Bluehost vs iPage - Why Bluehost is Better

Bluehost ( and iPage ( are recognized as Top 10 Web Hosting in the year. Both companies are well-known for offering budget web hosting based on Linux to help individual and small businesses create web sites easily.

And in below Bluehost vs iPage comparison, we will look at their features, Pricing, customer service, speed, and reliability to see which one is better.

Bluehost offers More features than iPage

Both Bluehost and iPage offer feature-rich hosting solutions to their customers, which include one free domain, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email account, hosting unlimited domains in one account, support php, mySQL, and more.

But Bluehost does offer some more useful features which iPage doesn’t have, such as:

  • Support for Python, Ruby or Rail, and PostgreSQL database
  • Shell Access.
  • .htaccess override and customer cron jobs
  • Free CDN service with its customers could leverage Cloudfare CDN in just some simple clicks, which will significantly increase the performance of a site.

Bluehost vs iPage - Pricing

Bluehost Anytime Money BackBluehost is promoting its hosting service up to 50% off now. With the latest Bluehost coupon, if you signup a service with 1 year term, the price is $5.95/month. For 2 years and 3 years service term, the price is $4.95/mo and $3.95/month respectively, which is an over 50% off when comparing with the list price at $7.95/month.

iPage cuts over 76% off from its price if its customers sign up a 2-years plan, which make it low to $1.99/month only. But if they subscribe to 1 year service, the price will be 3.5/mo.

iPage Exclusive Deal
76% Off

Both Bluehost and iPage guarantee “Anytime Money Back”. And in general, iPage is cheaper.

Bluehost is Faster than iPage

Bluehost is much faster than iPage. We have tested the performance of WordPress, Drupal and Joomla in their web servers.  Bluehost is very promising, normally a web page could be loaded within 1.5 second.

iPage have performance issue on MySQL, It’s hard to run Joomla and Drupal in its web server. In terms of WordPress, we see it’s fast when there are very few posts, but it become slow when we post more articles to the blog.

Both Bluehost and iPage are Reliable

The uptime data of both companies look good. According to the data from our internal uptime monitoring system, Bluehost uptime is around 99.93% and iPage uptime is close to 99.5%.

Bluehost has Higher Customer Satisfaction Rate

customer-supportBluehost owns a very skilled engineer team who have deep understanding on Linux and could resolve almost all the issues its customer might meet with. Bluehost doesn’t outsource its customer supports, and it team members are 100% in house on site staffs in their Utah offices. And they guarantee hold time less than 30 seconds.

iPage customers support is not so good as Bluehost. iPage outsource its customer service globally, which somehow lower the service it could offer to their customers.

In the reviews we have collected from their customers, customer satisfaction rate of Bluehost is around 94%, but for iPage, it’s only around 71%.

Bluehost vs iPage - Who is Better

Bluehost beats iPage on web server speed, customers services, features and price. We highly recommend Bluehost over iPage. As a web host who has been in business since 1996, Bluehost has rich experience in offering highly reliable hosting service at affordable price. It’s now serving for over 3 millions domains. The regular price of Bluehost is $6.95/month, with a special promotion ran by Bluehost, the price could be low to $3.95/month only, which is around 50% off.

To know more about Bluehost, please visit its official site at or check out Bluehost review.

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