Best Practices for Effective Organic Link Building

linkbuilding2To run your business online, the first thing you need to do is ranking your website higher in the search engine results. Link building is one of the most important ways for search engine optimization. Most of the business and website owners have their own approaches for link building. But there are some common ways that can be followed by the marketers to rank their websites in the search engine results. If you are running a business online, then here are some effective ways for organic link building that you can follow.

1. Do Social Bookmarking

We know that most of the social bookmarking sites are nofollow sites. These sites will not give you link juice, but they can give you traffic. When your bookmarked content gets popular, you will get a huge amount of traffic at your website. And some of the traffic will be happy to link back to you.

To get valuable links in social media, you have to start with conversations. Have a continue conversation around your services or products with others and also offer value in the other parts of the discussion.

2. Press Release Submission

pressreleasePress release submission is another way for link building and many websites owners use press-release sites to rank their pages on the search engine results. Several press-release sites are there that can be used for link building. Some of them are, PR-log, etc.

You can also blog on the latest news because news is always fresh, and people love to read latest news. So blogging on the latest news can give you a way to get links, especially if you are the first person writing on the news.

3. Do Not Waste Time in Leaving Blog Comments

You may think that leaving comments on others blogs is a good way of link building but in real it does nothing for page ranking because earlier many people have abused this way of creating links. The primary link, the link that you put in your blog post, is usually coded as a “nofollow” link. The meaning of a nofollow link is that search engines like Google and others will not follow the link and the link will not be included in the Google database. However, if someone shares the link via a blog post (not through comment) or if someone re-Tweets the link, Google will have a look at the tertiary and secondary link and will start assigning value to it.

4. Directory Submission

下载 (2)All the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo prefer the links of business directories and important webs to provide the relevant and useful content to their users. Several business directories are available on the web, using which you can boost your search engine rankings.

Most of the directories provide free and premium services. Both the services are useful to build links, but premium service makes your job secured and guaranteed. When Google ranks your pages at the higher in the search results, readers will visit your page and also notice author bio website if they find your content useful and interesting.

5. Review the Inbound Links to Your Site

You should always scrutinize and review the links to your website from other parties. Are they offering something good and are they promotional? It has seen that some large companies had fallen into troubles for inbound links of poor-quality. To get rid of such problems, you can use disavow tool of Google Webmaster’s Tool.

With all these things, other most important things for organic link building are producing high-quality content and maintaining SEO rules.

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