Cheap Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is available on both Linux and Windows operating system. Compared to Windows dedicated server hosting, Linux based dedicated server hosting is much more widely used to host high-traffic and business websites. Due to the highest capability, flexibility and security, dedicated server hosting service price is higher than other hosting products usually.

In below, we review Bluehost dedicated server hosting from its server prices, resources & features, configuration, performance and support factors, and introduce it as the Cheap Linux Dedicated Server Hosting.

Founded in 2003, Bluehost ( is one of the Top 10 Web Hosting, and has been specializing in quality and affordable Linux hosting services & products. Along with the backup of leading technologies and support services, now Bluehost serves millions of domains and websites successfully around the world. The company is also considered as one of the best Dedicated server by

Bluehost Linux Dedicated Server Hosting is Cheap

Bluehost is committed to delivering customers cheap and useful hosting services. Especially for business owners, Bluehost cheap Linux dedicated server hosting can help them save a big budget. By default, there are 3 server packages: Standard, Enhanced and Premium, each of them contains different amounts of resources and is billed at different prices.

Regularly, Bluehost Linux dedicated server hosting prices start from $149.99/mo, $199.99/mo and $249.99/mo respectively. Moreover, Bluehost offers very multiple billing cycle options, including 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. No matter which server solution or billing cycle they choose, all new customers can receive 50% off from Bluehost.

Bluehost Dedicated Server Deal
50% Off

The promotion applies to the first month, and Bluehost Linux dedicated server hosting price starts from only $74.99 first month after discounting. If customers choose the Standard server plan, they can upgrade and get 1TB storage & 4 x 2.5 GHz CPU at no additional charge.

In addition to the cheap hosting prices, Bluehost is also one of the few hosting companies who guarantee friendly money back to keep customers’ money safe and high satisfaction rate. According to Bluehost Anytime Money Back Guarantee, customers are allowed to get a full refund on their hosting service if they cancel within 30 days. Even after 30 days, they can receive a prorated refund as well.

For any business who is looking for cheap Linux dedicated server hosting, Bluehost is highly recommended. It accepts both credit card and PayPal payments.

Bluehost Linux Dedicated Server Hosting is Feature-Rich

Since Bluehost has multiple server solution options, customers can make the right choice based on their specific needs. This time, Bluehost upgrades its Linux dedicated server hosting Standard Plan for free, so customers can get at least: 4 x 2.5 GHz CPU, 1TB storage, 4GB RAM available, 5TB monthly data transfer, 1 included domain name and 3 dedicated IP addresses.


Bluehost utilizes high quality storage with RAID level-1 support on its Linux dedicated server hosting service. So, customers’ drives are mirrored completely and their data is extremely well protected. Customers enable to increase available storage space in real time, and without requiring admin intervention.

There are some other great features that customers can make full use of, for example, PHP 5, Perl, Python, Ruby, MySQL 5.5, full root access to CentOS, multi-server management allowing customers to manage all of servers and accounts in one place, access control, secure shell (SSH) access, web-based manager for email, files and databases and other advanced & optional capabilities like domain privacy, SiteLock, Spam Protection, SSL certificates and etc.

Every Bluehost Linux dedicated server configuration contains the option of its optimized cPanel control panel and easy to use interface. By making full use of the tool, customers are able to manage all of their emails, domains, resources, servers, websites and much more.

Instead of taking hours or even days to activate, Bluehost technology allows it to provision dedicated server immediately. Choosing Bluehost Linux dedicated server hosting service, customers will be ensured instant server provisioning.

Bluehost Linux Dedicated Server Ensures Extreme Speed

Bluehost guarantees one of the fastest server speed throughout the industry. For any business, Bluehost Linux dedicated server can deliver them the best performance and experience. It is quite easy to achieve success.

Each Bluehost server is custom built in-house by its engineers using only the newest and powerful technologies. At the same time, Bluehost uses open source technology such as OpenStack, which offers the highest flexibility to upgrade server performance over time.

Besides, Bluehost operates its own datacenters located in the US, and all of them are well-equipped and protected. Along with the backups of UPS power, diesel generator, multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet connections, 24×7 network monitoring and others, Bluehost Linux dedicated server hosting ensures all customers extreme speed and high security level.

Generally, with Bluehost Linux dedicated server hosting, customers’ websites will experience the best performance imaginable while they also enjoy the advanced security and control they need.

Bluehost Dedicated Support Service

Bluehost support team works closely with the same engineers who monitor and maintain the servers. As the result, customers will receive expedited and efficient assistance from technicians who specialize in Linux dedicated server hosting service.

There are multiple ways available to contact Bluehost support technicians. Apart from the 24×7 online chat and ticket system, Bluehost provides customers with multiple phone numbers. For problems about website speed & performance, website design, traffic generation, web security or other general issue, Bluehost can help customers quickly.

Or customers can also check out Bluehost knowledgebase, and find tutorials or articles like error code 500 on dedicated server, disable sslv3 on a dedicated server, restarting mail services on dedicated servers and etc.

Cheap Linux Dedicated Server Hosting – Bluehost

In general, Bluehost dedicated server hosting is based on CentOS 6 and Apache web server, it comes with many great advantages such as rich server resources, RAID storage, instant provisioning, root access, enhanced cPanel, high performance and so on. Also, it offers 24/7 monitor and support.

Most importantly, Bluehost Linux dedicated server hosting is cheap. Now, at only $74.99, customers can get free upgrade on the dedicated standard hosting plan. All of the dedicated server hosting plans are covered by Bluehost Anytime Money Back Guarantee.

If business owners want to save their budgets and also get powerful servers, Bluehost Linux dedicated server hosting is their choice. Please visit Bluehost to take benefits from the 50% off.


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