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Right blog software is half way to create a successful blog whatever is a personal blog, family blog or professional blog. However, it is not easy to choose suitable blog software since there is a broad range of software. In view of that, we will briefly introduce 3 ways to teach you how to pick up.

  • Scripting language: different blog software has different requirements on scripting languages. Some need PHP, some want Rails, etc. So before selecting blog software, confirm which language you will use.
  • Features: considering what features that your blog need. Do you want to smarter ones? Or do you want to have more control on your own website?
  • New software or old software: we strongly recommend you, especially if you are beginners to utilize those old software rather than new ones, because old software has experienced improvements for many times. So they are more stable and have fewer bugs.

In addition to above ways, there are other factors you should consider when pick up blog software, like size of software community, your blog function, etc. No matter what your final decision is, make sure that your selected software is helpful to your blog and does not bring you much trouble.

And in the following post, we will recommend the Best Blog Software based on PHP programming language, which is a favorite of many PHP bloggers. Besides, Joomla, Nucleus CMS, Textpattern , ExpressionEngine and more others are easy to use blog software too.

WordPress - Most Popular PHP Blog Software

wordpressWordPress is the most famous blog software as well as content management system in the industry, which is known almost by every blogger. According to Wikipedia statistics, there are more than 60 million websites used WordPress in the World. And our website utilizes WordPress too.

It is a series of exclusive advantages that make WordPress gain so much popularity. WordPress is free and open-source. Because of that, there is a super huge WordPress community, in which developers, experienced bloggers, newbies, etc share their WordPress experience, devote new plugins as well as themes, update WordPress and much more. As a result, WordPress becomes the most stable blog software so far through the utilization, verification and improvement by millions of users.

On top of that, it is easy to download and install WordPress. What’s more, you can find out any type of themes and plugins to better create and manage blogs if you choose WordPress. And they are updated fast because of the strong community. Other attractive features of WordPress include over 70 languages supported, customization, flexibility, simplicity and much more.

Therefore, no matter who you are, you can easily start a blog with WordPress. For WordPress details and download, please visit

Drupal - Powerful PHP Blog Software

drupalDrupal is another outstanding blog software written in PHP. And actually, Drupal is community software more than blog software. But many users are still willing to download it as their blog platforms due to its extraordinary performance. Examples are The Woodhouse Day Spa,,, etc.

As WordPress, Drupal is also open-source software, free for bloggers. And Drupal shows customizable, powerful and versatile features:

  • The active Drupal community with hundreds of thousands of members provides a place to get supported and support others as well.
  • Rich functionality contains advanced polls, menu, graphics, search, user management, etc.
  • Content types cover video, podcasts, poll, text, statistics and much more.
  • A large number of existing plugins that are very helpful to create blogs. Or you can change the existing plugins or write new plugins in terms of your specific needs.

However, since Drupal requires higher knowledge to install and modify, we do not recommend it to those green hands. To learn more details or download Drupal for free, please visit


b2evolutionb2evolution is open-source PHP blog software, but has a smaller community compared to WordPress and Drupal. Due to its ease of use and versatile features, b2evolution is a recommendation more for new bloggers. Its features include but do not limit the following:

  • Ease to download and upgrade.
  • Supporting multiple blogs with a single b2evolution installation. You can setup several blogs on the same page or put them in different pages, different folders and even on different domains.
  • Supporting multiple users and authors.
  • A variety of skins can be directly downloaded, installed and customized.

You can go to to acquire more information and download b2evolution.

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