Cheap Cloud Hosting for Business

For its high performance, flexibility and security features, cloud hosting has been becoming more and more popular, and it is widely used by business owners. Normally, reliable cloud hosting charges at high price.

In order to help people save their budget largely, we introduce Bluehost, Linode and midPhase as the Cheap Cloud Hosting for Business after reviewing dozens of products. If people are looking for affordable cloud hosting for creating their business websites, they can take benefits from the three hosts.

Bluehost Cloud Hosting - $14.99/mo

Bluehost ( is one of the Top 10 Web Hosting that has been providing high-quality Linux hosting services and products since its foundation. Besides, Bluehost is well known for award-winning support and industry-leading Anytime Money Back Guarantee.

Its cloud hosting has Standard, Enhanced, Premium and Ultimate four solutions, and their regular prices are billed at $29.99/mo, $59.99/mo, $89.99/mo and $119.99/mo. Now, through this special promotion link, customers will receive around 50% off to make Bluehost cloud hosting price start from $14.99 for the first month.

Bluehost Cloud Promotion
50% Off

Bluehost is one of the few hosts who guarantees money back policy to the cloud hosting customers. If they are not satisfied, Bluehost will give them a full refund within the first 30 days, and a prorated refund after the period. This is extremely friendly to customers.

Simply choose a cloud hosting plan, customers can get their needed resources and features. For example, Bluehost cloud hosting offers at least 2 CPU cores, 30GB SAN storage, 2GB RAM, 1TB bandwidth, 1 free domain, 1 dedicated IP address, improved cPanel control panel, root access, and all of the shared hosting features.

Besides, Bluehost cloud server sets a new standard for delivering customers the best performance and support. Its cloud hosting experts and technicians are 24/7 available to provide advice and help. Customers can contact them at any time through telephone, chat and email.

To get Bluehost cloud hosting, please visit:

Linode - $10/mo

Linode ( specializes in cloud hosting, which is based on lightning-quick SSD servers. For both personal and business customers, Linode will provide them with reliable, simple and powerful cloud hosting service.

More importantly, Linode quality cloud hosting service comes with very cheap price. There are four cloud plans, and customers can choose one based on their demands. Linode also ensures very flexible payment: monthly or hourly. The regular price starts from $10/mo.

For customers who prepay one-year or two-year, Linode gives them 10% or 15% off. As the result, Linode cloud hosting price is cut down to only $8.5/mo. Or customers can choose to pay hourly at $0.15/hr. Linode guarantees 7-Day Money Back.

Linode Cloud Promotion
15% Off

Linode cloud hosting is backed up by Intel E5 processors, the fastest processors in the cloud market. The entry-level cloud hosting plan includes 1GB RAM, 24GB SSD storage, 1 CPU core, 2TB transfer, 40 Gbit network in & 125 Mbit network out, multiple operating system options, easy-to-use control panel & manager and more.

In addition to SSD backup, Linode operates 7 datacenters in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific region. So it can ensure customers one of the fastest and most reliable cloud hosting performance.

If customers have any question about Linode or its cloud hosting, please call/email the support team, or visit: directly to know more.

midPhase - $45.82/mo

Since its establishment in 1998, midPhase makes great efforts on delivering full range of hosting services from basic shared hosting to premium cloud & server products. Generally, midPhase is perfect for developers, designers and businesses.

midPhase cloud hosting also has four packages, and it allows monthly and yearly payments. Regularly, the cloud hosting price is billed at $49.99/mo. If customers prepaid annually, they will get nearly 10% off to make the price at $45.82/mo.

midPhase Cloud Promotion
10% Off

Compared to Bluehost and Linode, midPhase cloud hosting price is a little bit high. However, we take its features, performance and support into consideration, and we find that it is quite affordable for businesses.

Its cloud is fully managed, and the Starter package has CentOS, 1.4GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, 20GB disk space, 1.5TB bandwidth, free cPanel license and many other guaranteed resources. Moreover, midPhase guarantees industry-leading performance and security.

midPhase support team can be easily got through via telephone, live chat and email. Since it is managed, it will ensure business owners much convenience. Please visit: to find more details.

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