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Bluehost is a leader in the web hosting industry. Check out below review to see why it's the best web hosting we would like recommend for personal blogs, small businesses sites, and even enterprise websites.




Bluehost is one of the top 10 web hosting service provider in the industry, who is famous for its high quality Linux shared hosting and award-winning customer support. In below Bluehost review, we will talk about its features, price value, reliability, control panel, and customer support to reveal why Bluehos is highly recommended by its customers and most of web hosting review websites.

Founded in 1996, Bluehost started the business by offering one-size-fits-all Linux shared web hosting, and this product has won a lot of awards for Bluehost for its unbeatable price value and reliability. After years of development, Bluehost has extent their service to include both VPS hosting and dedicated server. Now, the company is offering hosting service for over 2 million websites worldwide and this number is still increasing at a speed of 70000/month.

Bluehost Special Discount

Before the review, let’s introduce some special discount Bluehost management team has provided to the visitors of our website only.

The standard discount from Bluehost is 40% off on it shared hosting, and the first month 50% off on its VPS hosting and Dedicated server. And the special Bluehost coupon link below could save you more.

Bluehost Exclusive Deal
60% Off

The deal is applied to Bluehost Plus shared hosting package which regular price is $9.95/month. And now, you can get it at $3.95/mo, a 60% off. Considering Bluehost Starter package is sold at $3.49/mo, which allows for 1 domain in 1 account only, with $0.5/mo more this deal would give you many advanced features like hosting unlimited websites in one account, Global CDN, Email Spam Protection and more.

BlueHost Review on Price Value

Bluehost offer Linux-based Shared web hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server. All of them come with rich features at an affordable price, which makes them very popular within webmasters or web developers.

Let’s take its shared hosting as an example. There are 3 hosting packages from Bluehost, which are “Starter”, “Plus”, and “Business pro”. In its Plus package, Bluehost customers could receive:

  • 1 Free Domain and allow to host unlimited domains in one account
  • Unlimited disk space, monthly bandwidth, emailbox, MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Supporting PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails
  • Free Global CDN Service
  • Free site promotion tools, professional e-Commerce Shopping cart, 1-click script installer for WordPress, Drupal, and more.
  • Up to $200 Marketing Credit from Google Adwords or Facebook.


In terms of price, and people could receive 60% off by following this Bluehost exclusive promotion link, after which the price is low to $3.95/month only.

And what makes Bluehost even harder to match is its “Anytime Money Back” guarantee, with which its customers can request their remaining money back at any time when they are not satisfied with Bluehost service. Working with Bluehost really puts both your site and money in safe.

BlueHost Review on Reliability

Bluehost is led by a team who have very good understanding on Linux, hosting, and customer requirements. They focus on providing Linux web hosting, and do all their best to optimize it so that the web site could run fast and securely in their web servers.

Although it’s common for a web host to rent 3rd party data centers to offer hosting service, Bluehost choose to build state-of-art data centers by themselves. All its 3 data centers are located in Orem, Utah with multiple 10 gigabit fiber connections to locations all over the world, redundant UPS power, and diesel generators to ensure you a fast and reliable connection speed.

Bluehost engineers are really top-talents in US. Their customized quad processor Opteron servers are not only much faster but more reliable than their competitors’. They also develop an industry leading BetterLinux system which could monitor the status of each hosting account to avoid the situation that one account in the server consume too much resource and bring a negative performance impact on the other accounts in the same web server.


With a team full of experts on Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, Bluehost web servers are well-optimized to run efficiently for most of php CMS. And there is no surprised that Bluehost is recommend as Best WordPress hosting, Best Drupal Hosting, Best Joomla Hosting by communities.

Bluehost guarantees 99.9% server uptime. It’s now trusted by 3 millions domain owners, and this number has proven how reliable its service is.

BlueHost Review on Ease-of-use

Bluehost offer full-managed hosting solutions and they provide many tools for their customer so that even newbies could know how to create a web site and manage it quickly.

Server Management

Bluehost cPanelAll Bluehost hosting packages include icon-based and time-approved cPanel control , which comes with many excellent features on its user interface. The navigation menus are easy to understand and use. Icons are created for each feature in the control panel and help information is easily accessible next to each feature.

With cPanel, you can easily manage files, Emails, Databases, and users. Besides, cPanel also offer features to check server log, configure web servers, and more.

Backup and Restore

cPanel offer tool for you to backup the data manually. However, Bluehost will do daily backup for your website automatically. Even you don’t know how to use cPanel, Bluehost will take the responsibility to secure your data. Even better, if you need to restore the data, Bluehost will do it for you for free.

Shell Access

Unlike some web host forbid a shell access to the server, Bluehost allow you this permission so that you can perform Linux command in server if you are an expert in Linux.

Bluehost is the Most Successful Acquisition of EIG

Bluehost was acquired by EIG in 2011. As for many failed acquisition EIG has made, many analyst forecast a big brand would be destroy by EIG again. Fortunately, this hasn’t happended. 4 years has passed, Bluehost is still the best choice of many webmasters, actually it grew much faster than before. It’s the best acquisition EGI has made so far.

Now, the technology of Bluehost has become the standard solution within EIG organization. And with the funding support from EIG, Bluehost was able to redesigned its data centers with the latest technologies and hardware, which now are serving for some other well-known brands within EIG, such as Hostgator, Hostmonster and Justhost. Besides, BetterLinux solutions Bluehost has developed was also adopted by many other web hosts, even its competitors.

BlueHost Review on Customer Support

This web hosting company is superb in customer support. You can call its toll-free support desk, use Live-Chat to discuss about your issue, submit a question to their help desk via their online form, or visit the extensive FAQ section of their website.

Bluehost customer support staffs are 100% US based. They are knowledgeable, friendly and available around the clock. And in most case, the customer hosting issues could be resolved with one contact only. Besides these, Bluehost guarantees a hold times that average less than 30 seconds.

This is really award-winning support system in the web hosting industry, which is considered as the core competency of Bluehost.

Bluehost Offer Industry-Leading PHP Hosting

As one of the most reputed web hosts in the industry, Bluehost hosting soutions is perfect to host website developed using PHP&MySQL.

Bluehost offer its customers with the latest version of PHP 5.5.x, PHP 5.4.x, and PHP 5.3.x, besides, their version of MySQL is also the most stable one available. For PHP hosting, the memory_limit is set to be 64MB by default, which is big enough to upload and manage large images in your websites. suPHP is also enabled to increase the security of your sites.

In its Apache, mod_rewrite is installed by default so that you could config the url of a site to be Search Engine friendly.


Bluehost is one of the Best WordPress Hosting in the industry, and your WordPress site could run smoothly in their server without any problem.

One-Click WordPress Installation

Bluehost integrate SimpleScipts into their cPanel, with which, you could setup a WordPress site by some simple clicks. Besides installation, this tool could also help on upgrading to the latest version of WordPress if needed.

Fast WordPress Loading Speed

Bluehost is well-known for the fast&reliable web server. Their file download speed is at around 200KB/s, which beat most shared hostings in the market.

But how fast Bluehost could run for a WordPress website? We have built 2 WordPress websites with Bluehost. One site is complex WordPress website with more than 100 post and rich images and the other is simple WordPress site that only has 20 posts and no image.

The testing result:

  • For simple one, WordPress website can be loaded within 0.3s to 0.5s.
  • For complex one, it’s about 0.4s~0.7s.

Both data look really ideal.

WordPress Customer Support

Bluehost customer support team are experienced and professional ?in WordPress, they could help on resolving most of WordPress hosting and installation issue. Besides these, they also develop a serial of Youtube videos to give their customers guidance how to maintain their WordPress site step by step.

Bluehost also partner with some WordPress themes sites where their customers could get access to thousands of free WordPress theme or purchase the commercial one at a discount price.

Bluehost is Affordable

Bluehost hosting solution is perfect for WordPress and their regular price is at $7.95/month. Now, by following this Bluehost special promotion link, all its new customer could enjoy a exclusive Bluehost deal, which is about 60% off and makes Bluehost really affordable to almost everyone.

Want to know more about Bluehost, please visit now.


Bluehost offers shared Linux hosting solutions that are completely compatible with Drupal 8, Drupal 7 and Drupal 6.

Speed for Loading Drupal Pages

Bluehost has done a very good job when supporting php&MySQL applications. Let’s see the testing result when running Drupal.

We installed Drupal 7 with Drupal cache enabled. We make use of default theme Bartik.

Two sets of data are as following.

  • Case 1: 100 nodes and mainly text.
  • Case 2: 100 nodes and every node contains 3-5 images.

The testing result:

Home Page Loading Speed Node Loading Speed
Case 1 1.3s~1.5s 1.1s~1.4s
Case 2 1.6s~1.9s 1.3s~1.6s

All the performance data above will bring visitors a very good experience with fast response time.

Drupal-friendly Technical Support

As a sponsor of Drupal community for long term, Bluehost professional engineers have a good understanding on advanced Drupal, actually they could solve any problem related to Linux, PHP, and MySQL, which inlcude Drupal for sure.

Bluehost also develop many tutorials on how to setup Drupal and maintain Drupal.

1-click Installation to Drupal Sites

Bluehost offers SimpleScript in its ease-of-use cPanel control panel, with which its users could build a Drupal website by several simple clicks. Users could also choose which verion they want to install, which really bring much convenience for Drupal newbies.

Do We Recommend Bluehost?

Yes, Bluehost is recommended for people to host their Drupal sites. It’s fast cheap and reliable, which makes Bluehost a perfect choice for a new Drupal site or Drupal beginners.

As a natural of shared Linux hosting, Bluehost is not a good option for a busy Drupal site.


Bluehost features its Joomla hosting with 100% Joomla compatibility, which helps more than 85,000 users build Joomla websites.

Bluehost Joomla Page Loading Speed

Compared to other web hosting provides, Bluehost builds its own datacenters with world-class facilities, high-end 8 processor servers and 24/7 monitoring. So customers will host their Joomla websites at Bluehost well-performed datacenters to receive fast page loading speed.

We have a test about its speed and finally get the amazing result that is around 1.0s. Furthermore, there are few web hosting providers who can match with Bluehost on the speed of Joomla websites. Apart from fast speed, Bluehost supports extremely reliable Joomla websites as well with highly 99.9% uptime.

Bluehost Joomla One-click Installation

Bluehost gives its customers much convenience to install complex Joomla into their target websites. They only need to log in their cPanel and find the SimpleScripts Joomla installer to build a new Joomla sites within a few simple clicks at a short time. So Joomla installation becomes easy and simple now at Bluehost.

Bluehost Joomla Customer Support

Bluehost is also famous for its award-winning customer support for Joomla. Customers will get touch with Bluehost Joomla experts via phone, email and live chat at any time and always get effective and helpful solutions to their Joomla problems.

On top of that, Bluehost prepares online Joomla help center for customers as well, which has up-to-date Joomla knowledgebase and tutorials to learn about information related to Joomla. More than that, customers will go to Bluehost Joomla forums to exchange Joomla experience with others, from which customers will get much benefit as well.

Do We Recommend Bluehost Joomla Hosting?

Bluehost is definitely a good Joomla hosting company to have a try, since we review above that Bluehost Joomla hosting is fully Joomla compatible to build fast and reliable websites with 1-click Joomla installer. Moreover, going with Bluehost, customers will get satisfactory support service for Joomla and Joomla hosting whenever they have questions.

Another important reason that we strongly recommend Bluehost Joomla hosting to customers is the affordable price. Bluehost Joomla hosting needs $11.99/mo before using Bluehost coupon and now only $3.95/mo for customers, almost being reduced 65% off. What’s more, Anytime Money-back Guarantee contains 30-day full money back and a prorated refund after that period.

Please go to to get more information about Bluehost and its web services.

Bluehost Money Back Guarantee

Bluehost is the first web host in the industry who guarantees “Anytime Money Back”. Bluehost is great, but it’s not for everyone or your hosting needs might change when the site traffic increases. So, “Anytime Money Back” guarantee from Bluehost really puts your money in safe. But it doesn’t mean you could get the full money at any time. Below are some additional terms you should know about it.

  • Only Hosting is Refundable. If you also  purchase SSL, Site Backup, SEO Tool, SiteLock, domain names, domain privacy or other service from Bluehost, you won’t get refund for them.
  • Full refund in the First 3 Days of Registration. People could receive a full refund of all fees in the first 3 days. But if you have registered the free domain from them and want to keep it, $13.99 will be charged.
  • Domain Fee will be charged after the first 3 days. If you cancel account after the first 3 days, you will be charged $13.99 for the domain fee, and you will retain full ownership and control of the domain.
  • Prorated refund after 30 Days. Bluehost customer could cancel their account at any time, and they will be charge $13.99 for domain fee plus the fee for the months of the service they have used.
  • No refund if your sites engage in any prohibited use of Bluehost. In Bluehost service term, it clearly state if your site include information like Spamming, Profanity, disclosing Private Information and Images, violating Intellectual Property Rights, ditributing Viruses, hacking, and more, they will cancel your account without any refund .

In general, Bluehost money back term is pretty reasonable, especially when comparing the other web hosts who don’t allow for any refund after the first 30 days.

Do We Recommend BlueHost?

Yes, Bluehost is strongly recommended! As one of the best web hosting nowadays, Bluehost providers high quality hosting service at a very affordable price. No matter you want to build a personal blog or a complex eCommerce, you could always find a solution from Bluehost.

To know more about Bluehost, visit Bluehost and check out its 60% off deal on Shared hosting or 50% off first month on VPS hosting and Dedicated Server.

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