Bluehost Joomla Hosting Review

Bluehost ( is an old-brand web host and also regarded as one of the Top 10 Web Hosting companies in the world. It develops popular shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, Joomla hosting and more Internet services for users. Here we will concentrate on Bluehost Joomla hosting and analyze how well Bluehost supports Joomla and why it is named as the Best Joomla Hosting.

Bluehost Joomla Compatibility

Bluehost CouponBluehost features its Joomla hosting with 100% Joomla compatibility, which helps more than 85,000 users build Joomla websites. Besides, Bluehost configures powerful PHP 5.2x, 5.3x, 5.4x and MySQL 5 to set up Joomla websites. Additionally, Bluehost offers customers unlimited space, email accounts and bandwidth to build Joomla sites as well.

More rich features of Bluehost Joomla hosting solution are as following:

  • suPHP in Bluehost Joomla hosting package will protect privacy of Joomla websites and increase security.
  • Bluehost sets up PHP memory-limit to highly 128 MB that will easily deal with Joomla sites, even big ones.
  • Apache mod-rewrite module will be installed too to enable SEO URLs and improve search engine friendly.
  • Bluehost provides clients with one free domain name for one year.

Bluehost Joomla Page Loading Speed

Compared to other web hosting provides, Bluehost builds its own datacenters with world-class facilities, high-end 8 processor servers and 24/7 monitoring. So customers will host their Joomla websites at Bluehost well-performed datacenters to receive fast page loading speed.

We have a test about its speed and finally get the amazing result that is around 1.0s. Furthermore, there are few web hosting providers who can match with Bluehost on the speed of Joomla websites. Apart from fast speed, Bluehost supports extremely reliable Joomla websites as well with highly 99.9% uptime.

Bluehost Joomla One-click Installation

Bluehost gives its customers much convenience to install complex Joomla into their target websites. They only need to log in their cPanel and find the SimpleScripts Joomla installer to build a new Joomla sites within a few simple clicks at a short time. So Joomla installation becomes easy and simple now at Bluehost.

Bluehost Joomla Customer Support

Bluehost is also famous for its award-winning customer support for Joomla. Customers will get touch with Bluehost Joomla experts via phone, email and live chat at any time and always get effective and helpful solutions to their Joomla problems.

On top of that, Bluehost prepares online Joomla help center for customers as well, which has up-to-date Joomla knowledgebase and tutorials to learn about information related to Joomla. More than that, customers will go to Bluehost Joomla forums to exchange Joomla experience with others, from which customers will get much benefit as well.

Do We Recommend Bluehost Joomla Hosting?

Bluehost is definitely a good Joomla hosting company to have a try, since we review above that Bluehost Joomla hosting is fully Joomla compatible to build fast and reliable websites with 1-click Joomla installer. Moreover, going with Bluehost, customers will get satisfactory support service for Joomla and Joomla hosting whenever they have questions.

Another important reason that we strongly recommend Bluehost Joomla hosting to customers is the affordable price. Bluehost Joomla hosting needs $5.99/mo before using  Bluehost coupon and now only $3.95/mo for customers, almost being reduced 34% off. What’s more, Anytime Money-back Guarantee contains 30-day full money back and a prorated refund after that period.

Please go to to get more information about Bluehost and its web services.

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