Bluehost CPU Throttling - Is it Something Bad?

Bluehost ( is criticized by some reviewers for its CPU Throttling system, but we do have different option on this one. Before we go into the details of it, let’s see how Bluehost introduces this feature.

“Throttling means that our proprietary CPU Throttling System has automatically tied your account to its own dedicated core temporarily to keep your account from dominating too much CPU time. Throttling for less than 600 seconds in any given hour will not usually negatively affect your site’s performance for visitors. In some extreme cases, our admins may suspend the account until the problem(s) is/are resolved or optimized.”

So, from above, you could see that:

  • CPU Throttling is used to limit the CPU resource usage of each shared account
  • Now, the threshold is set to be “600 seconds in any given hour”
  • Once your application exceeds this CPU Throttling, your account will be suspended temporarily.

Why CPU Throttling

In a shared web hosting, all the accounts in one server are sharing the same CPU, Memory, Disk Space and the other hardware. If one account consumes too much resource, it’s inevitable to impact the benefit of the other accounts and sometime it even causes the whole server down.

So, certain level of protection should be in place to avoid a single account consumes too much resource. And this is how Bluehost CPU Throttling system comes from. They develop an application to monitor the CPU usage of each account, once an account exceeds the predefined threshold, a warning email will be sent. As their customer, you could find the tracking log and tuning tips from their official site to optimize the applications.

Bluehost has tested their system for many years, and it was formally announced by their founder Matt Heaton in 2010. Right now, this system could be licensed to the other web hosts at a very low fee.

What Practice the Other Web Hosts Follow

Besides deploying this CPU throttling system, the practices the other web hosts follow are very close.

They will monitor the overall CPU and Memory status of the server, once it comes to a risk level, system will send out a warning email to their server administrators. Their staffs start investigating on the issue and find out which account cause the problem then suspend it.

Which One is Better?

So, from above, you could see that Throttling is always there. Bluehost monitor the system at account level, and the others monitor it at server level. But which one is better?

Personally, we feel CPU throttling is the future of Shared web hosting. Just like VPS, Cloud or Dedicated Hosting, you are allocated with the dedicated resource (such as CPU, Memory, Disk Space and etc) you have purchased, shared hosting should get the same level of protection, and Bluehost CPU Throttling is definitely a better solution now. Actually, this is one of the critical features from Bluehost which makes it one of the best web hosting in the industry.

You might can “steal” some resource when using the service from the other web hosts, but this won’t last too long, your account will be suspended sooner or later. And think about this issue at the different angle, do you want to live in a community where your neighbors could easily steal your resource? If not, then go with Bluehost, where you get protected.

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