besides the Business Plus customers, other people can also get SSL certificate by paying extra money. By adding an SSL certificate in the websites, the site owners can provide their visitors with a secure connection when they submit information. And it enables people to freely decide which pages to be secured.

SEO Tools

For people who have purchased a Business Plus plan, they can receive SEO services at the same time. As to customers of the other two plans, they can pay extra $1.99/mo to get GoDaddy exclusive SEO service. Both the services can boost the website ranking in search results.

GoDaddy Website Builder Performance Review

When purchasing a website-builder plan, people receive not only free domain registration, free email service, but also free web hosting. Based on GoDaddy hosting platform, all the websites can enjoy a good performance.

So far, GoDaddy has owned one data center in Phoenix, Arizona, and leases other eight ones around the world. Besides its large data center footprint, GoDaddy also utilizes sophisticated equipment to deliver premium services. And it has equipped a professional technical team to monitor the facilities and ensure the reliability and security of its sites.

GoDaddy Website Builder Customer Support Review

Due to years of efforts, GoDaddy has improved its customer support in large degree. There are multiple ways for customers to get help.

If people want to contact directly with GoDaddy award-winning support team, they can give them a phone call or send an email to them at any time. The company also provides live chat support with time limitation. Apart from what’ve mentioned, using GoDaddy help center is also a good choice.

GoDaddy is the Best Cheap Website Builder Provider

Combined all the aspects of GoDaddy website builder, it’s easy to get a conclusion that this user-friendly and outstanding site builder can help people to quickly create a beautiful and functional website without any doubt.

It has a range of easy-to-use building tools, hundreds of design templates, and reputable customer support. What’s more, GoDaddy has complete strengths to ensure reliable and fast website service for all people. Most importantly, the entry-level of GoDaddy website builder only charges for $1.00/mo at present! And that is why we call it a cheap website builder and highly recommend it to our readers.

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