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best-keyword-research-toolsA lot of website owners and businessman use WordTracker tool for keyword research. Google keyword planner also is a keyword research tool which is available in free but if you are serious about your online business and want to keep it going, then WordTracker is the best option for you. This is an industry level keyword research tool, trusted tool for keyword analysis and provides you related phrases and terms that people have searched into the search engines.


WordTracker tool offers you a flexible keyword searching option and also a complete database which contains 300 million terms related to the keyword. So it becomes easy for you to produce a list of keywords based on the competition rate and the number of times each term is searched by people into search engines in last 2 days (48 hours).


WordTracker keyword research tool contains two important features, Keyword Baskets and Multiple Projects.

  • Keyword Baskets- This feature of WordTracker tool can store huge number of keywords, which is up to 5000 keywords in each bucket.
  • Multiple Projects- This feature of the powerful keyword research tool can work on multiple numbers of keyword research tasks.

Review of WordTracker keyword research tool

wordtrackerNow WordTracker tool is considered as the most powerful tool for keyword research. The user-friendly design of this tool let users to search and find relevant keywords quickly for both pay per click campaigns and search engine optimization. The Keyword Universe of WordTracker tool is its core technology which allows the users to do a lateral search for keywords using WordTracker database. The WordTracker database consists of Dogpile and Metacrawler search engines. These two search engines contain search terms of 300 million which is more than enough for the keyword researchers.

Besides WordTracker database, this powerful keyword research tool also searches the web and captures the description tags and meta keywords from related websites. After the collection of keyword is completed, WordTracker tool let you dig deeper into the results to have a better idea of the count such as how many times a keyword was searched by users etc.

You will see two reports, “Top 1000 Long term report” and “Short Term Report”. The “Top 1000 Long Term Report” shows you what people have been searching in the past few months and the “Short Term Report” shows similar data which have been searching by the people for over last 48 hours.

How to use WordTracker tool

To use WordTracker keyword research tool in order to search keywords, you simply need to enter your keyword phrase or keyword. Then the tool will produce a list of phrases related to the keyword and will display at the left-hand side of their interface. The list that appears contains of keyword phrases and combinations and some of them you may never have think of use before.

If you click any of the phrases on the left side, a list of keywords related to that particular phrase will appear on the right hand column with showing the number of times that the keyword was searched by people in last 2 months (60 days). Not only that, WordTracker tool also scours your competitors’ websites and tells you how many competitors use those keywords. From there you will get option to click on each keyword in the right-hand side column and dig deeper for more related terms and phrases.

If you use the paid version of WordTracker tool, you will get option to add 5000 keywords to your ‘basket’. To get an idea about this powerful tool, you can use the free version of WordTracker tool.

The subscription rates of WordTracker tool are as follows:

  • $30 for 1 week subscription
  • $59 for 1 month subscription
  • $299 for 1 year subscription

You can purchase any of the service and enjoy the facility of WordTracker tool.

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