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As an advanced programming language, PHP is more useful for web builders, developers and programmers to install web applications than HTML and other script languages do. So lots of people want to acquire PHP skills and there are many PHP books, from which they can learn PHP. After reviewing a variety of PHP books, we list 10 books in below as the best PHP book for users.

PHP and MySQL for Beginners

best php book for BeginnerAfter learning enough about Java HTML, and CSS, you will come to the last step that is PHP and MySQL database to build complex websites or install apps. Here PHP and MySQL for Beginners is one of the best PHP books for website masters or mobile developers. Even if you are totally new, you will get a wide knowledge about concepts of PHP and be able to apply what you learn from this book into reality from PHP language to database application. What this book covers:

  • PHP introduction and PHP writing teaching
  • Variables and Arrays
  • How PHP works
  • Setting up MySQL database
  • Lab exercise

To find out more information, please check out PHP and MySQL for Beginners.

PHP and MySQL Web Development

best php book on PHP and MySQL Web DevelopmentAs one of the best PHP book, PHP and MySQL Web Development shows huge power in leading customers into PHP and MySQL database world. Beyond that, this book talks how PHP and MySQL interact with each other to create web applications fast and effective. From PHP and MySQL Web Development, readers will learn:

  • The fundamentals of PHP programming language
  • MySQL designing, setting and working
  • High-end PHP technologies
  • Creating projects with PHP language and MySQL database
  • E-commerce and security interacting with PHP and MySQL

Visit PHP and MySQL Web Development for more information.

PHP in Action: Objects, Design, Agility

PHP in Action Objects, Design, AgilityPHP is an upper script language for website builders to install sophisticated web apps while PHP in Action: Objects, Design, Agility is practically useful for them to learn about PHP and make full use of it to achieve that purpose. Users will find out that it is easy to learn and master PHP skills via unit exercise with PHP in Action: Objects, Design, Agility. What’s more, this book offers the following contents:

  • Web cases
  • The Model-View-Contoller architecture in the user intercommunication part
  • PHP working with database
  • The importance of Object that will be persistent

For more knowledge in details, please go with PHP in Action: Objects, Design, Agility.

PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice

PHP Objects, Patterns, and PracticePHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice is a great PHP book for readers who has some basic understanding about PHP. In addition to that, this book has updated all the time, so from which readers will learn more about design rules, a number of examples, tools and the latest PHP features like class reflection, inheritance and declaration. As a result, readers will know how to read design patterns, how to select and combine the elements of a system. This book consists of:

  • PHP object-oriented features, containing static means and properties
  • Complete design principles
  • A wide range of design models which can be applied into your own works
  • Useful tools and cases

Please go to PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice to get more details about this book.

Professional PHP Programming

Professional PHP ProgrammingExcelling in IP connectivity and combination with database, PHP is an open script techniques that a growing number of web users want to get to run their websites. With Professional PHP Programming, users will realize their desire of acquiring professional PHP language and intermediate programming. However, this book is more suitable for developers and programmers, who know something about HTML and PHP. From this book, users will master:

  • PHP installation and configuration
  • Dynamic application design
  • Database application, especially for the latest MySQL database
  • E-commerce and business practice with PHP language
  • LDAP connectivity knowledge

Please access Professional PHP Programming to find more information.

PHP Cookbook

PHP CookbookWeb builders often meet with programming problems and spend much time in looking for solutions on Internet or on the assistance of professionals during creating their websites. Now, PHP Cookbook directs a road to users, in which they will easily find out answers to simple PHP questions or even high-level programming matters. This book is just like a cookbook, giving redundant “recipes” to setting up web apps. Moreover, the new techniques like PHP 5 and PDO data access extension are all included in this book. PHP Cookbook contains:

  • A study of strings, numbers, dates, times, arrays, variables and functions
  • New chapter: classes and objects
  • Essential web learning like cookies setting, reading and deleting
  • Database presentation and application
  • XML study
  • Building web services

To get more details, please click PHP Cookbook.

Programming PHP

Programming PHPProgramming PHP is recently revised that covers the new features with multiple versions of PHP5. If readers have already mastered HTML, he or she will sooner become a professional programmer after reading this book. In addition to that, this book firstly gives a glance at PHP and PHP programs, and then comes to small points, of which language syntax is one. Readers will benefit a lot from this wonderful book, like:

  • PHP script language basics: variable, flow control statements and data type
  • PHP integrating with database
  • Creating dynamic images like PDF files
  • Understanding PHP key functions and extensions

Interested in it, please visit Programming PHP.

PHP Advanced and Object-Oriented Programming

PHP Advanced and Object-Oriented ProgrammingDo you still feel confused about installing dynamic web applications by making use of the advanced PHP language? Larry Ullman just updated his PHP Advanced and Object-Oriented Programming, which will make your PHP skills step up to a higher position. Choosing this book, readers will also access to get the direct help from the author, update book and more services for free. The following shows the major contents of this book:

  • PHP and database basics
  • The practical use of PHP programming language
  • Basic object-oriented programming
  • Design models
  • PHP interacting with Network, server and XML
  • Tools and testing

Want more? Please go to PHP Advanced and Object-Oriented Programming.

Head First PHP & MySQL

Head First PHP & MySQLThe websites built with CSS and HTML cannot satisfy your needs for running business. Then Head First PHP & MySQL is one of the best PHP books, helping you creating websites driven by the first-level MySQL database and PHP language. More than that, this book keeps pace with the programming examples in reality as well as offering a large number of testing. This book contains twelve chapters in all, referring contents in below:

  • The reasons that PHP acts more powerful than HTML
  • Generate PHP scripts
  • Connect PHP to the MySQL database
  • How to create data
  • Installing PHP apps with both files and database at the same time

Click Head First PHP & MySQL for more information.

Advanced PHP Programming

Advanced PHP ProgrammingAlthough there are plenty of PHP books teaching web users to create small apps with PHP, enterprise-level web apps with PHP lack guidance in the market for users. Now, Advanced PHP Programming plays this role, directing people especially big-businesses to generate web apps with PHP. On top of that, this book proves PHP’s power in extensibility, stability and performance. What this book writes:

  • How to choose coding styles
  • OO programming and design patterns
  • how to deal with errors
  • PHP with database

Visit Advanced PHP Programming for more details.

Above 10 best PHP books you should check out when learning PHP, however, you could also check out this PHPTale free PHP tutorials, a blog maintained by my friend Davis.Paul, where you could find a lot of helpful article when developing a website using PHP.

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