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As one of the most popular and high-level programming languages, Python supports a wide range of programming paradigms, and is widely used in both scripting and non-scripting contexts. All of Python users can take benefits from its dynamic type system, automatic memory management as well as a large standard library.

In below, we introduce 10 best Python books to both beginners and professionals, and help them to get a very comprehensive knowledge of Python.

Python Cookbook

best python book - python cookbookFor experienced Python programmers who require figuring out Python 2 code update issues or deep knowledge of writing programs in Python 3, this Python Cookbook is highly recommended that written by David Beazley and Brian K. Jones.

The contained topics cover from the key Python language to a variety of application domains, like Data Structures and Algorithms, Iterators and Generators, Files and I/O, Classes and Objects, Data Encoding and Processing, Modules and Packages, Testing, Debugging & Exceptions, etc. Readers can also take advantages of the code samples and discussion parts.

Python in Practice

best python book - python in practiceThe author, Mark Summerfield, displayed around 4 main parts within the book Python in Practice, including design patterns for coding elegance, faster processing through concurrency an complied Python, high-level networking as well as graphics. The knowledge and samples will help Python programmers make huge improvement in many aspects of their Python programs.

The highlights of Python in Practice contain:

  • Leverage Python’s most effective creational, structural, and behavioral design patterns
  • Avoid concurrency problems using thread-safe queues and futures rather than fragile locks
  • Accelerate Python code with Cython, C-based Python modules, profiling, and other techniques
  • Create modern-looking GUI applications with Tkinter

Learn Python Quickly

learn-python-quicklyThe book comes with both eBook design and paperback edition, and it is perfect for beginners who want to grab some Python knowledge and skills easily. Learn Python Quickly presents great quantities of code examples and programming exercise of Python. Furthermore, the included hyperlinks satisfy readers with more valuable computing experience.

Very basic and easy, the book would show the readers: Python install issues, the use of Python’s interactive ‘IDLE’ interface, some Basics of the language, the Lists and dictionaries, Looping as well as the program control, Reading & writing to sequential files, spreadsheets interfacing and databases querying.

Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner

python-programmingPython Programming for the Absolute Beginner delivers the newbies a fresh new and interesting introduction of Python. In addition to illustrating concepts with comprehensive and clear code samples, the author sets some simple game at the end of each chapter that demonstrates the core ideas of the chapter, helping readers consolidate the knowledge. The book content includes:

  • Getting Started: The Game Over Program
  • Types, Variables, and Simple I/O: The Useless Trivia Program
  • Branching, while Loops, and Program Planning: The Guess My Number Game
  • for Loops, Strings, and Tuples: The Word Jumble Game

Learning Python

learning-pythonWritten by Mark Lutz, one of the most famous pioneers in the Python area, Learning Python gives the Python programmers and non-Python users a deep and thorough explanation of core Python language. Through finishing the quizzes, exercises, illustrations and some self-paced tutorials, people cannot only master the knowledge very quickly, but also write efficient code with Python. From the book, people can also:

  • Explore Python’s major built-in object types
  • Avoid code redundancy and package code by utilizing some of the functions
  • Learn decorators, descriptors, metaclasses and etc. these high-level Python tools
  • Take further research of Python’s object-oriented programming tools

Core Python Programming

core-pythonCore Python Programming is definitely a right book for people who have known Python already, and want to dive into this powerful programming language. Through broader coverage, insightful views, code snippets, examples, and dozens of practical exercises, it helps people build expertise of both Python 2 and 3. What are people can learn from the book:

  • Basic knowledge of programming, such as web servers, CGI and WSGI
  • Professional Python styles, one of the best practical exercises and habits of programming
  • Cope with GUI application issues by using Tkinter and other useful toolkits
  • The Django framework and Google App Engine help gain more about web development and cloud computing

O’Reilly Python Pocket Reference

pocket-referenceThis book has been updated for Python 2.7 and 3.4, and it would give Python users an excellent reference of Python knowledge. Mark Lutz, the author, provides a very easy and convenient way to exploit Python types and statements, built-in functions, popular but standard library modules, and other vital Python tools. O’Reilly Python Pocket Reference covers:

  • Statements and syntax that use for creating and processing objects
  • Functions and modules for structuring an reusing code
  • Standard library modules and extensions that are popular with developers
  • Python idioms and hints, and the Python SQL database API

Programming Python

programming-pythonAfter taking basic understanding of Python, people might need to check out Programming Python to get a better and deeper knowledge. The book gives the information of how Python is used in a database, networking, front-end scripting layers and its primary application domains, system administration and etc.

There are five major topics: Quick Python tour, System programming, GUI programming, Internet programming and More ways to apply Python available. The book is full of concise examples and manner, and people can learn language syntax and programming techniques from the introduced widely-used Python tools and library.

Python Essential Reference

python-essentialPython Essential Reference is an authoritative reference guide designed for professional Python programmers. It contains comprehensive details of Python library, and also offers many advanced and exclusive subjects that readers cannot find out from other Python sources. If people intend to handle Python 3, or require modernizing Python code, they can take this book, which has:

  • Practical coverage of Python’s more advanced features, and expanded coverage of library modules that related to concurrent programming
  • Deep coverage of low-level system and networking library modules
  • Updates and improvements of modern Python programming style, idioms and example code

Python In A Day

python-day-twoDifferent from other books, Python In A Day aims to teach readers implement the practical programming directly, instead of staying on the boring theory only. More reader-friendly, author used various code in each chapter, so people are allowed to skip chapters they are not interested in, and have no worry about missing important topics.

This book is great for professionals rather than beginners, and they will learn in Python In A Day:

  • How to work with CSV files to export data from Python into a Spreasheet, and vice versa
  • How to grab data from Websites using Python
  • How to work with a database in Python
  • How to create a Graphical User Interface with Python
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