Bluehost vs. Hostmonster

bluehost vs. hostmonster logoTechnically speaking, Bluehost and Hostmonster belong to the same hosting company which are operated and privately owned by Matt Heaton. From office address to hosting solutions to pricing and to data center facilities as well, Bluehost and Hostmonster share almost same thing in every aspect.

Knowing that may make some people be confused about which one is better to go.  And that’s the reason why, in this article, we are biased towards Bluehost. We will reveal that from their background, prices, hosting features, uptime & performance, and customers support in the following parts.

Bluehost vs. Hostmonster on Background

Bluehost ( came into being in 2003. After a decade of development, the web host now has grown into top 3 in the Best Web Hosting list due to its reasonable prices, quality customer service, and high performance.

On the other hand, Hostmonster ( is founded in 2005. Because of the heart start, Hostmonster is much smaller than Bluehost in terms of customers, which also makes Hostmonster a less well known brand when compared to Bluehost.

Bluehost vs. Hostmonster on Hosting Features

Just as we’ve mentioned before, Bluehost has very close product structure as Hostmonster, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no difference between them at all.

Both Bluehost and Hostmonster offer three shared hosting packages based on Linux only. Within their entry-level plan, either in Bluehost or in Hostmonster, people can receive 1 website, 50GB website space, unlimited bandwidth, 1 free domain name, and 5 email accounts. And they all promise automatic daily backups, cPanel control panel, Secure Shell access, 1-click installer, and more. After discounting, Bluehost shared hosting charges from 2.95/mo, while Hostmonster for $3.95/mo.

bluehost shared hosting plans

Additionally, both Bluehost and Hostmonster VPS hosting are built from the ground up on cloud technology. Due to that, customers with either Bluehost VPS or Hostmonster VPS can get benefit from instant provisioning, enhanced cPanel control panel, dynamic resources, root access, and multi-server management, etc. Even the prices of their hosting packages are totally the same. In this sense, Bluehost has no difference from Hostmonster in terms of VPS hosting.

The above situation applies to their dedicated hosting solutions. Both their smallest size dedicated servers come with Dual core Intel Xeon processor in 2.3GHz, 3MB cache, RAM of 4GB, 500GB of RAID-1 storage, 5TB of monthly transfer, 1 IP addresses, and free domain name. They both set the price of the solution at $74.99 for the first month, then renews at $149.99/mo.

Besides shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated server, Bluehost exclusively recommends ResellerClub as its partner to offer customers reseller hosting if they need. While at Hostmonster, the web host does not develop any reseller programs or work with any related providers for meeting customer’s reseller hosting needs.

Bluehost vs. Hostmonster on Pricing

The starter price of both Bluehost and Hostmonster shared hosting is set at $7.99/mo. To make the product more affordable, Bluehost offers different discount for different billing term. If customers purchase a basic plan with 36-month agreement, they just need to pay $2.95/mo. That is, they can save up to 63% off regular price!

Bluehost from $2.95/mo
63% Off

While at Hostmonster, for the same plan with same features, customers need to pay at least $3.95/mo for a 36-month term. The discount is around 50% off.

Hostmonster Great Deal
50% Off

Both Bluehost and Hostmonster offer customers Anytime Money Back Guarantee, allowing them to have full refund if they cancel their hosting accounts during the first 30 days. After the 30-day period, they can also request prorated money back for the unused hosting service.

Bluehost vs. Hostmonster on Uptime and Performance

Bluehost and Hostmonster are both famous for offering customers reliable hosting solutions. Each of the two web hosts boasts a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

However, this is not coincidence, because the two web hosting providers locate their server hardware within the same data centers in Utah. They equips the data centers with UPS back up power supply, latest Xeon quad processing servers, high speed fiber optic backbone connection, and synchronous optical networking. Both the providers also make effort to bring customers the best possible experience by offering Apache server, the latest version of MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, Perl, CGI and other development software.

More than that, there is also 24/7 live system monitoring to secure all the facilities and ensure customers run in reliable hosting environment. However, the success of Bluehost and Hostmonster’s good reliability and high performance are also founded upon an advanced staff of engineers and technicians who are responsible for managing the servers and network themselves 24/7, and 365 days a year.

Clearly, there’s no need to discuss whether Bluehost or Hostmonster is more reliable. No matter which hosting provider customers decide to rely on, they can have their websites run smoothly and stably.

Bluehost vs. Hostmonster on Customer Support

As of initial establishment, Bluehost and Hostmonster have been dedicated to offering the best customer service. Both of them have built a professional team for quickly and effectively solving any hosting problems raised from customers.

The support staffs are skilful and well-trained, who are available around the clock via free online chat help, email and/or ticket system. For customers who used to telephone support, Bluehost and Hostmonster offer them toll-free help with limited wait times.

For indirect support, people can take advantage of the knowledgebase of Bluehost or Hostmonster. Most FAQs and common issues can find the accurate solutions. There are also a lot of video tutorials ready to help customers. Aside from that, they can choose to search or share their questions or ideas in the User Forum.

Bluehost vs. Hostmonster—Why Bluehost is Better

Firstly, Bluehost offers more hosting options than Hostmonster, which means that people could scale up or upgrade the hosting package when their site receive more traffic.

Secondly, Bluehost now is promoting its shared hosting with 63% off, after which its price is as low as $2.95/mo—lower than Hostmonster’s $3.95/mo.

Lastly, Bluehost is a better brand than Hostmonster. That is, if there is an incident happens on their data centers, I believe the first thing the company will do is to recover the service to Bluehost customers. Better brand normally means better protection.

More information about Bluehost, please read our Bluehost Review or visit

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