Best Practice to Build Twitter Followers

followmeOne of the most famous and attractive social media marketing website is TWITTER, which is one of the most popular platforms these days. You can promote your business very easily and also increase your website traffic by using Twitter and increasing your Twitter followers.And to increase your followers, you would have to post a few things on a regular basis. Your post should be authentic, and your followers should engage in your twitter page. But increasing Twitter followers is not that easy. You have to follow some techniques to gain many followers. Here we will suggest you a few techniques so that you can gain twitter followers for your business page.

Twitter posting techniques:

  • Tweet on those posts only that is one or two months old. Because if you tweet to the previous post, then it is of no use for you.
  • Try to promote your content or post like that everyone would like to share it  or retweet your content
  • Try to post some post that is not related to your business, so that people would be attracted and would start following you. You can postany humorous photo, or some latest news or some video that will create some interest and your followers would also love to come to your page to see this post.
  • Do retweet some useful and valuable post so that will help you to gain some followers and hence you can promote your business and your products easily.

How you can engage your users:

  • Simply if you know how to retweet, then do retweet 3-4 posts daily, which will help you gain popularity among many people.
  • If users are asking you some questions, then answer to them. It is preferred that at least 10 answers should be given to users, which will also help them to know about what you provide and who you are.
  • Whoever share your post, and then say thanks to them.
  • Try to post some meaningful and humorous photos as well on your wall as it will be very attractive for your users.
  • Watch carefully why people like other post and pages. You can search it by particular keywords. As by searching particular keywords, you will be able to know where people are more engaged. And you will also know which post and content that they like more. And try to make your page also like that and even more attractive.

Following techniques:

  • Try to follow many users and significant people so that many of their users will also start following you.And following significant people and authorized people will help you to tweet and retweet their content and posts.
  • Start watching your competitor follower list and see which type of post their users usually retweet and also like. Try to make those types of posts.
  • Clean up old and previous followers from your profile and try to get new and many more followers.

Use of hashtags:


  • Use properly hashtags in your content as these are words or phrases that would be searched by many people. So, only choose those hashtags that are very beneficial for your product promotion.
  • You can put hashtag anywhere in the body –in the middle, starting or in the last. It would totally depend on you.
  • It is being preferred that only 2 hashtags in your tweet is good for you and not to put too many hashtags in your tweet, which would make your tweet more spammy.
  • This would be very beneficial for you because whichever word you use for hashtags would be searched by nay users. So they will also get you tweet in their search, and that would be very good for you if they like your tweet.
  • If you want to know how many people has used this hashtag, then click on that hashtag and yo would get to know who else is tagged with that hashtag.

Twitter followerwonk is the best tool for finding all the details for your followers and for your competitors’ followers. You can find any detail about anyone through this tool. It will help you to explore and also to grow your social graphs. The best thing on twitter is twitter card. If you gain that particular card for your website, then it would be very beneficial for your website. This will a short snapshot of your website, and whenever you tweet anything or retweet anything, you will get this twitter card over there.

So try these strategies for gaining followers for your website. Hope this will for sure help you gain as many followers as your competitors have as this would be the best techniques for getting the number of followers in our twitter page.

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