Best VPS for NopCommerce

NopCommerceNopCommerce is a popular ASP.NET eCommerce solution with over 1.5 million downloads. However, to create a NopCommerce web site that could give its visitors best user experience, a fast and reliable VPS would be expected.

After reviewing a range of Windows VPS hosting, we decide to name Arvixe, GoDaddy and LiquidWeb as the Best VPS for NopCommerce.

Best VPS for NopCommerce - Arvixe

Arvixe ( is a quality-brand web hosting company, not only offering entry-level shared hosting but also upmarket dedicated servers as well as reseller hosting. And Arvixe hosting services are the best in the industry.

Besides Linux VPS, Arvixe also has Windows VPS for businesses, which offers a platform to install and run NopCommerce. Moreover, Arvixe Windows VPS contains rich features for NopCommerce too, like WebSitePanel control panel, free domain for life as well as free SSL for life. In addition, development features are MS SQL 2012 database, ASP.NET MVC, Full Trust Support, multiple ASP.NET version, etc.

Furthermore, Arvixe prepares multiple datacenter locations for customers to choose the closer one. And the world-class datacenters come with DDoS Attack Response, SAS 70 Type II Certified, 24/7 Network monitoring, redundant power and Windows server 2012 on the basis of 15K RPM RAID 10 drives. Therefore, 99.9% uptime is easy to reach with Arvixe VPS for NopCommerce.

What’s more, Arvixe charges people respectively at $40/mo, $75/mo and $120/mo for its three VPS plans for NopCommerce. However, if people pay off 1-year billing term, they will get them at $30/mo, $60/mo and $100/mo accordingly. And 60-Day Money-back Guarantee is helpful for businesses as well.

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Best VPS for NopCommerce – GoDaddy

GoDaddy ( is famous in domain registration and web hosting industry, already having been drawing 12 million customers around the world and registering 58 million domains for people.

GoDaddy Windows VPS are divided into Economy, Value, Deluxe, Premium and Ultimate plans. Each plan support 1-year SSL cert, 3 dedicated IPs and quick setup for NopCommerce. Moreover, GoDaddy VPS solution also consists of up to 3 GB RAM, 90 GB storage and 3 TB/mo bandwidth. Besides, businesses will get 24/7 email, phone and web-based technical support.

On top of that, GoDaddy datacenters are distributed in Europe, US and Asia-Pacific areas that are run and managed by its own professional staffs instead of the third party. More than that, rich features of the datacenter offer a fast and reliable NopCommerce hosting environment, including N + 1 air cooling conditioning system and UPS electricity system.

And as for the price, GoDaddy sets the starting price of its VPS hosting for NopCommerce at $34.99/mo. And customers will save around 20% off that price and pay $27.99/mo for the long-term contract. Beyond that, GoDaddy provides 45-Day Full Money Back Guarantee for one-year-contract customers.

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Best VPS for NopCommerce - LiquidWeb

LiquidWeb ( is also called datacenter and managed hosting firm since it owns 3 datacenters and a range of web hosting solutions.

LiquidWeb VPS for NopCommerce owns advantages that other VPS hosting providers are difficult to rival. To be exactly, LiquidWeb combines performance of dedicated server, affordable prices of shared hosting as well as the advantage of Storm Platform into one VPS solution. And LiquidWeb allows customers to choose amounts of RAM, bandwidth, etc and easily upgrade or downgrade.

When it comes to performance, LiquidWeb VPS for NopCommerce shows super fast speed and reliable performance. 100% network uptime is a good proof. What behind the great performance is 3 datacenters owned and administrated by itself. On top of that, phone, live chat and email are welcoming people at any time.

Because Liquid VPS for NopCommerce has storm features, it only requires people to pay for what they use, which starts at $105/mo. And the payment method is daily billing that is very convenient for businesses to change the plan and keep more working capital. And the money back policy is just valid for full-month plans.

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