Bluehost Drupal Review

Bluehost is the most reputed web hosts in the industry. It’s the award winner of the annual Top 10 Web Hosting. And in below, we will clarify how well Bluehost hosting solution could support Drupal.

Bluehost Drupal Compatibility

Bluehost Drupal ReviewBluehost offers shared Linux hosting solutions that are completely compatible with Drupal 8, Drupal 7 and Drupal 6. 

Bluehost offers MySQL 5.1.61 and Apache 2.2.22 in its web servers, which Drupal community recommend. In terms of PHP, Bluehost deploy dual version PHP (PHP 5.3.8+ and PHP 5.2.17+ ) in its web server, with which Drupalers could select which one is the best for their Drupal sites. (PHP 5.2.17 + is ideal for Drupal 6, and for Drupal 8 and Drupal 7, PHP 5.3.8+ is recommended).

In addition to above basic features to host Drupal, Bluehost also offers tons of high-end features to make its solutions Drupal-friendly, like:

  • mod_rewrite Apache module is deployed to support Clean URLs in Drupal.
  • php memory_limit is up at 64MB, which is good enough for a complex Drupal website.
  • PHP is operated as suPHP to enhance Drupal security.

Speed for Loading Drupal Pages

Bluehost has done a very good job when supporting php&MySQL applications. Let’s see the testing result when running Drupal.

We installed Drupal 7 with Drupal cache enabled. We make use of default theme Bartik.

Two sets of data are as following.

  • Case 1: 100 nodes and mainly text.
  • Case 2: 100 nodes and every node contains 3-5 images.

The testing result:

Home Page Loading Speed Node Loading Speed
Case 1 1.3s~1.5s 1.1s~1.4s
Case 2 1.6s~1.9s 1.3s~1.6s

All the performance data above will bring visitors a very good experience with fast response time.

Drupal-friendly Technical Support

As a sponsor of Drupal community for long term, Bluehost professional engineers have a good understanding on advanced Drupal, actually they could solve any problem related to Linux, PHP, and MySQL, which inlcude Drupal for sure.

Bluehost also develop many tutorials on how to setup Drupal and maintain Drupal.

1-click Installation to Drupal Sites

Bluehost offers SimpleScript in its ease-of-use cPanel control panel, with which its users could build a Drupal website by several simple clicks. Users could also choose which verion they want to install, which really bring much convenience for Drupal newbies.

Do We Recommend Bluehost

Yes, Bluehost is recommended for people to host their Drupal sites. It’s fast cheap and reliable, which makes Bluehost a perfect choice for a new Drupal site or Drupal beginners.

As a natural of shared Linux hosting, Bluehost is not a good option for a busy Drupal site.

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