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email-marketingFor small business owners, email marketing is a powerful and cost-effective method which helps create online campaigns, gain more subscribers and expand their businesses through sending emails to people directly.

Email marketing is quite popular, and there are tons of cheap email marketing solutions available in the market that small business owners can choose from. In below, we name Constant Contact, iContact and AWeber as the best email marketing solution for their premium qualities, supports and affordable prices.

Constant Contact – Best Email Marketing for Small Business

Constant Contact ( has been providing top email marketing solutions for business owners since 1995. Along with many other free email tools and professional support team, the company now serves thousands of customers worldwide.

Its email marketing solution contains hundreds of free and useful templates, message types such as newsletter, offers, promotion, registrations, surveys, etc., full toolkit, Facebook access, mobile access, image and file storage, reporting & tracking of opens, clicks and others. All of the features will help small business owners create a successful email marketing campaign.

With the management and list-building tools that offered by Constant Contact, owners are able to organize segment, create contact list and manage their email marketing solution easily. If they still have questions, Constant Contact support can be got through via phone, live chat and email.

Constant Contact email marketing solution comes with three packages, and its regular price starts from $20/mo. By following its latest promotion, owners can receive up to 30% off if they sign up pre-pay long-term service.

Constant Contact Promotion
Up to 30% Off

In addition to great features and price values, Constant Contact also offers full 60-Day free trial, and 100% money back. If people are looking for a reliable email marketing solution for their small business websites, Constant Contact is the best option.

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iContact – the Cheapest Email Marketing

As one of the most leading companies in the field, iContact ( is committed to providing with great and cheap email marketing service to address the different requirements of small business customers.

iContact email marketing solution includes all the needed and advanced features that owners can take complete use of for creating business campaigns. For an instance, hundreds of well-designed email templates, MessageCoder tool, email delivery, email tracking, sign-up forum, split testing, mail-merge fields and others.

In order to help its customers create and operate the email marketing solution easily, iContact provides easy-to-use MessageBuilder, which with drag-and-drop features, allowing to add brand colors, texts, links, images and etc.

The company not only delivers feature-rich email marketing solution, but also offers it at cheap price. If people subscribe with annual plan, then they enable to get the service at only $8.50/mo, 15% off the regular price $10/mo.

iContact Promotion
15% Off

Before purchasing, people could try iContact free trial, or contact its support employees through telephone, live chat and email, if they have problems about its service.

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AWeber – Professional Email Marketing

Established in 1998, AWeber ( has been delivering reputable and professional email marketing solutions. Through email method, its web-based service helps individuals and businesses achieve success.

As an email marketing professional, AWeber makes efforts on valuable and customer-desired tool and features. Its solution integrated over 600 HTML email templates, email newsletter, RSS, email marketing tracking & analytics, APP showcase as well as API, etc.

Besides, AWeber optimized drag-and-drop editor and Subscriber Segmenting tool bring business owners maximum convenience to edit and make management of images layouts and segments.

The regular price of AWeber email marketing starts from $19/mo, to get the great email service, customers can go with the promotional link, which helps save up to $34.

AWeber Promotion
Save Up to $34

AWeber is one of the few providers who offer 30 Days Full Money Back Guarantee, its support can be contacted through toll-free phone call, text chat email, live webinars, knowledgebase and blog.

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