Best High Assurance SSL Certificate

Known as the most effective method for online businesses to protect their customers’ transactions, high assurance SSL certificate is widely used for validating and authenticating information like domain names, brand names, addresses and etc. There are many SSL certificate providers available to offer high assurance SSL certificates on different levels. After reviewing hundreds of services, now we name Comodo, GeoTrust and Symantec as the Best High Assurance SSL Certificates.

Comodo – Cheapest High Assurance SSL Certificate

Comodo is a leading and famous company is Internet security. With full range of SSL certificate services and online security products, Comodo now serves millions of customers around the world. One of its important missions is to deliver low cost high assurance SSL certificate.

Featuring the strongest level of encryption, Comodo high assurance SSL is completely business validated. Besides, it contains the highest strength 2048-bit signatures with 256-bit encryption, 99.9% recognition of mobile devices & browsers, unlimited server licenses, $10,000 relying party warranty, plus 1-year free website vulnerability scanning and PCI scanning service. Moreover, the TrustLogo feature and dynamic site seal work to improve customer conversion.

In addition to great features, Comodo high assurance SSL certificate is billed at the cheapest prices. Now, all new subscribers can get the SSL service at only $34.67 per year, at least 55% off the regular price. Once customers are not happy with their purchase, Comodo will give them a refund within 30 days, no question asked.

Comodo SSL Deal
55% Off

For any question about Comodo high assurance SSL certificate installation or application, its first-class technical support experts can help. If people require both great value and trust SSL solution, then they could go with Comodo high assurance SSL certificate.

GeoTrust – Best High Assurance SSL for Small Business

Utilizing the newest technologies, GeoTrust provides world-class SSL certificate products with very fast delivery and cost-effective prices, enabling customers to maximize the security of transactions. Let’s check out GeoTrust high assurance SSL certificate.

The service is named as GeoTrust True BusinessID, and it is considered as a strong business level SSL certificate. It offers SSL certificate management console, up to 256-bit encryption, issuance time within 1 day, $1.25M, time site seal, 2048-bit root, nearly 100% browser compatibility, free reissues, mobile device compatibility.

GeoTrust high assurance SSL certificate charges at $199 per year, and customers could have 1-year, 2-year and 3-year validity options. With 50% off, the discounted high assurance SSL price starts at $83 per year. If customers go with long-term service, they can save up to $249.

GeoTrust SSL Deal
50% Off

GeoTrust guarantees industry standard 30 Days Money Back Policy. So, it is risk-free to choose GeoTrust high assurance SSL certificate if people purchase it for small business uses.

Symantec – Best High Assurance SSL for eCommerce

As a SSL certificate expert, Symantec helps customers secure their domains, websites and businesses with complete SSL services and products. Among these, Symantec high assurance SSL is one of the most popular one chosen by thousands of businesses.

Compared to other providers, Symantec high assurance SSL comes with multiple plans, and customers can choose or upgrade to advanced one freely. Basically, customers can get tons of benefits and features, such as 40-bit to 256-bit encryption, Norton Secured Seal, full business authentication, Malware scanning, reissuance insurance, private IP address allowed, SSL carry warranty of at least $1,500,000 and etc.

The yearly-paid price of Symantec high assurance SSL certificate starts at $399. The company now makes its quality high assurance SSL service more affordable by offering customers up to 20% off totally. As the result, Symantec high assurance SSL certificate price starts from $274 per year.

Symantec SSL Deal
20% Off

Similarly, Symantec high assurance SSL certificate is covered by 30-day money back guarantee and 24/7 technical support. No matter for installation, sale or FAQs, Symantec will offer instant support. In terms of customerbase, Symantec high assurance SSL certificate is perfect for people who hosting eCommerce websites.

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