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As a rare marketing category continues persist over time, email marketing is regarded as the best bet for business growth. In this article, we’ll be glad to introduce you a very popular email marketing service provider in the market—Campaign Monitor. We are going to analyze Campaign Monitor from prices, features, as well as customer service to reveal why it is able stand from the competition. First, let’s have a brief look at the background of Campaign Monitor.

Who is Campaign Monitor?

campaign monitor logo1Campaign Monitor ( is one of the  best email marketing services on the planet, according to Campaign Monitor used to focus on web design and launched its software in 2004. With over ten years of development, the company now has grown up into a name brand trusted by more than 150,000 designers, agencies, and amazing companies of all shapes and sizes.

Campaign Monitor Special Coupon

Campaign Monitor offers one of the most cost effective email marketing services. At the starting end of the pricing scale, it costs $9/mo with Campaign Monitor to send 2,500 emails to a database containing a mere 500 records. For nonprofit companies, Campaign Monitor offers them a 15% discount off to help them save as much money as they can. Surprisingly, if customers just plan to send emails occasionally, they can choose to pay per campaign. On the top of that there is free trial of Campaign Monitor available for all people to send less than 5 subscribers.

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Free Trial

If customers decide to discontinue using Campaign Monitor for any reasons, they request refund for any unused and prepaid email marketing services.

Campaign Monitor Contact Management Review

Campaign Monitor makes it possible for customers to manage and grow their contact lists by using some powerful tools, regardless of whether they’re starting out or already have established a list.

To make the campaigns more relevant, customers can store custom data including interests, location, plus gender for setting the foundation for personalization. After that, they can target content to exactly the right audience with the help of the segmentation tools that Campaign Monitor offers. As well, once sign-up, customers can have a powerful preference center, through which their contacts can manage the shared data and subscribers are allowed to have their own details updated on demand.

Aside from email personalization, Campaign Monitor customers can create dynamic content. That is, based on the organization and segments of their subscribers, customers can display different content to cater to different people.

If customers need to import a new list from an external app or existing CRM system, they can do it by using the pre-built integrations or robust API. Once a subscriber has been added, Campaign Monitor will keep the lists clean by scanning them automatically and removing duplicates timely

Campaign Monitor Email Creation & Sending Review

For people who take being productive as the priority, Campaign Monitor is definitely the right option for them. The company provides almost all the things they need for creating beautiful emails as quick and efficient as possible.

Considering that email templates are always prior to any other things in an email marketing platform assessment or review, Campaign Monitor comes with a wide range of professionally-designed templates available for all customers. For developers with higher-end needs, they can build completely new and custom email templates as long as they have knowledge of HTML code.

For helping users build branded new emails and customize everything, Campaign Monitor offers them a drag-and-drop email builder. With the builder, they can get pixel-level customization over all aspects of their email with the exact fronts and colors. At the same time, Campaign Monitor is both desktop and mobile optimized so that the campaigns can look great on any device. Before sending a campaign, people can preview it on different devices as well.

Campaign Monitor Email Reporting & Tracking Review

Campaign Monitor’s reporting and tracking features are efficient and user-friendly. Whenever customers need to have insights into their campaign activities, and wherever they are, they can easily accomplish that with Campaign Monitor.

The company allows customers to test, optimize and measure the real-time performance of their emails by offering them advanced email testing tools and interactive analytics. It is also possible for customers, every time a campaign is launched, to have detailed knowledge of where the audience is opening, clicking and sharing the emails.

With Campaign Monitor, it is also easy for customers to clearly know how their campaigns are performing on the screen of a mobile device. All they need is to download the app from the App Store. To optimize the campaigns and maximize the results, Campaign Monitor provides customers with A/B testing for picking a better criterion, with spam tests to avoid triggering spam filers, and more.

In addition to campaign reports, there is detailed analytics on who opens and interacts with customers’ emails. There is also an exclusive report on who shared their emails and what they said about it, giving customers a clear view of their impact on social channels.

Campaign Monitor Customer Support Review

As to after-sale service, Campaign Monitor offers email support only. Through our testing, we find that the responses to queries from its support team are standard. Compared to other reputable email marketing services providers like AWeber or Leaders Merchant Services who have more options like live chat or phone support, the situation may seem negative in some degree, however.

It is also the fact that Campaign Monitor has quite good self-help support section, i.e. the User Forums and Help Center. Customers can get started and check out the services and search for some general solutions themselves within the section.


Combined the above, you can easily find two key strengths of Campaign Monitor. For one, the company provides plenty of user-friendly tools so that customers can build good-looking emails. For another, it also enables customers to pay either on a monthly basis or on a per-campaign basis. For people who are new to email marketing services or who are planning to email their databases occasionally, Campaign Monitor is an ideal option.

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