Best Domain Validated SSL Certificate

Domain validated SSL certificate is considered as the cheapest and fastest-issued security certificate. Although it comes with the lowest level of validation, domain validated SSL certificate is still a great option for basic security use, especially for personals. After testing, now we introduce RapidSSL, Comodo and GeoTrust as the Best Domain Validated SSL Certificates, and people can select one of the most suitable solution for their domains and websites.

RapidSSL – the Cheapest DV SSL Certificate

As one of the most well-known SSL providers, RapidSSL domain validation SSL certificate offers strong encryption and other great features to secure the transactions of customers. At RapidSSL, customers would speed through enrollment with automated domain control validation.

RapidSSL domain validated SSL is easy to install, and it will be issued in just minutes. The SSL certificate contains 128/256-bit SSL encryption, free reissues, $10,000 warranty, over 99% browser support, unlimited server licensing and static site seal.

Besides, RapidSSL works to keep its costs down, and deliver one of the cheapest domain validation SSL certificates. Normally, its DV SSL price is billed at $49 per year. Through the following promotion link, people can sign up with RapidSSL domain validated SSL certificate from $12.99 per year.

RapidSSL DV SSL Promotion
68% Off

If customers have questions about its DV SSL service, they enable to contact RapidSSL free support via email and web. Or if customers cancel the service within the first 30 days, the company will offer them a refund.

For personal users who want to secure their websites but also save budget, RapidSSL domain validated SSL is highly recommended. Please visit RapidSSL to know more.

Comodo – Best Domain Validated SSL Certificate

Comodo provides customers with full range of SSL certificate services, in order to meet their different needs and ensure the best online secure experience. Its domain validated SSL integrates many good features making the certificate perfect for people who are looking for simple encryption.

Its 2048 bit industry-standard SSL certificate is domain validated, and offers unlimited server licenses, immediate issuance, unlimited reissuance policy, free static seal, PCI scanning & daily website scanning. The browser recognition of Comodo domain validated SSL is around 99.3%, while it is mobile friendly.

Comodo DV SSL certificate price starts from $79.95/yr, and the company allows 1-year, 2-year and 3-year billing cycles. Now, Comodo provides customers with up around 60% off averagely, and that makes its DV SSL price from $25/yr.

Comodo DV SSL Promotion
60% Off

Comodo guarantees both friendly 30-day money back and free 24×7 technical support service. No matter customers have any kind of issue or want to cancel the service, Comodo will address their demands and maintain high satisfaction.

With this service, customers will receive free EV upgrade. Please visit Comodo for more information about its best domain validated SSL certificate.

GeoTrust – Best DV SSL Certificate for Businesses

GeoTrust is always one of the most popular options that customers choose to secure their domains and websites. Compared to other domain validated SSL certificate, GeoTrust DV SSL helps to secure both www and non-www domains.

It also offers some other highlights. For example, 99% browser compatibility, mobile device friendly, up to 256-bit SSL encryption, completely automated provisioning process, lifetime reissue free, unlimited server licenses at no additional fee, $500,000 warranty, and dynamically-generated site seal. Typically, GeoTrust domain validated SSL will be issued in less than 10 minutes.

Instead of its regular price at $149/yr, now customers can get its quality DV SSL certificate at very affordable prices. Going with the special promotional link, GeoTrust provides customers with 48% off, and the price is cut down to $65/yr.

GeoTrust DV SSL Promotion
48% Off

GeoTrust not only guarantees 30-Day Money Back Policy, but also ensures free 24/7 technical support to help customers solve any SSL question. GeoTrust support is available via phone call, online chat and email methods.

For these benefits, GeoTrust domain validated SSL certificate is the best choice for small-to-medium sized businesses. To know more about the SSL certificate, please visit GeoTrust.

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