Bluehost vs WebHostingHub

Bluehost vs WebHostingHubBoth Bluehost and WebHostingHub have very good reputation in the industry. Bluehost has been in business for over 15 years and is well-known for reliable product and top-notch customer service. WebHostingHub is relatively new to the industry, but with the help from InmotionHosting, its parent company, it quickly becomes a very popular brand within individuals and small businesses.

As these two companies offer very close solutions and their targeted market is exactly the same, in below we will analyze the difference between them, which could help you make a better choice. And we recommend you check out Bluehost review and WebHostingHub Review first to get some background of both companies.


In general, Bluehost offers more features than WebHostingHub does, and in below, we list some major features which exist in Bluehsot only:

  • Shell Access
  • Ruby on Rail
  • PostgreSQL

If you really want above features, then Bluehost will be a better choice.


pricingIn terms of pricing, both companies are promoting their hosting service low to $3.95/month wih 50% off. For WebHostingHub, you only need to sign up 1 years term to get this lowest price, and for Bluehost, you have to sign up a 3-years’service.

But WebHostingHub guarantees 90 days FULL money back which is better than 30 days money back guarantee from Bluehost.

WebHostingHub $3.99 Promotion
44% Off

And the good thing about both companies is that they guarantee anytime money back, which means you could ask for prorated money back at anytime you want to cancel the account.

Bluehost $3.95 Promotion
44% Off

In general, we feel WebHostingHub offer better pricing term than Bluehost.

Data Center Infrastructure & Speed

Bluehost designs, builds and operates data centers by itself. All its 3 data centers locate in Utah and are equipped with UPS, Diesel generators, and multiple gigabit fiber connections to most of tier-1 networks.

Instead of building data centers by itself, WebHostingHub choose to rend data center. Now it has 2 datacenters, one in Washington DC and the other one in Los Angeles CA. Its customers will be routed to the one closer to their location automatically when opening the account, which makes WebHostingHub faster than most web hosts who have only data center in one location.

The datacenters of both companies are the best available in the industry. And we feel Bluehost is in a better position when growing its business as it has more control on the data centers. But WebHostingHub beats Bluehost on the speed. According to our testing, shared hosting from WebHostingHub is around 15% faster than Bluehost in most cases.

Customer Support

It’s hard to say who has done better job in customer support as both of them have done really great job in this area. Their customer satisfaction rates are very high in the industry.


Both companies guarantee 99.9% network uptime, and our monitoring data show they have much better record.

Bluehost monitors CPU usage at user account level. Once an account occupies CPU for too long, the account will be suspended. By this way, Bluehost is able to effectively protect its customers from being impacted by the bad neighbor in the same server.

WebHostingHub monitors CPU usage at server level, which means only when a server become un-stable, their engineers step in to see which account consume too much resource, and suspend it. In this way, its customers could consume more resource once it doesn’t do harm to the server, but in the other hand, they might be victoms if any account in the same uses too much resource.

How to Choose

In general, both are great option for individuals, web developers, and small business even they have slight difference in features, pricing, and reliability.

  • If you are a normal user who just need a reliable server to host your personal blog, and you don’t have aggressive plan to increase the traffic of your site, then Bluehost is a better choice.
  • If you are a tech geeks, want a very fast server, and occasionally want o exceed the limitation of your account, then you should go with WebHostinguHub.

No matter which one you should, don’t forget to checkout latest Bluehost Coupon and WebhostingHub Coupon to receive 44% off.

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