Cheap SSD Hosting

SSD is the abbreviation of solid state drives, which is a vital part of hardware to deliver customers a faster website performance than the old hard disk drives do. Considering its importance to improve website running and download speed, more and more web hosting providers start to offer people hosting plans with SSD service that however is various in price term for customers. After reviewing a large number of SSD hosting companies, we finally decide to award InmotionHosting as the best cheap SSD hosting.

InmotionHosting – Cheap SSD Hosting

Recognized as one of the best web hosting firms, InmotionHosting ( is professional in the customizable web hosting services, ranging from shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server to reseller hosting, in which SSD drives is included in InmotionHosting shared hosting package for free while the most of web hosts charge SSD with high price.

Features from InmotionHosting Cheap SSD Hosting

inmotion-ssdInmotionHosting offers customers feature-rich business hosting which charges them with no extra fee for the advanced SSD. Moreover, InmotionHosting only utilizes Samsung SSD backup with RAIDed fault tolerant. In addition to that, ease-of-use cPanel, PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby are for customers to create and manage their websites conveniently.

Besides, InmotionHosting SSD hosting has other useful features, attracting hundreds of thousands of customers to select it. For example, its SSD hosting includes domain registration and backup for free. Furthermore, customers will receive unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly transfer, up to unlimited websites, up to unlimited MySQL and PostgreSQL database.

InmotionHosting SSD Hosting is Cheap

InmotionHosting SSD hosting has the cheapest price in the industry for customers who want to get an excellent website performance since InmotionHosting charges customer without any money for the powerful SSD while other hosts charge. Besides, InmotionHosting SSD hosting starts at $3.49/mo instead of the regular price $7.99/mo, over 50% off.

InmotionHosting SSD Hosting Deal
50% Off

More than that, an industry-leading 90-Day Money-back Guarantee allows customers to ask for a full refund within the first 90 days after they paid. It is a good protection for customers who sign up with InmotionHosting, making InmotionHosting SSD hosting more valuable in the industry.

Speed and Reliability from InmotionHosting Cheap SSD Hosting

InmotionHosting SSD hosting not only has low prices, but also has fast and reliable website performance. To achieve that, InmotionHosting makes full use of two datacenters located in USA, featured with high-end technologies, redundant power and networks to ensure the fastest network routes for running customers’ websites.

What’s more, 99.9% uptime is guaranteed by InmotionHosting SSD hosting, partly up to the latest Dell servers which are all passed through strict testing before they arriving datacenters. Beyond that, InmotionHosting SSD hosting performance is also well-guaranteed by other rock-solid hardware, equipment, technologies and engineers.

InmotionHosting Award-winning Customer Support

InmotionHosting support services get high praises and 100% customer satisfaction all the time among InmotionHosting clients that they will find out solutions to their questions via direct means like phone, email and live chat around the clock.

In addition to that, indirect support ways from InmotionHosting assist people as well through support centers, online tutorials and community which consist of FAQs and other a wide range of resources for customers on hand.


From feature, price, performance and support aspects, we make it clear that InmotionHosting SSD hosting has a low price, but also has high performance and first-class customer support. So we here strongly recommend InmotionHosting cheap SSD hosting to customers who want to create fast websites with low cost, just $3.49/mo, over 50% discount.

To find out more information about InmotionHosting and its web services, please visit or check out InmotionHosting Review.


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