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BlogEngine.NET is an open source .NET blogging project taking advantages from the latest .NET features and .NET framework to deliver the users an easy-to-customized, simple and innovative blogging experience. It has been becoming one of the most popular blog platforms in the market. Among dozens of BlogEngine.NET products, we recommend Arvixe as the Cheap BlogEngine.NET Hosting, and help people find out the reasons in the following.

Arvixe BlogEngine.NET Hosting has High Price Value

arvixe-blogengine-netTo ensure customers fast, reliable and secure BlogEngine.NET web hosting, Arvixe customized its solution which integrated tons of valuable features, and can completely satisfy different demands of BlogEngine.NET hosting system.

By choosing Arvixe BlogEngine.NET hosting, customers enable to get a free domain name registration for life, unlimited space, unlimited data transfer, host up to unlimited domains, MSSQL 2012 databases, ASP.NET v2, v3.5 & v4.5, the newest ASP.NET MVC, remote access to MSSQL DSs, URL rewrite module, full trust app support, WebsitePanel control panel and others.

Moreover, there are many BlogEngine.NET features included, such as Plug’n play, web 2.0, Cool themes & widgets, referrer stats, full syndication suite, standalone pages, multi-author support, advanced comment system and trackbacks & pingbacks, etc.

Arvixe BlogEngine.NET hosting comes with one of the cheapest prices to help customers save big budget. Its regular price starts from $5/mo, which is quite affordable. However, by using coupon code “clue30”, customers can get extra 30% off to make the BlogEngine.NET hosting price starts at only $3.5/mo.

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Arvixe 99.9% Uptime for BlogEngine.NET Hosting

In addition to great rich BlogEngine.NET hosting features, and cheap price, Arvixe also guarantees 99.9% uptime for using industry-leading infrastructures, hardware and technologies.

Firstly, Arvixe gives customers a server location option from US or Europe. It makes full use of the multiple SAS 70 Type II certified datacenters which feature with secured entrance & exit, the redundant carriers as well as DDoS attack response, etc. Besides, Arvixe not only handles the network monitoring, nightly security updates, but also adds 15 RPM RAID 10 drives and SSD RAID drives to ensure provide fast and reliable BlogEngine.NET hosting performance for customers.

Arvixe Award-winning Customer Services

No matter when or what kind of BlogEngine.NET issues customers have, Arvixe support team will offer them very friendly customer service through 24×7 phone call, live chat and email. However, customers can find BlogEngine.NET hosting solutions and articles in the online knowledgebase. For both methods, customers’ problems will be quickly and effectively solved.

If customers are still not happy with Arvixe BlogEngine.NET hosting service after getting contact with the support technicians, they enable to cancel their accounts. Arvixe guarantees to them 60 Days Full Money Back to keep customers maximum satisfaction.

Arvixe is Cheap BlogEngine.NET Hosting

Although there are many companies in the market provide with BlogEngine.NET hosting to help people build websites, few of them can have such richer features, faster speed performance and friendly supports than Arvixe. More importantly, Arvixe BlogEngine.NET hosting charges at cheap price which starts from only $3.5/mo. So, if people want to find a quality BlogEngine.NET hosting, and save money at the same time, Arvixe is the best option.

Please visit: to know more information, and do not forget to use coupon code “clue30” when claiming to Arvixe BlogEngine.NET hosting.


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