Bluehost WordPress Review - Why It’s the Best

Bluehost ( is one of the most reputed web hosts in the industry. It’s the award winner of the annual Top 10 Web Hosting. And in the following Bluehost WordPress Review, we will review how well it could support a WordPress site, and what make Bluehost one of the Best WordPress Hosting at the same time.

100% WordPress Compatible Hosting

Bluehost WordPressThe minimal hosting requirements of WordPress are:

  • PHP version 5.2.4 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater

It’s really easy for Bluehost to meet these, they provide PHP 5.2.17 and MySQL 5.1.59, which are perfect for WordPress.

But what Bluehost offer are far beyond these. Their rich hosting environment could run WordPress fast, securely, and reliably.

  • Bluehost hosting solutions are created on Apache that  has been acknowledged as the best WordPress server and some other php&MySQL based applications.
  • mod_rewrite Apache is default module installed so that you could config the url of WordPress blog post to be Search Engine Friendlier.
  • PHP memory_limit can reach 64MB that is big enough for you to upload and manage large images in your blog.
  • suPHP is for increased the security.
  • Bluehost self-developed resource isolation system will prevent others from affecting your site.

One-Click WordPress Installation

Bluehost integrate SimpleScipts into their cPanel, with which, you could setup a WordPress site by some simple clicks. Besides installation, this tool could also help on upgrading to the latest version of WordPress if needed.

Fast WordPress Loading Speed

Bluehost is well-known for the fast&reliable web server. Their file download speed is at around 200KB/s, which beat most shared hostings in the market.

But how fast Bluehost could run for a WordPress website? We have built 2 WordPress websites with Bluehost. One site is complex WordPress website with more than 100 post and rich images and the other is simple WordPress site that only has 20 posts and no image.

The testing result:

  • For simple one, WordPress website can be loaded within 0.3s to 0.5s.
  • For complex one, it’s about 0.4s~0.7s.

Both data look really ideal.

WordPress Customer Support

Bluehost customer support team are experienced and professional  in WordPress, they could help on resolving most of WordPress hosting and installation issue. Besides these, they also develop a serial of Youtube videos to give their customers guidance how to maintain their WordPress site step by step.

Bluehost also partner with some WordPress themes sites where their customers could get access to thousands of free WordPress theme or purchase the commercial one at a discount price.

Bluehost is Affordable

Bluehost hosting solution is perfect for WordPress and their regular price is at $7.95/month. Now, by following this Bluehost special promotion link, all its new customer could enjoy this exclusive Bluehost $3.95 deal, which is about 50% off and makes Bluehost really affordable to almost everyone.

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