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Known as a cryptographic protocol, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is designed and developed to ensure high security over computer networks. Nowadays, it is widely used by both personals and businesses. Throughout the market, there are some companies who specialize in SSL service, while some hosting providers offer SSL certificate as add-on products. After reviewing tons of SSL, now we introduce Comodo SSL, GeoTrust SSL and Symantec SSL as the Best SSL Certificate, and people can use to satisfy different demands.

Comodo SSL – Best for Personal and Small Business

Based in New Jersey, US, Comodo ( is considered as one of the most leading companies that offer reputable SSL certificate and computer software products. Until now, Comodo has offices in multiple countries, and becomes the biggest issuer of SSL certificates with around 34% market share.

As a quick and effective method for people to protect client transactions, Comodo SSL certificate offers great rich features. For an example, 2048 bit digital signatures, up to 256 bit encryption, fast online automated validation, 1 year free PCI scanning, 99.9% browser recognition, phone, web & mail support.

Regularly, Comodo SSL certificate price starts from $76.95/yr. With Comodo promotion, now customers can receive up to 60% off to make its SSL certificate price from $29.95/yr. It is quite safe to go with Comodo. Once customers are not satisfied with its SSL certificate service, Comodo will give them a refund within the first 30 days.

Comodo SSL Promotion
Up to 60% Off

Before cancelling the SSL certificate, we suggest customers to contact Comodo industry-leading expert for support. If they have questions about the installation, application and any other aspect of SSL certificate, Comodo first-class technical support is available via Live Chat, Phone, Email and Knowledgebase.

If people are looking SSL certificate service for their personal or small business websites, we recommend them Comodo SSL certificate. To know more, please visit Comodo.

GeoTrust SSL – Best for Businesses

Known as the second biggest digital certificate provider around the world, GeoTrust ( provides a complete series of SSL certificate products. Now, there are over 100,000 customers in around 150 countries trust GeoTrust SSL certificate service to conduct and secure their online businesses.

GeoTrust has a full range of high price-valued SSL certificate solutions that all with very fast delivery, and can meet different needs of customers. Generally, most of its certificates will be issued in just minutes. Going with GeoTrust, customers can get 2048-bit root, dynamic date, 1-3 years validity options, 99% + browser compatibility, up to 256-bit encryption, unlimited server licenses per certificate and other optional features.

The price of GeoTrust SSL certificate starts from $149 per year, and the company offers 1-year, 2-year and 3-year service terms. For people who sign up with long-term period, they will receive more than 15% off making the SSL certificate price from $124 per year.

GeoTrust SSL Promotion
15% Off

GeoTrust guarantees customers the industry-standard money back policy. If customers not like its service, they are allowed to cancel it and request a full refund within the first 30 days. Meanwhile, GeoTrust SSL expert support is available to offer instant assistance, and it can be contacted through 24/7 Telephone, Email and Online Chat.

Taking its features, performance and price into consideration, GeoTrust SSL certificate solution is perfect for business uses. If business owners are interested in the SSL certificate, please visit Geotrust to know more.

Symantec SSL – Best for eCommerce

Symantec ( is the US-based technology company who produces software and management solutions for storage, backup, security and etc., and helps millions of customers manage and secure their information-driven world. Now, Symantec SSL is regarded as one of the best SSL certificate services in the industry.

By using top-leading 256-bit SSL encryption integrated in all of its packages, Symantec SSL certificate services are well-designed for increasing customers’ server & website security. There are some core features: RSA certificate & DSA SSL certificate, Norton Secured Seal trust mark, at least $1,500,000 warranty, daily malware scanning, 100% end-user compatibility, unlimited SAN support, and optional ECC, Green Address Bar, critical vulnerability scan, etc.

Compared to many other SSL certificate providers, Symantec service price is a little bit expensive that starts from $399/yr. While the company offers discounts to customers who choose long-term billing cycle, and they enable to save more than $200 totally. Similarly, all SSL certificate packages are backed up by a 30 Days Full Money Back Guarantee.

Symantec SSL Promotion
Save Over $200

Symantec free support service is available all the time via 24/7 web and email. Also, it provides extended support services for extra assistance. In general, Symantec SSL certificate service is great for eCommerce and business use. To claim it, please visit Symantec.

How to Choose SSL Certificate

The endless number of choices available can be annoying and confusing when people need to select an SSL certificate service for their websites or businesses. Simply put, SSL certificate is a cryptographic protocol used for securing websites and making safe for visitors to share confidential & private information. Since SSL certificate comes with different types and qualities, it is quite hard for people to make the right decision.

Before choosing SSL certificate products, it is very important to figure out what SSL certificate type will be better for people’s websites. As the result, let’s find out the types of SSL certificates and their specific features. Basically, SSL certificate has 5 categories: wildcard SSL certificate, extended validation SSL certificate (EV), domain validated SSL certificate (DV), multi-domain certificate and organization validated SSL certificate (OV).

Wildcard SSL Certificate

wildcard_sslAs one of the most popular and convenient SSL certificate products, wildcard SSL certificate allows users to secure unlimited sub domains like,,, and etc., on one main domain name with just one single SSL certificate. For others, wildcard SSL certificate just likes regular SSL that secure the connectivity between visitors’ browsers and the targeted websites.

If people have multiple sub domains associated with, no matter the amount, in fact, wildcard SSL certificate is always people’ first consideration.

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate

green_address_barSSL certificate is designed as a security product that encrypts data and information. EV SSL certificate makes it better. Actually, EV SSL not only provides users with high-standard encryption and protection, but also ensures a green address bar which is regarded as the symbol of trust throughout the industry.

For this specific feature and advantage, EV SSL certificate is widely used by eCommerce and business websites, because businesses have to capture the trust and recognition of their customers & visitors. It is extremely significant to the profitability and conversion online.

Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificate

Domain validated (DV) SSL certificate is a common type of SSL certificate that the validated identifies data & information included in the certificate is restricted to the domain name. Coming with standard encryption feature, DV SSL certificate provides not much else. One of its great advantages it that DV SSL certificate could be issued within few minutes, this is much faster than many other SSLs.

Besides, domain validated SSL certificate usually charges at very affordable prices, and it is considered as one of the cheapest SSL options throughout the marketplace. As the result, we recommend DV SSL certificate to personal users to secure their websites and save budgets.

Multi-Domain SSL certificate

Instead of purchasing and installing multiple SSL certificates for each one, people can secure multiple different domain names with a multi-domain SSL certificate. Different multi-domain certificates have different capacities, normally, it could secure from 2 to 100 domain names, maybe more.

Going with multi-domain SSL certificate, people enable to add maximum-allowed extra domains on the existing SSL. It will not help people save their money, but also make much easier to manage and control multiple domain names under just one SSL certificate.

Organization Validated (OV) SSL certificate

SSL-CertificateOrganization validated SSL certificate is one of the most popular and reliable SSL types that offers strong SSL protection and instant identity confirmation for websites. Compared to domain validated (DV) SSL, OV SSL certificate gives a further step in credibility.

Although organization validated SSL has no green address bar, it has its own benefits. For example, it will not take such long time to be completed, and it is cheaper than EV SSL certificate. If businesses are going to gain customers’ trust and recognition, OV SSL is definitely one of the best options.

After finding out the SSL certificate types, there are some factors people need to take into accounts if they want to purchase the most suitable SSL certificate product.

  1. There are many hosting provider and domain registrars provide SSL certificate as optional or add-on services, and this sounds very easy and convenient. Should people purchase SSL from their web hosting providers? If people require professional and quality service and support, we suggest them to choose certificate authorities like GeoTrust, Comodo and Symantec as their security providers when considering SSL.
  2. If people host personal websites, then they can choose common SSL certificate products. While if they run business websites, they need to SSL certificates coming with specific features like green address bar, high encryption level and etc. Next, figure out how many transactions people can afford to lose because of the customer trust lack. In general, people need to choose a cost-effective SSL certificate for their websites.

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