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best managed wordpress logoFinding the right VPS solution for hosting your WordPress website can be an interesting adventure, but when you add management service to the equation, it can be even more interesting. To help you solve this problem, in this article, we are going to introduce three best managed WordPress hosting built on a VPS platform—Bluehost, DreamHost, and LiquidWeb, which either come with budget price, or feature with best in class performance.

Bluehost—Best Cheap Managed WordPress VPS

bluehost manged wordpress vpsAs a member of Top 10 Web Hosting providers in the industry, Bluehost ( has grown up into one of the most reputed cloud hosting providers after 13 years of development. All its hosting services are built on open source technology and combined with rich features to meet different demands from customers. What makes Bluehost so popular is the web host gives quite affordable price along with abundant offerings.

Bluehost managed WordPress hosting is built on revolutionary VPS technology, everything people need to make their WordPress websites user-friendly, secure, and extremely fast comes standard with this hosting solution. The starter price of Bluehost managed WordPress VPS is only $12.49 for the first month, with 50% off regular price $24.99/mo. In addition to that, people will be offered a anytime money guarantee, which means they can receive a full refund if they cancel within the first thirty days, and receive a prorated refund if they cancel after that period.

Bluehost Promotion
50% OFF

To bring customers quality hosting experience, Bluehost offers many built tools like WordPress-centric controls, MOJO Marketplace and ManagedWP for running their WordPress sites like a breeze. And it also integrates powerful SiteLock features including Sitelock WAF, SiteLock Security, and Advanced CDN to prevent all WordPress sites from attacking.

There are four managed WordPress VPS plans in all designed for bloggers, professionals, businesses, and enterprises respectively. Within the basic package, customers can find 5 managedWP sites, 1 domain, 1 IP address, 30GB storage, 30GB backups, 2GB RAM, 100 million monthly visits, enhanced cPanel, SiteLock CDN, and SiteLock Pro security, etc.

Thanks to the advanced NGINX architecture, custom PHP-FPM configuration and VPS power, people with Bluehost managed WordPress VPS don’t need to worry about the page load times at all. Meanwhile, Bluehost is able to remain at least 99.9% uptime.

For more information, please visit to find out.

LiquidWeb—Highest Performance Managed WordPress VPS

liquidweb managed wordpress vpsLiquidWeb ( is well known for wholly-owning three state-of-the-art data centers and offering industry-leading 24/7/365 Heroic Support. Its hosting solutions range from shared hosting, VPS, to dedicated hosting, based on both Linux and Windows platform.

It is acknowledged that the performance benchmarks of LiquidWeb are the best of the best. Not only owning its servers, LiquidWeb also owns its core data centers and optimize them on every level. It even makes use of CentOS 7, PHP/HHVM, Maria and Apache in its managed WordPress VPS environments to maximize performance. Other more, the hosting company takes advantage of a custom CSF firewall and SSL by default to create a secure hosting environment for all people.

LiquidWeb also ensures the WordPress hosting environment is fully covered by its 24/7/365 Heroic Support and comes backed by its Heroic Promise guarantees like 30-minute hardware replacement time, 100% network and power uptime, 59-second phone and live chat responses, and 30-minute ticket responses. The web host even has a group of 125 Red Hat Certified systems administrators available for having any WordPress problem raised from customers quickly and effectively resolved.

There are six options for customers to choose from. Even with the basic plan, people can get fully managed VPS, up to 10 sites, 100GB SSD storage, unlimited visitors, automatic core & plugin updates, free migration, automatic backups, LiquidWeb CDN, WP-CLI, WordPress multisite, and SSL.

LiquidWeb sets the price of its managed WordPress VPS start at $89/mo, which seems a little expensive for general websites. But if taken its superior performance, remarkable customer support and rich advanced features into account, the price is still affordable, which is especially perfect for those enterprise-level websites.

LiquidWeb Price
From $89/mo

More details can be found at

DreamHost—Cheapest SSD Managed WordPress VPS

dreamhost managed wordpress vpsWhen it comes to DreamHost (, many people would think of the best SSD hosting provider. All its hosting solutions have driven by SSD technology to optimize the website speed. As a complement of domain service and traditional hosting solutions, DreamHost has developed cloud hosting as well.

DreamHost managed WordPress hosting, also called DreamPress 2, is hosted on virtual private servers with SSD drives. It supports PHP5.6 with OPcache, HHVM and the latest MySQL database. With DreamHost managed WordPress VPS, people can benefit from 30GB of SSD storage, 2.1 million monthly visits, auto-scaling RAM, unlimited email addresses, automatic WordPress installation & updates, standard WordPress web panel, WP-CLI pre-installed, SSH w/Git available, and 1 dedicated IP.

Customers are allowed to sign up with monthly or annually agreement. If they choose the latter, they can get a promotional price of $19.95/mo, saving 20% off monthly price $24.95/mo. Though DreamHost just offers one plan for its managed WordPree VPS service, people can get everything from it to build an amazing website.

DreamHost Big Deal
20% OFF

Additionally, DreamHost managed WordPress VPS is also super fast and highly reliable due to its SSD drives and multiple data center locations. The web host now has fine-tuned its Memcached settings to result in faster load times and fewer requests to the MySQL database. Similar to that, it has Varnish caching automatically set up on every managed WordPress VPS account to improve latency and provide a layer of caching protection for each site during traffic spikes.

The customer service at DreamHost is also standard. The hosting company has built a world-class in-house tech support from WordPress experts for better helping customers with this solution. People can get assistance via email, live chat or Twitter around the clock.

In case you need to know more about DreamHost, we suggest you go to to check out.

When to Consider Managed WordPress VPS

When you’ve outgrown shared hosting, you would naturally think about VPS for having a faster and more reliable platform to support your WordPress site. Instead of managing the WordPress website from all aspects by yourself, many hosting companies offers quality management service responsible for your WordPress site’s backups, updates, migration and more. Compared to dedicated hosting, managed WordPress VPS would be more affordable without bringing much money stress for you.

Among thousands of web hosts, Bluehost, DreamHost and LiquidWeb are the three with the highest price value managed WordPress VPS service, allowing you to feel free to go with and bringing you marvelous online experience.

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